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Innovative Approach Towards a Paperless Physics Residency Management System

L Schubert

L Schubert*, M Miften, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO

MO-F-134-6 Monday 4:30PM - 6:00PM Room: 134

Purpose: Documentation of a resident's progress can be difficult to collect and disseminate, resulting in minimal utilization by current residents and faculty. The goal of this work is to use an electronic management system to enhance communication by providing centralized program information and real-time tracking of resident progress.

Methods: A web-based residency management database (Medhub, Inc.) was adapted for use in a physics residency program. To distribute program information, announcements, policies, rotation objectives, and required readings were uploaded. The rotation schedule, machine assignments, and educational conference calendar with associated files and attendance records were added. To document resident progress, requirements for over 30 different clinical procedures were added, for which the resident logged the total number of procedures performed. Resident demographics and files documenting activities and achievements were added. An extensive evaluation system was created with over ten different electronic evaluation and report forms produced.

Results: Results are shown for the initial eight months of program existence consisting of one resident and eight physics faculty. 130 documents were uploaded, and 100% of required documents were downloaded by the resident. 135 educational conferences and meetings were offered, of which the resident attended 121. The resident logged a total of 299 clinical procedures. A total of 11 evaluations were submitted. The resident reviewed 100% of respective evaluations within an average of 2.1 days. The resident submitted 19 status reports detailing weekly activities, 100% of which were reviewed by faculty within an average of 4.2 days.

Conclusion: We have successfully incorporated a paperless, web-based management system in a physics residency program. This system has played a central role in optimizing the training experience of the resident by providing a vehicle for easy documentation of resident activities, frequent monitoring and feedback of training progress, and widespread communication of program developments.

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