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Veteran Health Administration : Radiation Oncology Quality and Safety Initiative (VHA-ROQSI)

R Kapoor

R Kapoor1,2*, J Palta1,2, M Hagan1,2, (1) Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, (2) National Radiation Oncology Program, Department of Veterans Affairs, Richmond, VA

MO-D-105-2 Monday 2:00PM - 2:55PM Room: 105


The overall goal of VHA-ROQSI is to monitor quality, safety, and effectiveness of radiotherapy within VHA. The electronic infrastructure developed to achieve these objectives can serve as a model for the radiation oncology community at large.

Method and Material:

The VHA-ROQSI is an initiative of the VHAs National Radiation Oncology Program office with an objective of electronically collecting and aggregating data to assess quality and safety of radiation treatment delivery and determine disease site-specific outcomes. The data collected will include; information on radiotherapy planning, delivery equipment, services provided patient volume, and quality assurance activities at each facility, calibration, accreditation and credentialing status of each facility. The integrated infrastructure will facilitate a rapid Web-based proactive peer review of all complex treatment plans and it will allow each facility to report adverse events and near miss information on patients for review by radiation oncology domain experts. The de-identified outcome data on patients will be abstracted directly from the hospital information system for population-based outcome analysis.


We have designed an electronic infrastructure that minimizes key strokes and multiple entries of redundant data by end users to accomplish each one of the aforementioned objectives. The prototypes of various modules for electronic data collection have been developed and are in beta testing. Once completed, the integrated system will facilitate peer review of complex treatment plans, collection of data elements for treatment quality and outcome assessment, and tracking of adverse events and near misses on patient treatments.


The VHA-ROQSI overcomes the challenge of submitting redundant data to disparate sources. This electronic infrastructure will circumvent the need for separate registries for outcome, quality, and safety tracking under development by various stakeholders at the present time.

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