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Deformable Registration in the Clinic: From Commissioning To Advanced Applications

E Schreibmann

E Schreibmann1*, (1) Department of Radiation Oncology and Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

TH-A-211-1 Thursday 8:00:00 AM - 8:55:00 AM Room: 211

With deformable registration presented by several companies as a tool to improve treatment accuracy, clinical users often question the advantages and disadvantages of adopting this sophisticated technology to daily practice.

This course will detail our experience in using deformable registration in the clinic. It will cover topics such as commissioning a system of deformable registration, patient-specific QA to identify errors in the displacement field, common applications, anticipated changes in the clinical workflow and subsequent time savings.

Emphasis will be placed on explaining the technology’s mathematics and applications in layman terms to illustrate how various parameters can be chosen to fit various applications or can produce significant errors if improperly selected.

Learning objectives:
1. Detail the installation and commissioning
2. Present how parameter selection influence results
3. Show clinical examples and practical conclusions drawn from the daily use of deformable registration.

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