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  Imaging General Poster Discussion Sunday
  3:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-I-1 Radiation Dose Reduction and Image Quality Evaluation of Coronal Truncated Projections in Cone-Beam Dedicated Breast CT
S. Konate, S. Vedantham*, L. Shi, A. Karellas
SU-E-I-2 Effects of Projection View Sampling On CT Numbers and Noise Level in Cone Beam Breast CT
Y. Shen*, Y. Zhong, C. Lai, T. Wang, C. Shaw
SU-E-I-3 Evaluation of Impacts of Two Assumptions in Cone Beam CT Geometry Calibration
Y. Xu*, H. Li, H. Yan, L. Cervino, S. Jiang, X. Jia, L. Zhou
SU-E-I-4 An Analytical Model for Fast Computation of Scatter Estimation in KV Cone-Beam CT Images
J. Liu*, J. Bourland
SU-E-I-5 CT Dose Metrics Applied to Cone Beam CT Using a Clinical SPECT/CT System
Z. Lu*
SU-E-I-6 Further Understanding of DLP and DLI as Radiation Dosimetry of Cone-Beam CT
Z. Qi*, J. Zhang, C. Alsip, L. Lemen
SU-E-I-7 The Effect of Different Beam Filters On the KV CBCT Image Dose Response Curves of NanoDot OSL Dosimeters
T. Giaddui*, Y. Cui, J. Galvin, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao
SU-E-I-8 Do CTDI Measurements Approximate Peak Skin Dose for Wide-Beam Volumetric Scans?
G. Arbique*, J. Guild, D. Zhang, T. Blackburn, J. Gallet, J. Anderson
SU-E-I-9 Measurements of KV XVI CBCT Dose Profiles in Phantom Using Gafchromic XRQA2 Film
T. Giaddui*, Y. Cui, J. Galvin, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao
SU-E-I-10 Dose Measurement Methodology for Dental Cone-Beam CT
P. Deman, P. Atwal, C. Duzenli, Y. Thakur, N. Ford*
SU-E-I-11 A Simple Approach to Account and Report Organ Dose From KV Image Guidance Procedures
A. Nelson*, G. Ding
SU-E-I-12 Assessment of Absorbed Dose and Image Quality Using Cone Beam CT On An X-Ray Angiography System
M. Supanich*, M. Vanderhoek
SU-E-I-13 Theoretical Modeling of the Variations of CT Number Distributions for Mobile Targets in Cone-Beam Computed Tomographic Imaging
I. Ali*, N. Alsbou, O. Algan, T. Herman, S. Ahmad
SU-E-I-14 Improvement of Four Dimensional Cone Beam CT Image Quality with Iterative Reconstruction
S. Kida*, M. Nakano, Y. Masutani, K. Nakagawa, A. Haga
SU-E-I-15 To Study the Feasibility of Contouring the Planning Organ at Risk Volume for Heart Based On KV-CBCT Images
G. Gong*, C. Liu, Y. Yin
SU-E-I-16 A Data Compression Device for 4D CBCT
W. Ren*, J. Dai
SU-E-I-17 Micro CT Analysis of Results of Protein Deficiency On Rat Offspring
S. Rosenbaum*, T. Harten, L. Pope, D. Swartz, C. Koenigsknecht, S. Rudin, C. Ionita
SU-E-I-18 Uncertainty Analysis of Pharmacokinetic Modeling in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Evaluated with MMID4 Simulation
C. Liu*, Y. Liao, Y. Lin, S. Chin, H. Liu
SU-E-I-19 Dual-Energy CT-Based Material Decomposition for Stoichiometric Calibration of DCE CT
C. Coolens*, G. Landry, C. Varon, F. Verhaegen
SU-E-I-20 Simulated Multi-Protocol CT Imaging with Patient-Derived Numerical Phantom Towards Patient-Specific Scan Protocol Optimization
Z. Yang*, H. Jin, J. Kim
SU-E-I-21 Metal Artifact Redcution in CT for Surgical Screws: Comparison Between Two Commercially Available Software Packages
R. Al-Senan*, M. Yester
SU-E-I-22 Performance Evaluation of a Commercial CMOS Detector for Dynamic High-Resolution Imaging
A. Jain*, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-23 X-Ray Attenuation Comparison for Four Head Phantoms at the Circle of Willis
T. Harten*, S. Rosenbaum, C. Ionita, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-24 How Does C-Arm Rotation Affect Peak Skin Dose in Interventional Cardiology?
A. Pasciak*, A. Jones
SU-E-I-25 Extension of a Real-Time Skin Dose Tracking System to Include Pediatric Fluoroscopic Cardiac Procedures
V. Rana*, D. Bednarek, J. Wu, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-26 When Is High Level-Control Fluoroscopy Not High Dose-Rate Fluoroscopy?
D. Bednarek*, J. PazLozada, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-27 Evaluation of Dose Reduction by the Clinical Implementation of a Noise Reducing Image Processing Algorithm for Neurointerventional Procedures
A. Omar*, M. Marteinsdottir, C. Palmgren, M. Mauti, M. Soderman, S. Boon
SU-E-I-28 Assessment of Maximum Patient Skin Dose for Interventional Radiology Procedures: Method and Uncertainty Analysis
J. Farah*, A. Trianni, E. Carinou, J. Dabin, C. Deangelis, J. Domienik, Ž. KneževiÇ, R. Kopec, F. MALCHAIR, A. Negri, L. Novák, T. Siiskonen, F. Vanhavere, I. Clairand
SU-E-I-29 Dosimetric Characterization of a Tableside Fluoroscopy with Dynamic Flat Panel Detector
J. Zhang*, A. Fain, D. DiSantis
SU-E-I-30 Simulation of the Scatter Energy Spectrum for Multiple C-Arm/patient Thickness Configurations Using MCNPX
S. Handley*, A. Pasciak
SU-E-I-31 Moving From Image Intensifier to Flat Panel Detector in Interventional Radiology: Initial Experiences in a Tertiary Referral Center in India
R. Livingstone*, S. Keshava
SU-E-I-32 A Comparison of Multi-Detector CT Energy Spectrums for Use in Monte Carlo Simulations
G. Miller*, S. Ahmad, C. Ruan
SU-E-I-33 QC in CT by Automated Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators: A Ten Month Study
P. Nowik*, R. Bujila, H. Andersson, C. Jonsson
SU-E-I-34 On-Line Program for CT Quality Control
C. Borras*, P. Costa, A. Marques da Silva
SU-E-I-35 Using Six-Sigma Methodology for Practice Quality Improvement Projects
R. Paden*
SU-E-I-36 Investigation of Renal CT Dose Reduction by Using Model Based Iterative Reconstruction
L. Page*, V. Kundra, J. Rong
SU-E-I-37 Lesion Circularity as a Potential Indicator for Detectability in Low Dose Abdomen CT
M. Magnetta, F. Dong*, M. Baker, A. Primak, B. Herts
SU-E-I-38 How to CT a Horse Using a CT Scanner Built for Human Imaging
J. Polf*, H. Polf, C. Rodebush
SU-E-I-39 Experimental Study On the Performance of the OMAR CT Artifact Correction Algorithm Near Titanium and Stainless Steel
A. Schoenfeld*, R. Crilly, B. Poppe, W. Laub
SU-E-I-40 Survey of Radiation Beam Width in CT According to ACR 2012 CT QC Manual
Y. Lin, y. hwang, H. Liu, Y. Wang, C. Tsai*
SU-E-I-41 Study On the CT Radiation Attenuation Characteristics of Human Body for Phantom Design Using Monte Carlo Simulations
h. liu*, Y. Gao, W. Zhuo, J. Wu, X. Xu
SU-E-I-42 Size-Specific Dose Estimates (SSDE) Modified for Lung Inhomogeneities: A Practical Approach
D. Mihailidis*, P. Tomara, G. Kagadis
SU-E-I-43 Automatic Exposure Control Or Fixed Tube Current? : Evaluating Dose Effectiveness of AEC in Pediatric Chest CT Examinations with CTDIvol, SSDE, and Water-Equivalent SSDE
M. Chun*, C. Heo, J. Cheon, J. Kim
SU-E-I-44 Direct Organ Dose Measurements in Cadaveric Subjects to Investigate Dose Reduction Provided by Iterative Image Reconstruction Techniques
A. Mench*, L. Sinclair, T. Griglock, B. Cormack, S. Bidari, M. Arreola
SU-E-I-45 Dose Received by One-Year-Old Children During CT Scanning in Japan
S. Suzuki*, S. Shirakawa, Y. Takei, Y. Matsunaga, A. Kawaguchi, K. Akahane, Y. Shimada
SU-E-I-46 Monte Carlo-Calculated Patient Organ Doses From a Diagnostic X-Ray CT
T. Ono*, F. Araki
SU-E-I-47 A Classification of Validation Tasks for Monte Carlo Simulations of CT Scanners: From Simple to Complex Source Models and Geometries
K. McMillan*, M. Khatonabadi, M. McNitt-Gray
SU-E-I-48 Organ Dose Measurement and Calculation for Dedicated CT Used In Radiotherapy
SU-E-I-49 Influence of the Phantom Length in Computed Tomography Dose Profile Dosimetry
Y. Takei*, S. Suzuki, K. Koshida, Y. Kataoka, M. Kobayashi, T. Ootsuka
SU-E-I-50 Assessment of Measured, Simulated and Displayed Values of CTDI Volume
G. Miller*, Y. Hu, C. Ruan
SU-E-I-51 Metal Artifact Reduction in CT Using Deformable Tissue-Class Modeling
Y. Zhuge*, H. Ning, J. Cheng, B. Arora, H. Xie, R. Miller
SU-E-I-52 Improvement in CT Contrast-To-Noise Ratio in Low Contrast Spherical Simulated Liver Lesions Using Iterative Reconstruction
F. Dong*, B. Herts, M. Baker, A. Goenka, A. Primak
SU-E-I-53 Radiation Dose-Dependent Characteristics of CT Images Reconstructed with Statistical Iterative Algorithms
L. Genovese*, R. Price, D. Pickens
SU-E-I-54 Using Quantitative Measurement of Image Quality to Standardize Clinical Performance Across a Diverse Population of CT Scanners
J. Och*, W. Kresge, D. Snyder
SU-E-I-55 An Automated Technique to Determine Patient Size for Obtaining Size Specific Dose Estimates From System Reported CT Dose Index
J. Dave*, V. Zohrabian, E. Gingold
SU-E-I-56 An Overview of a CT Protocol Optimization Process at a Major University Hospital Medical Center; Including Details On Physics Support, IT Support, and a Radiologist Based Quality Assurance Program
F. Ranallo, T. Szczykutowicz*, M. Pozniak, R. Bruce
SU-E-I-57 Design of a Tabletop Simulating and Testing System for CT Research and Development
X. Li, H. Liu, J. Zhang*
SU-E-I-58 Understanding Uncertainties in Quantitative Image Features Extracted From Contrast-Enhanced CT Images
L. Court*, J. Yang, L. Hunter, C. Ng
SU-E-I-59 Patient-Based Average Glandular Dose Estimations in Taiwan
y. hwang*, C. Tsai, H. Chen, H. Wei, J. Lin, H. Liu
SU-E-I-60 Use of Monte Carlo-PENELOPE Method to Determine Radiation Dose to Organs and Tissues From Mammography
M. Leidens*, E. Goes, P. Nicolluci
SU-E-I-61 Modification of An Anthropomorphic Phantom to Accommodate OSL Dosimeters
K. Ogden*, M. Roskopf
SU-E-I-62 A New Metal Artifact Reduction Algorithm Using Edge Preserving Smoothing Filter
J. KIM*, H. Nam, S. An, Y. OH, y. Ji, R. Lee
SU-E-I-63 In Vivo Proton MR Spectroscopy Quantification of Cerebral Neurochemical Changes in Acute Binge Ethanol Exposed Rats
D. Lee*, J. Kim, S. Kim, D. Kim, J. Jung, K. Song, B. Choe
SU-E-I-64 High-Resolution Detection of Cerebral Neurochemical Profile in Rat Hippocampus After Acute Binge Alcohol Intoxication
D. Lee*, T. Kim, Y. Shin, J. Kim, S. Kim, J. Jung, K. Song, H. Kim, D. Kim, B. Choe
SU-E-I-65 Pitfalls in the Production of Enhancement Kinetic Curves in 3T Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Mammography and Means of Avoidance
E. Lavdas*, P. Mavroidis, V. Roka, I. Fezoulidis, K. Vassiou
SU-E-I-66 Quality Assurance Program for Functional MRI
N. Damen*, X. Zhou
SU-E-I-67 Effects of Normalization, Filtration, and Distortion Correction Options On MRI ACR Phantom Images
N. Busse*, L. Page, P. Hou, D. Reeve
SU-E-I-68 Preliminary Evaluation of Potential MRI Contrast Materials for the Purpose of MR-Ultrasound Fusion Application in the Abdomen
C. Favazza*, K. Gorny, J. Felmlee, M. Washburn, P. Trester, C. Fowler, N. Hangiandreou
SU-E-I-69 Improving Image Quality in Brain MRI Using Blade Sequences
P. Mavroidis*, E. Lavdas, S. Kostopoulos, D. Glotsos, V. Roka, T. Topalzikis, A. Bakas, G. Oikonomou, S. Stathakis, N. Papanikolaou, G. Batsikas, I. Kaffes, D. Kechagias
SU-E-I-70 Use of Blade Sequences to Eliminate Motion and Pulsation Artifacts in Knee MR Imaging
E. Lavdas*, P. Mavroidis, V. Hatzigeorgiou, V. Roka, N. Arikidis, G. Oikonomou, K. Andrianopoulos, I. Notaras
SU-E-I-71 Detection of Articular Knee Cartilage Defects Using PD BLADE with Fat Saturation (FS), PD FS and T2 3D DESS with Water Excitation (WE)
P. Mavroidis*, E. Lavdas, T. Topalzikis, I. Kyriakis, V. Roka, S. Kostopoulos, D. Glotsos, K. Zilidis, S. Stathakis, A. Tsagkalis, N. Papanikolaou, K. Vassiou, G. Batsikas
SU-E-I-72 Image Quality Verification for Off-Center Variation Using ACR Phantom in Open MRI
C. Hong*, D. Lee, B. Han
SU-E-I-73 Using Radial Basis Functions with Compact Support and Total Variations Regularization for Deformable Registration of Fetal MR Images
q. en*, Y. Xie, w. zhou
SU-E-I-74 Extracting Information From a Series of MR Images by Multi-Parameter Imaging
S. Yu*, Y. Xie, M. An, R. Li, S. Wu, Y. Yang
SU-E-I-75 An Inexpensive Scanner-Independent Luminescent Motion Monitor for MRI
M. Wahi-Anwar*, A. Gearhart, D. Little, J. Rotella, S. Lemieux
SU-E-I-76 Review of Reported SAR Values in MRI: Current Status and Historical Trends
J. Wang*, N. Garg, N. Guha-Thakurta
SU-E-I-77 A Phantom to Assess EIT/CT Imaging System
K. Krishnan*, J. Liu, S. Thomas, K. Kohli
SU-E-I-78 Frontal and Limbic Abnormalities in Mild Cognitive Impairment with Depression Using White Matter Track Based Analysis
R. Juh*, T. Suh
SU-E-I-79 The Relationship Between Uncinate Fasciculus, Posterior Cingulate Fasciculus Abnormalities and Gray Matter Atrophy by Voxel Wise Correlation Analysis in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease
R. Juh*, T. Suh
SU-E-I-80 Development of a Compton Camera for Online Range Monitoring of Laser-Accelerated Proton Beams
P. Thirolf, S. Aldawood, C. Lang, K. Parodi*
SU-E-I-81 Experimental Study of Many-View Under-Sampling CT
T. Lee*, M. Hammad, S. Cho
SU-E-I-82 Imaging of Gamma Emission Near and Above the Operational Limit of a SPECT Scanner
C. Pelletier*, J. Jung
SU-E-I-83 Evaluation of Penalizing Functions in Compressed Sensing to Recover Undersampled Data in PET Imaging
S. Valiollahzadeh*, J. Clark, O. Mawlawi
SU-E-I-84 Comparing the Accuracy of the Bilateral Filter and Gaussian Filter for PET Image Post-Processing Through a Phantom Study
X. Wu*, S. Jani, M. Dahlbom, D. Low, J. Lamb
SU-E-I-85 Impact of Partial Volume Effect On PET Image: Quantification Aspect
R. Villeneuve*, R. Risso, N. Garnier, B. Paulmier, B. Serrano
SU-E-I-86 Evaluation of Segmentation Based Attenuation Correction Methods for PET/MR in the Thorax
H. Ai*, T. Pan
SU-E-I-87 Experimental Study of Anisotropic Light Scattering and Polarization Effects of EBT3-Films
A. Schoenfeld*, D. Poppinga, D. Harder, B. Poppe
SU-E-I-88 Diffuse Optical Tomography for Characterization of Optical Properties in Interstitial PDT
A. Sharikova*, X. Liang, T. Zhu
SU-E-I-89 Real-Time Information and Decision Support for Radiological Emergency Response
E. Lee*, F. Pietz
SU-E-I-90 Magnetoencephalography (MEG): Quantitative Comparison of Oscillations and Synchronization Differences/similarities in Post-Surgery/pre-Irradiation Patients and Control Subjects
I. McGowin*, J. Bourland, A. Peiffer, S. Simpson, J. Rawley, D. Godwin
SU-E-I-91 The Role of Diagnostic Reference Levels in the Optimization of Patient Protection
J. Le Heron, C. Borras*
SU-E-I-92 Vacuum Design of An X-Ray Camera Using Triboelectric X-Ray Spectra
E. Moya-Sánchez, J. Romo-Espejel*
SU-E-I-93 Effect of Exposure Response Function On Flat-Field Non-Uniformity Metrics to Assess Digital Detector Performance
J. Dave*, E. Gingold
SU-E-I-94 Correction to Improve X-Ray Focal Spot Measurements by Image Detector Blur Deconvolution
R. Rana*, A. Jain, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin
SU-E-I-95 Verification of AAPM TG 116 X-Ray Beam Quality by CdTe Spectroscopy
J. Chung, C. Willis, C. Willis*
SU-E-I-96 Development of Monte Carlo Based Voxel Head Phantom for Dose Calculation in Periapical Radiography
Y. OH*, C. KANG, S. An, J. KIM, y. Ji, R. Lee
SU-E-I-97 Direct Calculation of Patient Absorbed Dose From X-Ray Beam Variables and Anatomy
F. Soares*, A. Borba, T. Moreira
SU-E-I-98 Novel Method for Proton Radiography Using Plastic Scintillation Plate and Beam Energy Modulation Water Phantom
S. Park*, C. Jeong, D. Kang, S. Cho, J. Shin, J. Jeong, D. Shin, Y. Lim
SU-E-I-99 Demonstration the Capability of X-Ray Frequency Modulation Imaging Technique Under Noisy Environment
J. Zhang*
SU-E-I-100 Clinical Ultrasound Units Modes of Failure Survey
W. Davros*, D. Hoeprich, K. Hulme
SU-E-I-101 Multi Taper Coherence Measurements for Characterizing Scatterer Number Density
N. Rubert*, T. Varghese