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Image Gently and Image Wisely in Nuclear Medicine

F Fahey

F Fahey*, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA

TH-A-217A-1 Thursday 8:00:00 AM - 8:55:00 AM Room: 217A

There has been recent interest in the radiation dose delivered to the public as a result of medical imaging in both children and adults. Reports in the public press as well as hearings held by our public servants have concerned themselves with the need to be judicious about the use of medial imaging that involves ionizing radiation and to consider ways to reduce the radiation dose to the public without compromising the quality of the diagnostic information provided to our clinical collaborators. For these reasons, it is imperative that health professionals understand the nature of the health risks associated with ionizing radiation, the dosimetry in the context on medical imaging and ways that may be considered for the reduction of radiation dose. This presentation will cover these topics in the context nuclear medicine imaging performed in both children and adults. The basis for radiation risk estimation will be discussed as well as estimates of risk in the dose range associated with clinical nuclear medicine. Ways to communicate this risk to our patients and their families will also be described. The dosimetric models used in nuclear medicine, factors that affect dose and methods that may be used to reduce dose will be presented. The dosimetry of computed tomography in the context of hybrid imaging will also be described. Lastly, efforts and plans of both the Image Gently (in children) and Image Wisely (in adults) campaigns with respect to nuclear medicine will be discussed including the recently published North American Consensus Guidelines for Children and Adolescents developed by the Image Gently Group.

Learning Objectives: After attending this lecture, participants will be able to
1. List 2 factors that affect radiation dose in nuclear medicine
2. Discuss 3 approaches that may lead to dose reduction in nuclear medicine
3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of 3 ways of conversing about the radiation from nuclear medicine with their patients

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