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Personnel Registration

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The Exhibitor Personnel Registration system will be open June 10, 2013. Exhibitors are allotted Complimentary Personnel and Technical Exhibit Hall Only Registrations based on booth size. Exhibitors may purchase additional Full Registrations or Technical Exhibits Only Registrations as necessary.

Please note: If you would like to have your personnel badges mailed to you prior to the start of the meeting, your registrations and payment must be complete by July 11. After July 11, you may still register your personnel but the badges WILL NOT be mailed – you will have to pick them up on-site. NO REFUNDS for Exhibitor Personnel Registration cancellations after July 11.

For registrations received by July 11 - the Exhibitor Contact will be mailed a company packet via UPS containing personalized envelopes for ALL exhibitor personnel. The personalized envelopes will contain the name badge, badge holder, and social function tickets and are scheduled to be mailed to the Exhibitor Contact the week of July 15.

IMPORTANT: In order to make personnel registration changes on site, a badge MUST BE EXCHANGED for the new badge generated or FULL PAYMENT will be required.

Self-Assessment Modules (SAMS) & Audience Response Units (ARU)

Compilation of two Self Assessment Modules (SAMS) per year is a requirement for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process as defined by the American Board of Radiology (ABR). AAPM program organizers have identified sessions in Diagnostic and Therapy Physics to be offered with audience response technology at the meeting in 2013.

Number of SAMs sessions is to be determined.

  • These sessions will allow those who require MOC to fulfill their SAMs requirements.
  • Credits for these sessions are available only to attendees who pre-register for the modules.
  • No SAMs registration will be offered on-site in Indianapolis.
  • SAMS are available to Exhibitor Weekly (complimentary & paid) - not Hall Only.
  • $10 fee for this item.

Please note that SAMs sessions are open to everyone, but only those pre-registered for the audience response technology will be eligible to receive an interactive response unit. Questions will be asked during the SAMs sessions, and participants must answer electronically in order to receive certification. There is no pass/fail. The idea is to assess knowledge gained during the session.

Please call 508-743-8511 to add SAMS & ARUS to an Exhibitor registration.

No Refunds for Exhibitor Registration cancellations after JULY 11.

Complimentary Personnel Registrations No Charge For each 10 feet x 10 feet booth purchased, your company will receive TWO complimentary personnel registrations plus ONE hall only. Each Complimentary Personnel Registration includes admission to the Technical Exhibits, Scientific Sessions & Symposia, AAPM Awards Ceremony and Reception, AAPM Night Out and Continuing Education Credits (each person must complete on-line survey and meet CAMPEP eligibility requirements).
Additional Full Registrations $585 each Includes admission to the Technical Exhibits, Scientific Sessions & Symposia, AAPM Awards Ceremony and Reception, AAPM Night Out and Continuing Education Credits (each person must complete on-line survey and meet CAMPEP eligibility requirements).
Technical Exhibit Hall Only Registration $340 each Includes admission to the Technical Exhibit Hall ONLY; no admission to Scientific Sessions.

Exhibitors may purchase an unlimited number of social function tickets either pre-show via the Internet or on-site. Information regarding the online process will be included in the Online Exhibitor Service Kit.

AAPM Awards Ceremony and Reception Monday, August 5 Ceremony:
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Grand Ballroom, J.W. Marriott $14.00
Night Out Tuesday, August 6 6:30 pm -10:00 pm Lucas Oil Stadium $80.00

AAPM Awards Ceremony & Reception

Monday, August 5 • 6:30pm - 8:00pm
AAPM Awards Ceremony

Grand Ballroom, J.W. Marriott
followed by a Reception, 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Tickets are $14 per person. Please note that this ticket is included in some registration categories. Tickets may also be purchased on site at the AAPM Meeting registration area in the convention center.

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine will honor AAPM award winners during a ceremony followed by a wine and cheese reception on Monday, August 5. Please remember your tickets.

Night Out

Tuesday, August 6 • 6:30pm - 10:00pmm
Lucas Oil Stadium

It's Jeans and Jerseys Night -- wear your favorite NFL team jersey! Even non-sports fans will get a visual thrill in this Superbowl venue.
On the field: Guests who prefer to be immersed in the full NFL experience will be directed by referees through on-field activities (punting, passing and kicking).
Off the field: Guests who prefer to sit and chat with colleagues will have plenty of seating above the field; all the action will be on the Jumbotron.

Station 1
San Francisco 49ers fresh vegetable display
San Diego Chargers Hummus with Pita Bread
New Orleans Saints Cajun Chicken Skewers

Station 2
New York Jets Mashed Potato Bar
Denver Bronco Chili Station (vegetarian)
St. Louis Rams BBQ Meatball Skewers

Station 3
New England Patriots Baked Beans (vegetarian)
Tennessee Titans Mini Sliders
Philadelphia Eagles Falafel Sliders (vegetarian)

Dessert Station
Miami Dolphins Mini Key Lime Tartlets
Dallas Cowboys Assorted Cookies
Baltimore Ravens Brownie Bites

Please note: Each adult Night Out ticket will include 1 drink ticket, good for beer or a glass of wine. Once your ticket is used, cash will be accepted. Nonalcoholic drinks will not require a ticket.

Please note that this ticket is included in some registration categories. Tickets may also be purchased on-site at the AAPM registration area in the convention center located near the Capitol Avenue Lobby, Level 1 of the Indiana Convention Center.

Tuesday, August 6 • 6:00am start time

Deadline to register is July 5. There is no on-site registration for this event.

Registered participants must come by the AAPM Meeting registration area in the convention center on Monday, August 5, between 10:00am and 2:00pm, to sign a waiver and pick up a race number and t-shirt.

Thanks once again to Gammex for sponsoring this event.

Information Available Soon

Each exhibiting company is allotted 10 Guest passes (1 guest pass per day, per person). The registration system will allow you to register your guests prior to the start of the show or you can wait to do it on-site.

Guest passes allow access to the EHIXIBIT HALL ONLY.

Guest passes WILL NOT be mailed in advance with your exhibitor badges. They must be picked up on-site.

Please Note: Guest Badges are not to be used by Exhibitor personnel. Gross violation of this rule may be subject to the payment of a registration fee of up to $300 per violation.

Special work passes will be issued for gaining entrance to the exhibit hall during installation and dismantling. Ten work passes will be available to each Exhibitor Contact. Should you need more than 10 prior to arriving show site, please contact Rachel Smiroldo at rachel@aapm.org. Work passes will also be available at show site at Exhibitor Registration and the loading dock located at the back of the exhibit hall. During installation and dismantling admission to the Exhibit Hall is by work-pass and exhibit badge only. Work passes are valid ONLY during installation and dismantling; an exhibit badge is required during exhibit hours.