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  Joint Imaging Posters Sunday
Joint Imaging - Therapy General Poster Discussion 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-J-1 Analysis of Acquisition Parameters That Caused Artifacts in Four-Dimensional (4D) CT Images of Targets Undergoing Regular Motion
H. Sheen*, Y. Han, E. Shin, B. Min, J. Kim
SU-E-J-2 Accuracy of Fiducial Marker Localization Using Axial and Helical CT, Cone-Beam CT and KV Imaging
O. Algan*, S. Oyewale, S. Ahmad, I. Ali
SU-E-J-3 Positioning Errors of Metal Localization Devices with Motion Artifacts On KV and MV Cone Beam CT
T. Lin*, C. Ma
SU-E-J-4 Initial Experience with 4D-CBCT for Lung Cancer: Physician Verification of Computed Shifts Remains Necessary
K. Chapman*, L. Doyle, M. Werner-Wasik, C. Peng
SU-E-J-5 Validation of An Iterative Tomosynthesis Algorithm for Low Dose On Board Cone Beam CT Patient Localization
E. Izaguirre*, S. Price, D. Yang, D. Rangaraj
SU-E-J-6 A Time Dependence Analysis of CBCT Image Quality and Mechanical Stability
S. Oves*, J. Stenbeck, W. Gebreamlak, H. Alkhatib
SU-E-J-7 Image Guided Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: To Shift Or to Re-Plan?
C. Ma*, G. Shan, W. Hu, Q. Xu, I. Mohamed, J. Fan, L. Chen
SU-E-J-8 Dependence of Imaging Dose On Image Quality of Free-Breathing 3DCBCT of Moving Tumors
K. Kauweloa*, J. Park, W. Song
SU-E-J-9 Performance Optimization of Thick, Segmented Scintillators for Radiotherapy Imaging
Y. El-Mohri*, R. Choroszucha, L. Antonuk, Q. Zhao, H. Jiang
SU-E-J-10 Accuracy of Image Guidance Using Cone-Beam CT with Multiple Breath Hold Using Active Breathing Coordination
T. Zhuang*, A. Magnelli, H. Liu, P. Qi, T. Djemil, K. Stephans, G. Videtic, P. Xia
SU-E-J-11 Characterization of Interfractioanal Anatomical Variations in Post-Operative Radiation Therapy for Prostate Bed
F. Liu*, E. Ahunbay, R. Christian, C. Lawton, D. Wang, X. Li
SU-E-J-12 Initial Clinical Experiences in Using 4D-CBCT as Image Guidance for Lung SBRT
C. Peng*, K. Chapman, B. Lu, M. Werner-Wasik, Y. Yu
SU-E-J-13 A Study to Establish the Effect of CBCT Image Rotational Displacement On IGRT and ART Lung SBRT Treatments
C. Yeager*, H. Lin, A. Ayan, J. McDonough, S. Both
SU-E-J-14 Evaluation of Mechanical Accuracy of Electronic Portal Imaging Devise On Its Use in Patient Specific IMRT QA
J. Li*, C. Burman, M. Chan
SU-E-J-15 Calculating the Dose From KV Cone Beam CT Within and Outside the Treatment Volume Using a Treatment Planning System
P. Alaei*, E. Spezi, M. Reynolds
SU-E-J-16 Prostate Bed Motion During Post-Prostatectomy Radiotherapy
Z. Xu*, T. Li, W. Lee, R. Hood, D. Godfrey, Q. Wu
SU-E-J-17 Evaluation of Metal Artifact Reduction in MVCTs Using a Model Based Image Reconstruction Method
M. Paudel*, M. MacKenzie, B. Fallone, S. Rathee
SU-E-J-18 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Compression Methods in SBRT for Lung
Y. Liao*, G. Tolekids, R. Yao, A. Templeton, W. Sensakovic, J. Chu
SU-E-J-19 How Should CTV to PTV Margin Be Created - Analysis of Set-Up Uncertainties of Different Body Parts Using Daily Image Guidance
G. Zhou, S. Xu, Y. Yang, D. Yang, C. Xie, L. Yin, H. Zhang, A. Liu*
SU-E-J-20 Evaluation of Image Qualities and Registration of Varian KV-CBCT Images Reconstructed From the Reduced Number of Projections
H. Xu*
SU-E-J-21 An Intercomparison of Imaging Performance of Two Linac-Mounted Imaging Systems Used in Radiation Therapy: TrueBeam and Trilogy
C. Kim*, E. Furhang, D. Lazos, L. Harrison
SU-E-J-22 Effect of MLC Leaf Width On MLC Leaf Shifting Algorithm for Concurrent Treatment of Prostate and Pelvic Lymph Nodes
Q. Shang*, P. Qi, A. Vassil, G. Huang, P. Xia
SU-E-J-23 Prostate Bed Motion Study Using Surgical Clips Based On Daily CBCT
H. Song*, J. Salama, D. Yoo, J. Oleson, Q. Wu
SU-E-J-24 Image-Guidance Using Cone-Beam CT for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) of Lung Cancer Patients: Bony Alignment Or Soft Tissue Alignment?
L. Wang*, A. Turaka, J. Meyer, D. Spoka, L. Jin, J. Fan, C. Ma
SU-E-J-25 Dosimetric Characterization of An OBI System Using Gafchromic XRQA2 Film
H. Malhotra*, J. Steinman
SU-E-J-26 Automated Estimation Method of Patient Setup Errors Using Simulated Portal Images for Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
n. matsushita*, H. Arimura, Y. Shioyama, T. Magome, K. Nakamura, Y. Umezu, T. Yoshitake, S. Anai, S. Yoshidome, H. Honda, M. Ohki, F. Toyofuku, H. Hirata
SU-E-J-27 Effects of Metal Artifacts of KV and MV CT Images On Structure Delineation and Tissue Electron/Mass Density Calculation
T. He*, J. Tanyi, R. Crilly, W. Laub
SU-E-J-28 Comparison of IGRT Shift Data Between Prostate Gland and Prostate Bed Obtained From Ct-On-Rails
Z. Gao*, J. Wong, S. Merrick, M. Karim, Y. Goldberg, M. Li
SU-E-J-29 Evaluation of Effectiveness of Immobilization Devices for Radiation Therapy with Repeated CBCT Studies
H. Li*, L. Zhang, P. Balter, L. Dong, M. Gillin, X. Zhu
SU-E-J-30 Using Shifting Planned Dose Matrix to Evaluate Daily Dose Changes for IMRT Prostate Treatment
S. Ferjani*, G. Huang, Q. Shang, P. Xia
SU-E-J-31 Direct Point Dose Verification Using IGRT for Actual Beam Delivery
K. Matsubara*, R. Kohno, S. Nishioka, T. Shibuya, T. Ariji, T. Akimoto, H. Saitoh
SU-E-J-32 Evaluation of the Dosimetric Accuracy of Stereotactic Radiosurgery with Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Localization
T. Tseng*, Z. Chang, F. Yin, Z. Wang
SU-E-J-33 Geometric Agreement Check for Imaging System with Radiation Beam by KV and MV-CBCT
N. Saotome*, S. Kida, A. Haga, Y. Masutani, K. Ohtomo, K. Nakagawa
SU-E-J-34 Influence of Prone Versus Supine Patient Position On Localization with Image Guided Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer
N. Sheth*, S. Kandala, Y. Chen, C. Yang
SU-E-J-35 A Model for the Simulation of EPID Measurements in the BeamNRC Monte Carlo Package
N. Sperling*, E. Parsai
SU-E-J-36 A Flexible Integration of Key Technologies in Image-Guided Radiotherapy for Accurate Radiotherapy System (ARTS-IGRT)
j. jia*, f. liu, Q. Ren, X. PEI, R. CAO, Y. WU
SU-E-J-37 Radiation Dose During Chemoembolization: A Predictive Model
b. black*, A. Jones, R. Bassett, M. Wallace, A. Tam, S. Gupta, J. Steele
SU-E-J-38 Rotational Setup Errors in Pediatric Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy for Intracranial Tumors
C. Altunbas*, M. Miften, T. Hankinson, T. Tello, A. Liu
SU-E-J-39 Minimizing IGRT Imaging Exposures: KV Radiograph Vs. KV-CBCT Vs. MV Portal Images
G. Ding*, P. Munro
SU-E-J-40 Lung Lesion Tracking Using Fixed-Spaced Non-Migrating Fiducial Markers in Robotic Radiosurgery
J. Gersh*, K. Reynolds, M. DeWeese
SU-E-J-41 Fluoroscopy Based Adaptive Setup Approach for Thoracic Cancer IGRT
T. Chen*, S. Qin, S. Jabbour, J. Park, B. Haffty, N. Yue
SU-E-J-42 Motion Adaptive Image Filter for Low Dose X-Ray Fluoroscopy in the Real-Time Tumor-Tracking Radiotherapy System
N. Miyamoto*, M. Ishikawa, K. Sutherland, R. Suzuki, T. Matsuura, S. Takao, C. Toramatsu, H. Nihongi, S. Shimizu, R. Onimaru, K. Umegaki, H. Shirato
SU-E-J-43 Autotuning Imaging Parameters in X-Ray Fluoroscopic Tracking for Dose Savings
S. Siddique*, E. Fiume, D. Jaffray
SU-E-J-44 Dual Energy Subtraction Imaging to Improve Tumor Visibility at Oblique Angles
M. Hoggarth*, J. Luce, T. Bray, A. Block, J. Roeske
SU-E-J-45 Validation of the ExacTrac Virtual Isocenter Based Target Localization Method
B. Zhao*, S. Kim, N. Wen, J. Kim, C. Glide-Hurst, I. Chetty, S. Ryu, J. Jin
SU-E-J-46 Use of Brainlab-ExacTrac IGRT with Dot-Decimal Electron Compensator(BolusECT) for Accurate Patient Positioning
A. Prabhu*, D. Saini, B. Patadiya, R. Shankar, T. Garthwaite
SU-E-J-47 Evaluation of the Mismatches Between DRR's and Port Films for IMRT Fields
M. Vossler*
SU-E-J-48 Real Time Image Guided Localization in SBRT Lung/Liver Patients Radiation Treatment
Y. Liu*, J. campbell
SU-E-J-49 Reliability Study of ExacTrac- System Image Isocenter Using An On-Demand QA Procedure
X. Wang*, J. Yang, Z. Zhao, W. Du, X. Li
SU-E-J-50 Measurement of the HVL Value for the 120keV Photon Beam of the X-Ray Volume Imager (XVI) Using Ionization Chamber, Gafchromic Film XRQA2 and Diode
Z. Yegingil*, Y. Cui, T. Giaddui, W. Chen, J. Xie, Y. Xiao, Y. Yu
SU-E-J-51 Interfractional Trend Analysis of Dose Discrepancies Based On 2D Portal Dosimetry
L. Persoon*, S. Nijsten, M. Podesta, J. Snaith, W. Elmpt, F. Verhaegen
SU-E-J-52 Validation of 3D Structure Projection Onto 2D DRR in Commercial Treatment Planning Systems
L. Zhang*, L. Court, P. Balter, L. Dong
SU-E-J-53 A Phantom Validation Study of a 3D Background Phase Model for MR Thermometry
J. Yung*, D. Fuentes, J. Hazle, R. Stafford
SU-E-J-54 Bone Detection in MR Images and Absorbed Dose in a Material Behind Bones in Radiotherapy
J. Korhonen*, M. Kapanen, J. Keyriläinen, T. Seppälä, L. Tuomikoski, M. Tenhunen
SU-E-J-55 Development of a Novel Cableless Radiolucent RF Coil for MR-Guided Radiation Therapy (MRgRT)
M. Hebb, J. Winter*, K. Champagne, B. McCurdy, H. Zhu, L. Petropoulos
SU-E-J-56 Localization Error in Gamma Radiosurgery with 3T MR Due to Fiducial Box Chemical Shift From Incorrect Liquid Filling Materials
X. Ding*, J. Bourland, W. Dolesh
SU-E-J-57 MRI-Linac (MRL) Guided Treatment for Esophageal Cancer
I. Lips, F. Lever, O. Reerink, M. Moerland, G. Meijer, A. van Lier, C. van den Berg, M. Philippens, S. Crijns, B. Raaymakers, M. van Vulpen, J. Lagendijk*
SU-E-J-58 Patient-Specific Biomechanical Head and Neck Models for Interfraction Dose Accumulation
A. Santhanam*, D. Ennis, D. Low, P. Kupelian
SU-E-J-59 Dual Imaging Guided Localization System for Spine Radiosurgery
N. Wen*, J. Kim, S. Kim, C. Glide-Hurst, J. Jin, J. Gordon, T. Nurushev, I. Chetty, K. Levin, B. Movsas, S. Ryu
SU-E-J-60 Comparison of CT-On-Rails and a 3D Surface Imaging System for Image Guided Pelvic Radiation Therapy for Both Supine and Prone Patient Positions
H. Zhao*, B. Wang, P. Rassiah-Szegedi, V. Sarkar, Y. Huang, M. Szegedi, V. Gonzalez, B. Salter
SU-E-J-61 Multi-Criteria Optimization for IGRT Decision Processes
B. Winey*, J. Balter
SU-E-J-62 Comparison of Brainlab ExacTrac, AlignRT, and CBCT Positional Accuracy for SRS Set-Up On a TrueBeam STx
J. Pursley, B. Sintay, J. Terrell, D. Wiant*
SU-E-J-63 Feasibility Study of Proton Digital Tomosynthesis in Proton Beam Therapy
B. Min*, J. Kwak, J. Lee, S. Cho, S. Park, S. Yoo, K. Chung, S. Cho, Y. Lim, D. Shin, J. Kim
SU-E-J-64 Towards a Patient Specific Deformation Model in the Male Pelvis for IGRT Via Limited Angle Imaging
C. Frederick*, C. Chou, S. Pizer, D. Lalush, S. Chang
SU-E-J-65 Feasibility Study of Backscatter Imaging for Image-Guided Radiotherapy
W. Sensakovic*, S. Wang, R. Yao, J. Turian, J. Chu
SU-E-J-66 Evaluation of Proton Induced X-Ray Fluorescence From Gold Fiducial Markers for In-Vivo Determination of Proton Range and Energy
B. Tonner*, Z. Li, D. Tishler
SU-E-J-67 A Potential New Technique to Measure Respiratory Tidal Volume Using Optical Surface Imaging: A Geometric and Deformable Phantom Study
G. Li*, D. Li, P. Cohen, A. Ballangrud, A. Rimner, E. Yorke, J. Mechalakos, H. Amols
SU-E-J-68 An Optical Image Guidance System: To Detect Arbitrarily Attached Markers Behind a Full Facemask
H. Kim*, Y. Park, T. Son, K. Lee, I. Kim, S. Ye
SU-E-J-69 Development of An Ambiguity-Free Optical Tracking System for SBRT
G. Yan*, B. Lu, K. Mittauer, C. Liu, J. Li
SU-E-J-70 A Study of the Correlation of 3D Surface Matching and KV Imaging for Chestwall IMRT
H. Al-Hallaq*, E. Gerry
SU-E-J-71 Dosimetric Impact of Setup Tolerance for Breast Radiation Therapy with 3D Surface Imaging
A. Havnen-Smith*
SU-E-J-72 Design and Study of In-House Web-Camera Based Automatic Continuous Patient Movement Monitoring and Controlling Device for EXRT
s. kumar*, S. Babu, P. Anand, D. Kumari
SU-E-J-73 Using Surface-Based Imaging for Patient Identification
B. Sintay*, D. Wiant
SU-E-J-74 Evaluation of the Commercial Prototype Open Face Mask Used with Surface Rendering Imaging System for Proton Therapy Patients with Cancers of the Brain and Head: Successful Preclinical Study
M. Mamalui-Hunter*, Z. Li
SU-E-J-75 Practical Annual Quality Assurance Program for a Real Time Optical Tracking System
D. Lasher*, B. Kassas, J. Wojcicka
SU-E-J-76 Clinical Use of a Real-Time Surface Image-Guided Positioning and Tracking System in Proton Therapy
W. Hsi*, Y. Kang, X. Ding, A. Mascia, E. Ramirez, Y. Zheng, O. Zeidan
SU-E-J-77 Clinical Evaluation of a Three-Dimensional Optical Surface Based Imaging Device for Breast Treatment Setup
A. Magnelli*, R. Tendulkar, R. Macklis, P. Xia
SU-E-J-78 Enhance Patient Positioning Accuracy with Optically Guided Frameless Target Localization Technique for Intracranial Radiation Therapy
J. Zhu*
SU-E-J-79 Using the Distance of Closest Approach to Improve Compton Camera Image Quality
D. Mackin*, S. Peterson, J. Polf, S. Beddar
SU-E-J-80 A Simulation Study with Geant4 On the Yields of Positron-Emitting Nuclei (10C, 11C, and 15O) Induced by Protons and Carbon Ions
A. lau*, Y. Chen, S. Ahmad
SU-E-J-81 Beveled Needle Tip Detection Error in Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Brachytherapy
S. Leu*, B. Ruiz, T. Podder
SU-E-J-82 Improvement in Reproducibility of Lung Expansion Measures with Respiratory Effort Correction
K. Du*, J. Reinhardt, G. Christensen, K. Ding, K. Cao, J. Bayouth
SU-E-J-83 Improving Respiration-Gated IMRT Delivery Efficiency by Dual-Gating at Inhale and Exhale: Evaluation of Planning On Eclipse and the Need for Accurate Image Registration
S. Geneser*, B. Fahimian, L. Xing
SU-E-J-84 Investigating the Use of Deformable Algorithms to Register and Accumulate Dose to the Spinal Cord for Head-And-Neck Radiotherapy Patients
U. Ueda*, J. Chen, N. Kirby, J. Quivey, S. Yom, J. Pouliot
SU-E-J-85 Anthropomorphic Development for Intermodality Deformation Algorithms Validation
S. D.Vincent*, L. Archambault
SU-E-J-86 Free Form Deformable Model Based On Multi-Resolution B-Spline Grid for Registration of 4D CT Images of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients
H. Wang*, D. Li, H. Wang, Y. Yin, G. Gong
SU-E-J-87 Building Deformation Error Histogram and Quality Assurance of Deformable Image Registration
S. Park*, H. Kim, M. Yao, R. Ellis, M. Machtay, J. Sohn
SU-E-J-88 Deformable Registration Using Multi-Resolution Demons Algorithm for 4DCT
D. Li*, Y. Yin
SU-E-J-89 Deformable Registration Method Using B-TPS in Radiotherapy
Y. Xie*
SU-E-J-90 2D/3D Registration Using KV-MV Image Pairs for Higher Accuracy Image Guided Radiotherapy
H. Furtado, M. Figl, M. Stock, D. Georg, W. Birkfellner*
SU-E-J-91 FFT Based Medical Image Registration Using a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
J. Luce*, M. Hoggarth, J. Lin, A. Block, J. Roeske
SU-E-J-92 CERR: New Tools to Analyze Image Registration Precision
A. Apte*, Y. Wang, J. Oh, Z. Saleh, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-93 Fourier Transform-Based Medical Image Registration
J. Luce*, G. James, M. Hoggarth, J. Lin, A. Block, J. Roeske
SU-E-J-94 Investigating the Use of Deformable Algorithms to Register MR Images Acquired with and Without An Endo-Rectal Coil
U. Ueda*, J. Chen, I. Hsu, G. Reed, J. Pouliot
SU-E-J-95 Towards Optimum Boundary Conditions for Biomechanical Model Based Deformable Registration Using Intensity Based Image Matching for Prostate Correlative Pathology
N. Samavati*, D. McGrath, J. Lee, T. van der Kwast, M. Jewett, C. Ménard, J. Pluim, K. Brock
SU-E-J-96 Investigation Into the Accuracy of Deformable Registration Algorithms for Use in Dose Summation: A Case Study in Combined Modalities
C. Chuang*, O. Morin, J. Pouliot
SU-E-J-97 Evaluation of Multi-Modality (CT/MR/PET) Image Registration Accuracy in Radiotherapy Planning
A. Sethi*, I. Rusu, M. Surucu, J. Halama
SU-E-J-98 3D Tracking of Interfraction Patient Setup Uncertainties Using Multiple Kinect Sensors
A. Santhanam*, D. Low, P. Kupelian
SU-E-J-99 Automated Registration Method Based On Multi-Scale Edge Preserving Scale Space for PET-CT Scanner
D. Li*, H. Li, Y. Yin
SU-E-J-100 Feasibility of Dose Calculation Using Combined Information of Cone-Beam and Multi-Slice CT Images
K. Usui*, K. Ogawa, E. Kunieda
SU-E-J-101 Weighted Voting Method for Multi-Atlas Segmentation in CT Scans
A. Arbisser*, G. Sharp, P. Golland, N. Shusharina
SU-E-J-102 The Impact of the Number of Subjects for Atlas-Based Automatic Segmentation
J. Ducote*, V. Sehgal, J. Wong, M. Al-Ghazi
SU-E-J-103 Characteristics of Bladder Wall Deformation as a Function of Bladder Filling
H. Xu*, J. Siebers
SU-E-J-104 Evaluation of Atlas-Based Auto-Segmentation On Daily In-Room CT for Prostate Cancer
W. LI, Y. Zhong, A. Vassil, P. Xia*
SU-E-J-105 Evaluating Auto-Contouring of Prostate KV Conebeam CTs
A. Godley*, L. Sheplan Olsen, K. Stephans
SU-E-J-106 Atlas-Based Segmentation: Evaluation of a Multi-Atlas Approach for Lung Cancer
S. Pirozzi*, M. Horvat, J. Piper, A. Nelson
SU-E-J-107 Feasibility of Complete Brain Simulation Using Single MRI Acquisition
M. Traughber*, M. Meltsner
SU-E-J-108 Quantitative Analysis of Longitudinal Cognitive Impairment Due to Radiation Therapy Based On Automatic Segmentation of Hippocampus and Subcortical Structure
Y. Lin*, D. Chang, D. Bota, D. Roa, M. Al-Ghazi, H. Yu, J. Kuo, K. Nie, P. Fwu, M. Su
SU-E-J-109 Accurate Contour Transfer Between Different Image Modalities Using a Hybrid Deformable Image Registration and Fuzzy Connected Image Segmentation Method
C. Yang*, E. Paulson, X. Li
SU-E-J-110 A Novel Level Set Active Contour Algorithm for Multimodality Joint Segmentation/registration Using the Jensen-Rnyi Divergence
D. Markel*, I. El Naqa, C. Freeman, M. Vallières
SU-E-J-111 Compute the Optimal Threshold for PET Functional Volume Delineation
S. Tan*, W. Chen, W. D'Souza, W. Lu
SU-E-J-112 A Splatting Method to Generate DRRs for Deformed CT Volume
Z. Zhong*, Y. Cai, X. Guo, T. Solberg, W. Mao
SU-E-J-113 A New Quantification Measure of the Difference Between Two Organ Contours
H. Kim*, S. Park, S. Lo, J. Monroe, J. Sohn
SU-E-J-114 Web-Browser Medical Physics Applications Using HTML5 and Javascript
M. Bakhtiari*
SU-E-J-115 Graticule for Verification of Treatment Position in Neutron Therapy
R. Halford*, M. Snyder
SU-E-J-116 Investigation of Accuracy and Precision of ITV Delineation by PET SUV Threshold
B. Hartl*, D. Serratore, P. Chan, T. Neicu, S. Li
SU-E-J-117 Computer-Assisted Verification of Accumulated Dose Distribution During the Treatment Time Based On Estimation of Four-Dimensional Dose Distribution Using An Electronic Portal Imaging Device
H. Arimura*, A. Mizoguchi, Y. Shioyama, K. Nakamura, S. Yoshidome, T. Hirose, S. Anai, Y. Umezu, H. Honda, M. Ohki, F. Toyofuku, H. Hirata
SU-E-J-119 Comparative Evaluation of Respiratory Motion-Corrected Cone-Beam CT Images Derived From Treatment-Day Vs. Simulation-Day Respiration-Correlated CT Scans
O. Dzyubak*, R. Kincaid, E. Yorke, A. Hertanto, Y. Hu, A. Rimner, Q. Zhang, G. Mageras
SU-E-J-120 Characterization of 4D Lung Ventilation Based On 4DCT Lung Density
G. Li*, J. Wei, D. Li, A. Ballangrud
SU-E-J-121 A New 4D Radiotherapy Planning Strategy Using Synthesized Tumor-Motion-Compensated Computed Tomography
P. Cohen, D. Li, H. Xie, D. Low, A. Rimner, G. Li*
SU-E-J-122 Quantification of Respiratory-Induced Pancreatic Head Tumor Rotation and Deformation Using 4DCT and Fiducial Markers
S. Chen*, C. Lin, C. Enke, S. Zhou
SU-E-J-123 Blinded Clinician Evaluation of Amplitude Versus Phase Binned 4DCT Patient Data
B. Sintay*, D. Wiant
SU-E-J-124 Assessment of Intrafraction and Interfraction Motion in Cranial SRT Using Tomotherapy
D. Barbee*, K. Rasmussen, R. Bartlett
SU-E-J-125 Uncertainty in Accumulated Dose to the Cochlea Due to Setup Error During External Beam Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer Patients
M. Yan*, D. Lovelock, M. Hunt, J. Mechalakos, Y. Hu, H. Pham, A. Jackson
SU-E-J-126 Generation of Fluoroscopic 3D Images Using Single X-Ray Projections On Realistic Modified XCAT Phantom Data
P. Mishra*, R. Li, S. St. James, Y. Yue, R. Mak, R. Berbeco, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-127 An Initial Application of Evaluating Lung Tumor Motion Throughout Radiotherapy
W. Mao*, L. Jiang, L. Arhjoul, R. Foster, T. Solberg
SU-E-J-128 Liver Motion During CBCT-Guided SBRT
J. Park*, S. Park, B. Song, W. Song
SU-E-J-129 Target-Specific Optimization of Four-Dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography
M. Ahmad*, T. Pan
SU-E-J-130 Study of the Image Quality Degradation in Phase-Based 4DCT Imaging for Radiation Oncology
A. Negri, D. Michelutti, R. Padovani, E. Moretti*
SU-E-J-131 Implement a Passive Breath Gating Equipment for Gated CBCT Imaging: A Feasibility Study
W. Hu*, J. Ye, J. Wang, Z. Zhang
SU-E-J-132 Quantitative Assessment of CT Number Variation Induced by Respiratory Motion Artifacts in CT and Cone-Beam CT
S. Jackson*, S. Ahmad, I. Ali
SU-E-J-133 Quantitative Measurement and Modeling of Target Volume Changes by Respiratory Motion in CT and Cone-Beam CT
S. Jackson*, S. Ahmad, I. Ali
SU-E-J-134 Motion Modeling of Non-Small Cell Lung Nodules Based On Respiratory Mechanics
D. Serratore*, B. Hartl, P. Chan, T. Neicu, S. Li
SU-E-J-135 3-D Fourier-Based Volumetric Registration for Estimating Intra-Fractional Lung Tumor Motion
X. Zhang*, N. Homma, Y. Takai, Y. Narita, M. Yoshizawa
SU-E-J-136 Evaluation of a Non-Invasive Method On Lung Tumor Tracking
T. Zhao*, B. White, D. Low
SU-E-J-137 A Theoretical Model for the Analysis of Residual Motion Artifacts in 4D CT Scans
T. Kim*, J. Yoon, S. Kang, T. Suh
SU-E-J-138 Fast 2-D Fiducial Marker Detection On Sequential MV Projections in Arc Therapy
H. Van Herck*, W. Crijns, P. Slagmolen, F. Maes, F. Van den Heuvel, K. Haustermans
SU-E-J-139 Feasibility of Using EPID for Real-Time Target Localization During Treatment
Q. Xu*, M. Lin, X. Chen, X. Tong, J. Fan, z. dong, L. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-J-140 Initial Clinical Assessment of a Gimbaled Linac Tumor Tracking System in a Patient Simulation Study
T. Depuydt*, K. Poels, D. Verellen, M. De Ridder
SU-E-J-141 Assessment of the Magnitude and Impact of Trigger Delay in Respiratory Triggered Real-Time Imaging During Radiotherapy
J. Duan*, S. Shen, R. Popple, X. Wu, R. Cardan, I. Brezovich
SU-E-J-142 Gafchromic Film Dosimetry in Fluoroscopy for Dynamic Tumor Tracking Irradiation of the Lung Using XR-SP2 Model - A Phantom Study -
T. Shiinoki*, A. Sawada, Y. Ishihara, Y. MIyabe, T. Fujimoto, T. Nakai, Y. Matsuo, T. Mizowaki, M. Kokubo, M. Hiraoka
SU-E-J-143 Characteristics of Tumor-Motion Surrogate Signals Analyzed Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert-Huang Transformation
S. Han-Oh*
SU-E-J-144 Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Lung Cancer Patients' Breathing Pattern
R. Tolakanahalli*, D. Tewatia, W. Tome
SU-E-J-145 Implementing 4D XCAT Phantom for 4D Radiotherapy Research
R. Panta*, W. Segars, F. Yin, J. Cai
SU-E-J-146 Time Series Prediction of Lung Cancer Patients' Breathing Pattern Based On Nonlinear Dynamics
R. Tolakanahalli*, D. Tewatia, W. Tome
SU-E-J-147 Dosimetric Consequences of Intrafraction Prostate Motion: Comparison Between Phantom Measurements and Three Different Calculation Methods
D. Schmitt*, S. Nill, F. Roeder, K. Herfarth, U. Oelfke
SU-E-J-148 Fabrication of An Anatomically Realistic Dynamic Respiratory Phantom
M. Wagar*, E. Mannarino, S. Friesen, F. Hacker, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-149 Is Rotational IMRT More Susceptible to Tumor Motion Than Dynamic IMRT?
G. Betzel*, B. Yi, C. Yu
SU-E-J-150 To Design a Methodology Based On Numerical Phantom for Reconstruction of Dose Delivered to Moving Lung Tumors
D. Tewatia*, R. Tolakanahalli
SU-E-J-151 Evaluation of a Real Time Tumour Autocontouring Algorithm Using In-Vivo Lung MR Images with Various Contrast to Noise Ratios
E. Yip*, J. Yun, Z. Gabos, K. Wachowicz, S. Rathee, B. Fallone
SU-E-J-152 Prostate IGRT: CT-MRI Fusion and Target Delineation Accuracy
J. Xue*, X. Chen, L. Chen, q. xu, z. dong, M. Lin, L. Wang, C. Ma
SU-E-J-153 Volumetric and Dosimetric Variations of Post-Prostatectomy Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy and Endorectal Ballon
L. Yin*, N. Vapiwala, S. Swisher-McClur, V. Bui, C. Deville, Z. Tochner, S. Both
SU-E-J-154 Advantages of Treating Thoracic Cancer Patients in An Upright Position
J. Yang*, L. Dong, L. Court
SU-E-J-155 Evaluate a Stepped TE Segmented EPI Sequence for 3D Dose Monitoring Using Gel Dosimetry
R. Hira*
SU-E-J-156 Dosimetric Evaluation of Proper Width of Respiratory Gating Window According to Dose Distribution of EBT2 Film
S. Lee*, S. Park, H. Lee, S. Shin, H. Kim, T. Kim, M. Kim, K. Kim, H. Jung, Y. Ji
SU-E-J-157 Simulation and Design of a Real-Time 6D Head Motion Compensation Platform Based On a Stewart Platform Approach
A. Belcher*, R. Wiersma
SU-E-J-158 A Prototype of a Real-Time Respiratory Motion Monitoring System Using Microsoft Kinect Sensor
J. Xia*, R. Siochi
SU-E-J-159 Electromagnetic Tracking During 4DCT
j. mcgary*, J. Chen, Z. Xiong
SU-E-J-160 4D Dynamic Arc of Non-Modulated Variable-Dose-Rate Fields for Lung SBRT: A Feasibility Study
B. Yi*, X. Yang, Y. Niu, C. Yu
SU-E-J-161 Biomechanical Framework for Thoracic Tumors Characteristics
D. Michalski*, G. Kubicek, D. Heron, G. Bednarz, M. Huq
SU-E-J-162 Development and Application of Internal and External Motion Tracking System
S. Park*, K. Kim, H. Jung, M. Kim, Y. Ji
SU-E-J-163 Video-Based Patient Motion Detection During the Treatment Delivery
Q. Gautier*, W. Deng, W. Yin, B. Ronflette, F. Vidal, S. Jiang
SU-E-J-164 Verification of Commercial Respiratory Tracking System Using Scintillation Screen
S. Lim*
SU-E-J-165 Development of a Low-Cost and Clinically Available Patient Intrafraction Motion Monitoring System
Y. Uchida*, H. Tachibana, Y. Takada, K. Kashihara, T. Yamashita
SU-E-J-166 Development of Real-Time Motion Verification System for Respiratory-Gated Radiotherapy
Y. Park*, H. Kim, H. Kim, S. Park, K. Lee, I. Kim, S. Ye
SU-E-J-167 Optimal Number of Respiratory Phases in 4D PET for Radiotherapy Planning: Motion-Simulated Phantom Study
M. Budzevich*, T. Dilling, G. Zhang, C. Kuykendall, E. Moros
SU-E-J-168 4D-PET for Target Volume Delineation in Respiratory-Gated Radiation Therapy
C. Cavedon*, M. Giri, E. Zivelonghi, D. Grigolato, M. Zuffante, M. Ferdeghini
SU-E-J-169 4D-PET for Abdominal Tumor Target Volume Generation
J. Lamb*, P. Lee, S. Jani, M. Dahlbom, B. White, D. Low
3:00 PM
Clinical Evaluation of Positioning Accuracy of Two Immobilization Devices for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Using Cone Beam CT
M. Cao*, N. Cao, H. Cardenes, A. Fakiris, C. Desrosiers, I. Das
3:12 PM
Evaluation of Cervical Spine and Mandible Reproducibility of the CDR Mayo Mold and Civco Type-S Head and Neck Immobilization Systems
S. Chungbin*
3:24 PM
Development of a Video Guided Real-Time Patient Motion Monitoring System for Helical Tomotherpay
S. Ju, C. Hong*, D. Yim, M. Kim, J. Kim, Y. Han, J. Shin, E. Shin, S. Ahn, D. Choi
3:36 PM
Can a Metal Artifact Reduction Algorithm Affect Accuracy of Dose Calculation?
H. Liu*, A. Magnelli, P. Xia
3:48 PM
ITV Variations as a Function of CT Geometry and Scan Time : A Simulation Study Using Patient Data
S. St. James*, P. Mishra, R. Berbeco, J. Lewis
4:00 PM
A Patient-Specific 4D Digital Phantom for Dynamic Dose Estimation of External Ionizing Radiation
J. Deng*
4:12 PM
Clinical Evaluations of a Novel Metal Artifact Reduction Technique for Treatment Planning in Radiation Therapy
H. Li*, C. Noel, W. Thorstad, H. Li, L. Yu, D. Low, K. Moore, S. Mutic
4:24 PM
Characterization of the Effect of 'Lung Detail' CT Reconstruction Algorithm On Radiation Therapy Dose Calculation
N. Eclov*, B. Loo, E. Graves, P. Maxim
4:36 PM
Development of Image Planning System for Radiation Therapy
B. Thapa*, J. Molloy
4:48 PM
Requirements for the Accuracy of Electron Density Data Planning for MRI Based Cervix Cancer Treatment Planning
B. Whelan*, S. Kumar, J. Dowling, J. Lambert, K. Lim, O. Salvado, J. Begg, P. Greer, S. Vinod, L. Holloway
5:00 PM
Explore the Value of 18F-FDG , PET and CT Scan for the Clinical Stage of Esophageal Carcinoma
J. LI*, S. Zhu, Z. Liu
5:12 PM
Patient Specific Assessment of External Radiation Exposure to Bystanders Interacting with Patients Following 131I Therapy
E. Han*, C. Lee, E. McGuire, T. Brown, J. Penagaricano, P. Corry, W. Bolch
5:24 PM
Dose Distribution Generated From I Radionuclide Using SPECT-CT
S. Itoh*, A. Haga, Y. Fukuda, N. Sasano, T. Onoe, S. Shibata, K. Nakagawa
5:36 PM
Liver Dose Calculation for 90Y Radioembolization with PET/CT
N. Yu*, P. Xia
SU-E-J-185 4DCT Geometrical Eigenmode Model for Inter-Fraction Evaluation of Tumor Regression and Breathing Pattern Changes
V. Kearney*, X. Wang, X. Jia, S. Jiang, L. Cervino
SU-E-J-186 CT Textures Can Be Predictive for Tumor Shrinkage
L. Hunter*, Y. Chen, L. Zhang, Z. Liao, L. Dong, L. Court
SU-E-J-187 Evaluation of the Effects of Dose On 4DCT-Calculated Lung Ventilation
K. Latifi*, T. Dilling, S. Hoffe, C. Stevens, E. Moros, G. Zhang
SU-E-J-188 Lung CT Density Changes During The Conformal Radiotherapy:A Prediction for Lung Radiation Pneumonitis
C. Ma*, Y. Yin
SU-E-J-189 The Kullback-Leiber Divergence for Quantifying Changes in Radiotherapy Treatment Response
E. Schreibmann*, I. Crocker, H. Shu, W. Curran, T. Fox
SU-E-J-190 A Possible Non-Typical Measurement in Dynamic Contrast MRI for Brain Tumor Therapy Response Evaluation
S. Yee*, S. Hahn
SU-E-J-191 A Multivariate Framework for N-Tissue Classification in Treatment Assessment of Glioblastomas
E. Schreibmann*, I. Crocker, H. Shu, W. Curran, T. Fox
SU-E-J-192 Static Breath-Hold MRI Based Measurement of Change in Pulmonary Function Following a Course of Radiation Therapy
K. Ding*, K. Cao, K. Du, Q. Chen, D. Ennis, G. Christensen, J. Reinhardt, B. Libby, S. Benedict, K. Sheng
SU-E-J-193 Gamma Knife Perfexion End-To-End Testing with a Commercial Stereotactic Phantom
C. Yount*, K. Lyons, S. Rahnema, D. McDonald, J. Peng, K. Vanek
SU-E-J-194 The Impact of Different Imaging Measures On Treatment Response Assessment of Bone Metastases
C. Morrison*, G. Liu, R. Jeraj
SU-E-J-195 Dosimetric Consequences of Metal Prosthesis in Prostate 3D CRT by Using Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Method
Y. Chen*, L. Hong, R. Yaparpalvi, F. Verhaegen
SU-E-J-196 In-Vivo Tumor Blood-Oxygen Content Measurement Via Interstitial Optical Transmission Spectroscopy
D. Campos*, Y. Yan, D. Zhao, M. Kissick, S. Jacques, A. van der Kogel, R. Kimple
SU-E-J-197 A Novel Optical Interstitial Fiber Spectroscopic System for Real-Time Tissue Micro-Vascular Hemodynamics Monitoring
D. Zhao*, D. Campos, Y. Yan, R. Kimple, S. Jacques, A. van der Kogel, M. Kissick
SU-E-J-198 Bioluminescence Monitoring of Metastatic Breast Cancer: Quantitative Assessment of Radiation Treatment Effects and Tracking of Tumor Cells
J. Park*, T. Schmidt, E. Graves, M. Bazalova, J. Lee, C. Contag, T. Suh
SU-E-J-199 A Novel Method to Evaluate Local Control and Recurrence Using 18F-FDG PET After Lung SBRT
C. Shang*, V. Kathriarachchi, T. Williams, J. Cole, M. Kasper, J. Shope, R. Benda
SU-E-J-201 What Is the Importance of Dose Recalculation for Adaptive Radiotherapy Dose Assessment?
J. Pukala*, R. Staton, K. Langen
SU-E-J-202 Treatment Dose Assessment with the Consideration of Radiation Dose Inducible Organ Shrinkage/Deformation
X. Nie*, D. Yan
SU-E-J-203 Determination of PTV Margin for Lung Tumor Using In-Treatment 4D CBCT
A. Haga*, K. Nakagawa, H. Yamashita, W. Takahashi, A. Sakumi, Y. Masutani, S. Kida, N. Saotome, S. Itoh, T. Shiraki, K. Ohtomo
SU-E-J-204 The Dosimetric Impact of Daily Setup Error and Inter-Fraction Prostate Motion On the Calculated Treatment Plan for Patients Receiving IMRT Based Radiation Therapy
O. Algan*, A. Jamgade, I. Ali, A. Christie, J. Thompson, D. Thompson, S. Ahmad, T. Herman
SU-E-J-205 Modeling Fiducial Marker Movement in Prostate
W. Yao*, M. Corsten
SU-E-J-206 Are We Treating the Entire Lung Tumor by Contouring ITV On 4DCT MIP?
X. Tang*, D. Morris, L. Rosenberg, A. Wang
SU-E-J-207 Compensation of Target Distortion of Pancreatic Tumor in Free-Breathing CT Using 4D Contour Propagation
X. Yang*, A. Reese, Y. Mutaf, B. Yi
SU-E-J-208 Dosimetric Assessment of Treatment Using CBCT Images
A. Dyess*, E. Poon, J. Seuntjens, W. Parker
SU-E-J-209 A Simple Method to Minimize Uncertainty in ITV Delineation: Phantom Verification
K. Turner*, J. Cai, F. Yin, Y. Zhang, I. Vergalasova
SU-E-J-210 Lung Tumor Target Volume Contours On EPID Cine Mode Images
J. Bryant*, Y. Yue, J. Rottmann, J. Lewis, R. Berbeco
SU-E-J-211 Development of Respiratory Training System Using Individual Characteristic Guiding Waveform
S. Kang*, J. Yoon, T. Kim, T. Suh
SU-E-J-212 Real-Time Treatment Failure Detection for Moving Tumor with Image Guidance
H. Wu*, Q. Zhao, I. Das
SU-E-J-213 Comparison of the Effect of Metal Implants in Three Different Radiation Therapy Modalities; IMXT, Tomotherapy, and Proton Therapy
K. Chung*, S. Cho, B. Min, Y. Lim, D. Shin, S. Park, K. Cho
SU-E-J-214 Target Intrafraction Motion Dosimetric Impact On 5-Fraction Proton Prostate SBRT
Z. Su*, R. Slopsema, S. Flampouri, Z. Li