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44th AAPM Annual Meeting Logo
July 14 - 18, 2002
Palais des Congrès de Montréal

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Gabriele, P SU-DD-EXH-53
Gaede, S WE-C-517A-3
Gagne, I SU-HH-WIP-EXH-28
Gagnon, G SU-FF-WIP-EXH-17
Gahbauer, R SU-DD-EXH-95
Galkin, B SU-GG-EXH-3
Gallet, J SU-EE-EXH-10 , WE-C-519-7
Galvin, J SU-DD-EXH-55 , SU-FF-EXH-67 , SU-HH-EXH-77 , SU-HH-EXH-133 , MO-A-517B-1 , WE-C-517A-7
Gandra, C TU-C-517C-7
Ganezer, K SU-GG-WIP-EXH-11 , MO-D-519-5
Ganguly, A WE-D-518-7 , WE-D-518-8
Ganney, P SU-HH-EXH-139
Garcia-Remirez, J SU-DD-EXH-56
Garnica-Garza, H WE-D-517D-7
Gauthier, M TH-C-519-6
Geiser, W TH-C-518-10
Gelinas, D SU-DD-WIP-EXH-4
Gélinas, D SU-HH-EXH-168
George, R WE-D-517A-4
Geraghty, E SU-EE-WIP-EXH-3
Gerard, J SU-GG-EXH-6
Gerbi, B TU-B-517D-1
Gerig, L SU-DD-EXH-24 , SU-DD-EXH-74
Gerweck, L SU-FF-EXH-75
Gete, E TH-C-517A-1
Ghilezan, M SU-HH-EXH-16
Giannotta, S TH-C-517B-9
Gianolini, S SU-HH-EXH-54
Gibb, S SU-DD-WIP-EXH-19
Gibbons, J SU-HH-EXH-128 , SU-HH-EXH-111 , WE-A-517A-1 , WE-C-517A-5 , TH-C-518-4
Gibbs, I SU-FF-WIP-EXH-15
Gierga, D SU-HH-EXH-136 , WE-D-517B-4
Giese, W SU-DD-EXH-81
Giger, M MO-D-518-5 , TU-C-517C-9 , TU-C-517C-10 , WE-E-519-1
Gilhuijs, K MO-D-517B-9
Gillin, M SU-BB-517D-2 , MO-D-517D-4 , TU-C-517B-1 , WE-D-517A-11
Giri, S SU-FF-EXH-36
Gladish, G WE-C-518-7
Gladstone, D TH-C-518-1
Glasgow, G SU-DD-EXH-59 , SU-DD-WIP-EXH-14 , SU-FF-WIP-EXH-8 , SU-FF-EXH-26 , TU-D-517A-7
Glick, S SU-GG-WIP-EXH-4
Glosser, G SU-FF-WIP-EXH-14
Gluckman, G SU-DD-EXH-2 , SU-HH-EXH-120 , TH-C-517D-1
Goddu, S SU-HH-EXH-153
Godette, K SU-DD-WIP-EXH-17
Goitein, M WE-D-517A-5
Goldberg, Z SU-DD-EXH-35 , SU-FF-EXH-51
Gollamudi, S SU-DD-EXH-67
Goodsitt, M MO-E-518-4 , TU-C-517C-7
Goodwin, D TU-C-518-6
Gore, J SU-DD-EXH-43 , SU-II-WIP-EXH-13
Gorman, J SU-FF-EXH-21
Gottschalk, A TU-C-517D-2
Gottschalk, B TU-E-517D-9
Granlund, C SU-FF-EXH-10
Gray, J TH-B-519-1
Greer, P SU-DD-EXH-8 , TH-C-517A-7
Greig, L SU-DD-EXH-25
Grein, E SU-HH-EXH-57 , TH-C-517B-10
Greven, K WE-D-517B-6
Grigoras, I SU-HH-EXH-30
Grigsby, P SU-DD-WIP-EXH-12 , SU-HH-EXH-82 , SU-HH-EXH-84 , MO-D-517A-7 , WE-D-517B-5
Grimm, D MO-D-517D-4
Grimm, L TU-C-517D-12
Grimm, S SU-HH-EXH-147 , SU-HH-EXH-116
Guan, H SU-HH-EXH-22 , TU-D-517A-11 , TH-C-517B-6
Guerrero, M SU-HH-EXH-48 , SU-HH-EXH-65 , MO-E-517B-3
Gueulette, J WE-E-517D-8
Gulliford, S TU-E-517B-3
Gupta, N SU-HH-EXH-27
Gupta, N SU-DD-EXH-34 , SU-DD-EXH-95
Gur, D WE-E-519-1
Gurgoze, E SU-HH-EXH-162 , SU-HH-EXH-166
Gurleyik, K SU-DD-EXH-39
Guterman, L WE-D-518-4
Gutt, F SU-DD-EXH-4
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