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Workflow and Safety Systems of a Linac-MR Sim-Brachytherapy MRgRT™ Facility

J Winter

J Winter1*, M Carlone2, T Stanescu2, S Breen2, S Foxcroft2, B Guyot1, M Dahan1, R Dahdal2, D Jaffray2, (1) IMRIS, Winnipeg, Manitoba, (2) Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

SU-D-213CD-6 Sunday 2:15:00 PM - 3:00:00 PM Room: 213CD

Purpose: To develop the operational workflow and safety systems of a magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy system (MRgRT™), which comprises an MR scanner on rails that travels between a linac vault, MR simulation room and brachytherapy suite.

Methods: To develop a safe and streamlined clinical workflow, we conducted a comprehensive process review based on a layered approach to overall MRgRT safety that included i) facility design, (ii) workflow iii) system design and interlocks and iv) policies and procedures. We applied existing guidelines for MR and radiation safety, and employed system-level failure modes and effects analyses to design the MRgRT facility and clinical procedures.

Results: In the MRgRT system configuration, the MR and treatment systems are physically decoupled and used independently requiring novel administration of existing MR and radiation guidelines. A key element for the safe operation of the moving MR unit is the concept that all three rooms represent zone 4 areas (American College of Radiology guidelines). Using this concept, we applied MR guidelines to develop safe procedures for the overall suite, including screening of all persons entering the suite in zone 2 and control of ferromagnetic materials. We generated a clinical workflow that ensures expedient and safe transition between MR imaging and treatment delivery in both the linac and brachytherapy rooms. In addition, we designed emergency protocols for MRgRT, which helped drive requirements for the facility and system design, e.g., need for an accessible MR-safe stretcher.

Conclusions: We designed the first comprehensive description of the MRgRT workflow, interlocking systems and safety procedures. With this layered approach to safety, we addressed critical aspects regarding safe operation and workflow for the system and provided multiple redundancies for key processes. Coupled with customized staff training, the proposed design ensures the safe operation of the MRgRT facility.

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