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Scholarship Application Details

Summer School Tuition Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships in the form of a full waiver of tuition fees for the entire AAPM 2010 Summer School are being offered for applicants who are early in their careers in medical physics.

In addition to the above, two $500 grants to assist with other expenses related to the AAPM Summer School (i.e., housing, travel) are being sponsored by Capintec, Inc. The Capintec grant is in honor of Dr. Arata Suzuki, PhD. Dr. Suzuki was part of Capintec for more than 20 years, where he served in many capacities including: Chief Scientist and Vice President of Development. Dr. Suzuki passed away in February of 1998. Capintec has established this award to honor his memory and his contributions to medical physics.


  1. Strong consideration will be given to applicants with not less than 2.5 nor more than 5 years(at the time of the Summer School), continuous full-time employment in medical physics since award of master's or doctorate degree; but others may apply.
  2. Applicants must be members of the AAPM in good standing.
  3. Submit at least two letters of reference stating why attendance at this Summer School would benefit the applicant.
  4. Submit a letter stating that support of tuition is not available, with documentation from the employer, if possible; or that the applicant is self-employed.
  5. The above materials must be received by February 19, 2010. Please send an electronic copy to Nancy Vazquez.

AAPM will notify applicants by April, 2010.

Applicants are encouraged to register for the Summer School as soon as registration becomes available. If you would like to postpone the payment until you hear if you will be a recipient of one of the scholarships, indicate that you will “pay by check” in the registration system. At the time that all scholarships are awarded and accepted, those unsuccessful applicants who have registered and deferred payment shall be given a reasonable time to pay the required tuition or to withdraw registration.

Deadline has passed to Apply for Tuition Scholarships