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Informatics 1: DICOM and the QMP, Assessment of Color Displays

D Peck

M Flynn

D Peck*, M Flynn*, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI

TU-E-217A-1 Tuesday 2:00:00 PM - 2:55:00 PM Room: 217A

All Medical Physicists work with the DICOM Standard every day. But the involvement of Medical Physicists in the development of the Standard has been limited. Recently the DICOM Standards Committee (DSC) has established a new Dicom Working Group on Physics (i.e. WG28) and the AAPM has become the secretariat for WG28 and a voting member of the DSC. The structure and processes involved with making the DICOM Standard will be reviewed and the specific role DICOM WG28 has will be summarized.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand the processes involved with development of the DICOM Standard.
2. Learn how any Medical Physicist can become involved in the process of developing the DICOM Standard
3. Learn the charge and structure of WG28 and their current Work Items.

Medical color monitors are now widely used for Diagnostic Radiology interpretations. Business class monitors are otherwise used for medical image presentation in clinical departments. Both the AAPM and IEC are now developing recommendations and standards for color monitor performance assessment in medicine. The basic principles of color vision and metrology will be reviewed and current progress with AAPM and IEC working groups will be summarized.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand the tristimulus model for human color vision.
2. Understand the ICC color management framework.
3. Understand the ICC color management framework.
4. Learn how to make color measurements.
5. Learn new recommendations for color white point specification.

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