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Customize a Letter to your Department Chair

Dear :

I have teaching responsibilities in the department, and would like to learn how to be a better teacher.  There is an opportunity for me learn from master teachers in physics and medical physics, and to learn more about problem-based learning and how to present myself and my knowledge to those whom I teach.  That opportunity is to attend the 3 day Summer School on Teaching Medical Physics: Innovations in Learning that will be held on July 22-25 in Philadelphia.  The entire program is focused on being a better teacher, and I believe it would be of great benefit to me. 

The program and faculty for the Summer School are available at: www.aapm.org/meetings/2010SS/ProgramInfo.asp

If you look at the program and faculty, I am sure that you will agree with me that my attendance would reap benefits for the department’s teaching program. 

Early-bird registration for the Summer School is $550.  Although we have some time before the early-bird registration period expires, I am concerned that registration may fill rather quickly, because the program will be a popular one among medical physicists.  Therefore, I am requesting that you support my request to attend the Summer School at the earliest opportunity so that I can proceed with registration. 

Thank you for considering this request.