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44th AAPM Annual Meeting Logo
July 14 - 18, 2002
Palais des Congrès de Montréal

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Wadi Ramahi, S MO-E-517D-4
Waggener, R SU-DD-EXH-29 , SU-GG-EXH-11 , SU-GG-EXH-2
Wagner, M TU-E-517D-4
Wagner, R WE-A-519-1
Wahab, S SU-DD-WIP-EXH-12
Wai, Y SU-EE-EXH-3
Waid, D SU-FF-EXH-13
Walczak, A WE-D-518-4
Waldron, T MO-A-517A-1
Wallace, J MO-D-518-4
Wallace, R SU-DD-EXH-12 , SU-FF-EXH-39 , SU-HH-WIP-EXH-12
Walleczek, J SU-HH-EXH-50
Walling, R SU-DD-EXH-35 , SU-FF-EXH-73 , SU-FF-EXH-51 , SU-HH-EXH-14
Wallner, P SU-FF-EXH-25
Walters, B WE-D-517D-8
Wan, Y SU-EE-EXH-3
Wang, H SU-CC-517A-4 , TU-E-517B-1
Wang, J SU-DD-EXH-75 , SU-FF-EXH-14 , SU-HH-EXH-104 , SU-HH-EXH-69
Wang, J SU-HH-EXH-48 , MO-E-517B-3
Wang, J SU-EE-EXH-8 , TH-C-518-8
Wang, L SU-FF-EXH-23 , SU-FF-EXH-37
Wang, L SU-DD-EXH-23 , SU-DD-EXH-38 , SU-FF-EXH-60 , SU-HH-EXH-71 , SU-HH-EXH-4 , SU-HH-EXH-32 , TU-D-517A-9 , WE-C-517B-12
Wang, R TU-D-517B-11
Wang, S MO-E-517B-1
Wang, X WE-D-517A-9
Wang, Y TU-C-517D-1
Wang, Z SU-GG-WIP-EXH-7 , WE-D-518-5 , WE-D-518-6
Warkentin, B SU-HH-WIP-EXH-28 , MO-E-517B-9
Warrington, A SU-HH-EXH-53
Watanabe, Y SU-HH-EXH-152 , TH-C-517D-7
Watchman, C WE-C-517D-3
Waterman, F SU-FF-EXH-47
Watson, G SU-HH-WIP-EXH-19
Watts, R SU-DD-EXH-29
Watzich, M SU-HH-EXH-167
Way, J SU-HH-EXH-145
Wazer, D SU-FF-EXH-58 , SU-HH-EXH-117
Wazer, D SU-HH-EXH-38 , TH-C-517B-7
Weaver, J MO-D-518-7 , MO-D-518-6 , TU-C-518-6
Weaver, R SU-HH-EXH-154
Webb, C WE-C-517D-7
Webb, S TU-E-517B-3 , WE-C-517B-10
Weerasekera, A SU-EE-EXH-2
Weinhous, M SU-HH-EXH-72
Wells, D SU-DD-EXH-8 , TH-C-517A-7
Welsh, K TU-E-517D-6
Wen, B SU-DD-WIP-EXH-15 , SU-DD-EXH-93
Wendt, R SU-EE-EXH-11 , SU-II-WIP-EXH-6 , TU-C-518-7
Wendt III , R TH-C-519-1
Werner-Wasik, M SU-DD-EXH-55 , TH-C-517B-8
Westerman, B WE-E-518-3
Westermark, M TU-D-517D-3
Wharam, M SU-DD-EXH-94
White, S WE-C-519-4
Whitlock, J MO-E-517B-1
Whitman, G SU-GG-WIP-EXH-3
Whittaker, A TH-C-517D-4
Whittington, R SU-HH-EXH-165
Wieckowska, E SU-DD-EXH-29 , SU-GG-EXH-11 , SU-GG-EXH-2
Wierzbicki, J SU-FF-EXH-13
Wierzbicki, W SU-FF-EXH-70
Wiesmeyer, M SU-FF-WIP-EXH-6
Wilkie, J TU-D-518-7
Wilkins, D SU-DD-EXH-24 , MO-E-517B-8
Willcut, V TH-C-517A-3
Williams, J WE-C-519-6
Williams, L TH-A-519-1 , TH-C-519-5
Williams, M TU-D-518-5
Williams, T SU-DD-WIP-EXH-5
Williamson, J SU-FF-EXH-9 , SU-HH-EXH-84 , WE-D-517B-1 , WE-D-517D-11 , WE-D-517D-6 , WE-D-517B-5 , WE-D-517B-11
Willis, C TU-D-517C-1 , TU-E-518-1
Wilson, D MO-D-517D-11
Wilson, D SU-EE-WIP-EXH-1
Windedahl, L TH-C-519-7
Winkler, M SU-DD-EXH-47
Witten, M SU-DD-EXH-44 , TH-C-517A-4
Wolfgang, J SU-FF-WIP-EXH-3
Wolfson, A SU-DD-EXH-93
Wong, E SU-HH-WIP-EXH-16 , WE-C-517A-3 , TH-C-517A-1
Wong, J SU-HH-EXH-147 , TU-C-517D-12
Wong, J SU-HH-EXH-151 , TH-A-519-1 , TH-C-519-5
Wong, J SU-HH-EXH-23
Wong, P SU-FF-EXH-36
Woode, R SU-DD-EXH-91
Woodruff, D SU-HH-EXH-149
Woollard, J SU-DD-EXH-34
Wu, A SU-DD-EXH-63 , SU-DD-EXH-41 , SU-DD-EXH-61 , SU-HH-EXH-141 , SU-HH-EXH-132 , SU-HH-EXH-172 , SU-HH-EXH-146 , SU-HH-EXH-160
Wu, C WE-C-517A-9
Wu, J SU-HH-EXH-20
Wu, J SU-DD-EXH-31
Wu, Q TH-C-517B-2
Wu, Q SU-HH-EXH-93 , MO-D-517A-3 , TU-A-517B-2 , TU-C-517A-1 , WE-D-517A-4
Wu, S SU-FF-EXH-67
Wu, X SU-DD-EXH-93 , SU-DD-WIP-EXH-15 , SU-FF-EXH-37 , SU-HH-EXH-105 , SU-HH-EXH-167
Wu, X WE-C-519-3
Wu, Y SU-HH-EXH-93 , MO-D-517A-3 , TU-C-517A-1
Wu, Y SU-GG-WIP-EXH-7 , WE-D-518-7 , WE-D-518-5 , WE-D-518-8
Wuu, C SU-DD-EXH-36 , SU-DD-EXH-40 , SU-DD-EXH-44 , WE-E-517D-2 , TH-C-517A-4
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