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Your First Job; Finding and Keeping It

J Clements

R Tarver

J Clements1*, R Tarver2*, (1) Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Dallas, TX, (2) The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, Fort Worth, TX

TU-C-137-1 Tuesday 10:30AM - 11:25AM Room: 137

New members to the field of Medical Physics find themselves in a very competitive market and will benefit from guidance on job seeking skills, negotiating salary/benefits, what type of job to look for, etc. Additionally, expectations may be different between employer and employee, and an understanding of how the clinical environment works as well as how it is changing will help newly employed physicists excel at their job.

Learning objective 1: To understand the job market and how to successfully perform a job search

Learning objective 2: To understand the importance of negotiating salary and benefits prior to employment

Learning objective 3: To understand the nuances of today's clinical environment and how it is changing, in order to more easily adapt and excel.

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