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Program Information

IMAGE WISELY: Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging

S Bushong

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

TH-C-217A-1 Thursday 10:30:00 AM - 11:25:00 AM Room: 217A

In response to concerns about adult radiation control in medical imaging the ACR, AAPM, RSNA, and ASRT have developed the titled program to provide information similar to that contained in the very successful “Image Gently” program for pediatric imaging. This presentation will describe the “Image Wisely” program and how we can apply it to all x-ray and nuclear medicine imaging including reference to a proposed patient medical imaging record.

We will discuss strategies for reducing patient radiation dose without compromising image quality. These strategies are described through applications specific to imaging physicians, medical physicists, and radiologic technologists. Appropriateness criteria are discussed with principal connection to patient radiation dose and alternative imaging possibilities. Utilization issues are addressed using a “hockey stick” analogy to describe difficulties associated with over- and under-utilization by imaging providers.

Learning Objectives:
1. You will learn how to access the many informational sites associated with the program “Image Wisely”.
2. You will learn the complexities of Radiation Exposure (X), Tissue dose (D), and Effective Dose (E) and relative values for various imaging modalities.
3. You will learn specific suggestions for imaging technique change that will reduce patient radiation dose with no loss of image quality.
4. You will learn how inappropriate and over- and under-utilization of medical imaging contributes to excess patient radiation dose and suggestions for corrections.

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