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  Joint Imaging-Therapy General Poster Discussion Sunday
  3:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: Exhibit Hall

SU-E-J-1 Real-Time Paraspinal Tumor Monitoring From CBCT Projections
D. Brunet*, D. Moseley
SU-E-J-2 GPU-Accelerated Polyenergetic DRR Generation Based On Data Parallelism and Task Parallelism with a Dispatcher Using OpenCL: Effect of the Numbers of Tasks and Energies
L. Zhou*, K. Chao, J. Chang
SU-E-J-3 Impact of Gated and Conventional 4DCT Acquisition On Imaging Artifacts in a Digital Phantom
K. Bernatowicz*, P. Keall, J. Kipritidis
SU-E-J-4 On-Treatment Volumetric Imaging During Respiratory Gated VMAT
K. Choi*, L. Xing, R. Li
SU-E-J-5 Intrinsic Geometry Reconstruction for the Study of Geometric Variations in Linac-Based CBCT System
G. Zou*, I. Chetty, J. Jin
SU-E-J-6 Necessity of 4D Cone-Beam CT Imaging in Patient Setup for Gated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of Lung Cancer
J. Wu*, F. Chen, J. Ye, V. Mehta, C. Loiselle, J. Spiegel
SU-E-J-7 3-D Commissioning for An Image-Guided Small Animal Micro-Irradiation Platform
X. Qian*, J. Admovics, C. Wuu
SU-E-J-8 Assessing and Minimizing the Dose From KV Cone Beam CT to Pediatric Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy
P. Alaei*, E. Spezi, E. Ehler, K. Dusenbery
SU-E-J-9 Validation of TrueBeam Imager Tests with An Independent Analyzer Software
F. Valencia, E. Figueroa*
SU-E-J-10 Inter-Fractional Tumor Motion Analysis Using 4D-CT and CBCT
M. Xue*, S. Tan, A. Reese, B. Yi, W. D'Souza, S. Feigenberg, W. Lu
SU-E-J-11 ExacTrac Setup Uncertainties in Intracranial and HN Patients: Comparison with CT-On-Rail
X. Wang*, Z. Zhao, H. Wang, J. Yang
SU-E-J-12 Evaluation of Setup Uncertainties for Electron Boost Field Treated Using Compression Device for Breast Cancer Irradiation
X. Wang*, M. Salehpour, R. Howell, A. Melancon, T. Sun, B. Smith, W. Woodward
SU-E-J-13 Generation of Dual-Energy CT Image Dataset From Single-Energy CT Image Dataset
Y. Dong*, J. Huo, X. Wang, P. Wang, X. Zhu, Y. Feng
SU-E-J-14 Evaluation of MV and KV Isocenter Displacement for An IGRT Linac with and Without An Add-On Micro-Multileaf Collimator
R. Nakada*, D. Tatsumi, A. Takemura, A. Ienaga, A. Yomoda, M. Inoue, T. Ichida, M. Hosono
SU-E-J-15 Weekly Bladder V65 and V40 Changes in Correlation to the CBCT Bladder Filling
L. Grimm*, C. Ma, L. Scharf, M. Sobczak
SU-E-J-16 Evaluation of Image Quality From KV Cone-Beam CT with Couch Offset for Two Image Protocols
C. Kim*, R. Ambrose, E. Furhang
SU-E-J-17 Assessment for Setup Uncertainty of Frameless Localization System of Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
J. Baek*, Y. Oh, S. Park, E. Choi, K. Jeon, O. Kim, J. Kim
SU-E-J-18 A Rapid Joint Therapist-Physicist QA Procedure for Sub-Mm Verification of KV Imaging System-Radiation Isocenter Alignment for Frameless SRS
E. Huang*, P. Wang, J. Mechalakos, G. Li, A. Ballangrud Popovic, l. kuo, D. Lovelock
SU-E-J-19 Prostate Movement Evaluation During Treatment Delivery Period for Prostate Cancer
J. Zhang*, S. Azawi, R. Williams, E. Frank
SU-E-J-20 A Study On Rectal Complication Probability From Composite Volumes Derived From Daily CBCT in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
P. Ramachandran*, R. Oates
SU-E-J-21 Entrance Dose Evaluation During KV-CBCT Scans for Different KVp and FOV Settings
B. Sanchez- Nieto*, P. Caprile, F. Lagos, F. Lucic, Z. Gabriel
SU-E-J-22 Implementation and Validation of a 2D-3D Rigid Registration Algorithm for Proton Gantry and Stereotactic Radiosurgery Systems
M. Zhu*, G. Warmerdam, P. Steininger, M. Neuner, G. Sharp, H. Shih, B. Winey
SU-E-J-23 Automatic Detection of Spherical Gold Fiducials in KV X-Ray Images Having Scattered KV and MV X-Ray
M. Yamada*, A. Sawada, K. Takahashi, N. Mukumoto, N. Ueki, Y. Miyabe, T. Mizowaki, M. Kokubo, M. Hiraoka
SU-E-J-24 Imaging Dose Dependence On Fractionation Scheme and Tracking Method in CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery
C. Tien*, S. Dieterich, S. Lee, B. Curran, E. Sternick
SU-E-J-25 A Quantitative Comparison of Contrast-To-Noise in Rib Suppressed Images
J. Luce*, T. Bray, J. Roeske
SU-E-J-26 Intra-Fraction Motion Management for Radiosurgical Treatments of Trigeminal Neuralgia: Clinical Experience and Motion Analysis
N. Agazaryan*, A. Sharma, D. Low
SU-E-J-27 Residual Interfraction Errors for Prostate SBRT with 6 Dimensional Couch Shifts Using Stereoscopic X-Ray and Cone Beam CT
W. Li*, A. Stockham, K. Stephans, P. Xia, T. Djemil
SU-E-J-28 Migration Test of Various Fiducial Markers in Tissue
K. Jo*, D. Ki, D. Shin, S. Lee, Y. Lim
SU-E-J-29 Assessing the Dosimetric Effects of Tumor Tracking During Irregular Respiration Using a Mass-Conserving XCAT Phantom
C. Williams*, J. Seco, P. Mishra, S. St. James, R. Mak, R. Berbeco, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-30 Intuitive Display Coordinates for Six-Degree-Of-Freedom Treatment Couches
N. Remmes*, T. Whitaker, C. Beltran, J. Kruse, M. Bues, M. Herman
SU-E-J-31 MR Only Simulation for Radiation Therapy _ DRR Generation
Y. Yang*, F. Han, M. Cao, K. Sheng, M. Selch, T. Kaprealian, N. Agazaryan, D. Low, P. Hu
SU-E-J-32 The Dosimetric Impact of Both a Rigid and a Flexible Radiofrequency Coil in a Hybrid 1.5T MRI and 6 MV Linac System for Online MR-Guided Radiotherapy
S. Hoogcarspel*, S. Crijns, M. Vulpen, J. Lagendijk, B. Raaymakers
SU-E-J-33 Proton Therapy Fiducial Comparison
E. Ramirez*, Y. Zheng, S. Rana
SU-E-J-34 A Multi-Modality Image Atlas for Transforming An MR Image Into a Pseudo CT Image for MRI-Based IGRT Application
L. Zhang*, K. Michel, J. Yang, A. Rubinstein, C. Kingsley, J. Delacerda, P. Balter, L. Court
SU-E-J-35 Imaging Dose in Radiotherapy: An Institution-Based Study
S. Maricle*, B. Mathews, S. Yakoubian
SU-E-J-36 Development of a Low Cost, Easily-Made, Interchangeable, Prostate Brachytherapy Phantom for Multi-Imaging Guidance Using Ultrasound, CT and MRI
B. Julius, S. Lin, D. Rahmani, W. Rockey, C. Tracy, E. Nixon, J. Modrick, E. Sander, Y. Kim*
SU-E-J-37 The Validation Tool for Compensation of Patient Positioning Error Using DRR Images
M. Kim*, W. Cho, J. Jung, W. Jung, T. Suh
SU-E-J-39 Effect of Jaw Size in MVCT On Image Quality and Dose in Helical Tomotherapy
J. Jung*, T. Suh, K. Cho, Y. Kim
SU-E-J-40 Automated Estimation of Lung Tumor Locations for Tumor-Based Patient Setup Using MV-CBCT Images in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
S. Yoshidome*, H. Arimura, K. Nakamura, Y. Shioyama, K. Atsumi, H. Yoshikawa, K. Nishikawa, H. Hirata
SU-E-J-41 Measurements of CTDI100 and CTDIvol for MVCT Scans On a TomoTherapy System
E. Chao*
SU-E-J-42 Patient Dependent Options for Image Guidance Procedures in Radiotherapy: Prostate Cancer
T. Piotrowski*
SU-E-J-43 Scatter and Beam Hardening Corrections for MV-CBCT Using a Few MLC Leaf-Pairs and a Cylindrical Water Equivalent Phantom
H. Guan*, J. Jin
SU-E-J-44 Imaging and Radiation Therapy: GATE Monte Carlo Simulation of a MV-CBCT Flat Panel with Specific Application in Head and Neck Cancer
S. Benhalouche*, J. Bert, D. Visvikis, O. Pradier, N. Boussion
SU-E-J-45 Verification of Beam-Line Geometry of Truebeam Using MV-EPID
S. Goddu*, S. Yaddanapudi, B. Sun, S. Mutic
SU-E-J-46 Real-Time Beam-Eye-View Monitoring of Prostate Motion During IMRT: A Moving Phantom Study with Cine-EPID Imaging
X. Chen*, J. Fan, J. Xue, L. Chen, L. Wang, C. Ma
SU-E-J-47 EPID Based Target Tracking During Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
C. Ma*, q. Xu, X. Tong, M. Lin, X. Chen, J. Fan, L. Chen
SU-E-J-48 A New High Energy X-Ray Imaging Mode for Position Verification in Radiotherapy
Z. Quanshi*, W. Xiwen, S. Qiyin, J. Yuehui, L. Yun, Z. Pengcheng
SU-E-J-49 Pelvic Treatment Setup Differences Between Skin Markers-Based and Bony References Using Brainlab Exactrac
A. Castro*, L. Bardella, J. Panichella, F. Erlich, D. Batista
SU-E-J-50 Maximum a Posteriori Proton CT Reconstruction Using Anatomic Prior
H. Li*, Y. Lin, D. Hansen, J. Seco, q. li
SU-E-J-51 Effect of Exactrac 6D Correction On Dose for SRT Patients with IR Body Markers
B. Durga Prasad*, A. Yarramma, P. Reddy, K. Krishna Murthy, R. Reddy, A. Ananda Giri Babu, K. Karunakaran, S. Lingampally
SU-E-J-52 Evaluation of Patient Setup Using Catalyst Surface Mapping Technique
D. Cao*, X. Xie, V. Mehta, D. Shepard
SU-E-J-53 A Self-Calibrating Optical System to Improve Patient Positioning During Breast Radiotherapy
D. Nazareth*, C. Merrow, H. Malhotra, K. Hoffmann
SU-E-J-54 The Characterization of a 3D Real-Time Surface System with a Single High-Definition (HD) Camera
J. Peng*, D. Jacqmin, D. McDonald, N. Koch, M. Ashenafi, K. Vanek
SU-E-J-55 Influence of Patient Weight and Couch Rotation On the Accuracy of a Surface Tracking System for Stereotactic Radiosurgery
C. Pearson*, W. Song, G. Kim
SU-E-J-56 Surface Imaging for Breast Patients
L. Padilla*, H. Kang, M. Washington, Y. Hasan, S. Chmura, H. Al-Hallaq
SU-E-J-57 A Feasibility Study On Molecular-Imaging-Based Real-Time Tumor Tracking for Gated Radiotherapy
M. Ishikawa*, S. Tanabe, S. Yamaguchi, N. Ukon, T. Yamanaka, K. Sutherland, N. Miyamoto, R. Suzuki, N. Katoh, K. Yasuda, H. Shirato
SU-E-J-58 Lens Exposure During Percutaneous Trigeminal Nerve Radiofrequency Rhizotomy Guided by Computed Tomography with Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction
M. Yeh*, Y. Tsai, H. Liu, J. Yang, H. Weng
SU-E-J-59 Visualizing Target Coverage by Iceball During MRI-Guided Cryoablation
K. Dextraze*, R. Stafford, F. Maier
SU-E-J-60 In Vivo Management of Suspectibility-Induced Distortions for Intracranial MRI Guided Therapies at 3 Tesla
K. Hwang*, W. Stefan, R. Stafford
SU-E-J-61 Design, Construction, and Characterization of the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Directional Antennae for Biological Tissue Penetration
E. Oh*, S. Han-Oh
SU-E-J-62 Theoretical Investigation of Ultra-WideBand (UWB) Penetration Through Biological Tissues
S. Han-Oh*, E. Oh
SU-E-J-63 Correlation Between Radiation Dose and Molecular Bioluminescence Responses of 4T1 Breast Cancer Cells for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
J. Park*, M. Bazalova, E. Graves, J. Lee, H. Park, C. Contag, T. Suh
SU-E-J-64 Landmark and ROI-Enhancement-Assisted Inter-Patient Deformable Registration of 3D Bladder CT Images
Y. Wang*, G. Sharp, A. Jackson, Z. Saleh, A. Apte, H. Veeraraghavan, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-65 Evaluation of a Correction Algorithm for Improving the Accuracy of a Deformable Image Registration Algorithm
Y. Mallya*, K. Bzdusek
SU-E-J-66 Effects of Noise in 4D-CT On Deformable Image Registration and Derived Ventilation Data
K. Latifi, T. Huang, V. Feygelman, M. Budzevich, C. Stevens, T. Dilling, E. Moros*, W. Van Elmpt, A. Dekker, G. Zhang
SU-E-J-67 Regularized Deformable Registration of Computed Tomography Images Using Multiple Voxel Resolutions for Four Dimensional Radiation Therapy
M. Chao*, Y. Lo
SU-E-J-68 Evaluation of Non-Rigid Registration Techniques for Region of Interest Propagation in Adaptive Radiation Therapy
A. Franz*, S. Allaire, Y. Mallya, C. Buerger, S. Kabus, H. Bijl, H. Schulz, K. Bzdusek
SU-E-J-69 Normalization of Ventilation Data From 4D-CT for Comparison Before and After Treatment
K. Latifi, T. Huang, V. Feygelman, E. Moros*, C. Stevens, T. Dilling, G. Zhang
SU-E-J-70 Intra and Intermodality Validation of Registration Algorithms On a Deformable Phantom
S. D.Vincent*, L. Archambault
SU-E-J-71 Dosimetric Evaluation of Image Based and Anatomical/physiological Model Based Deformable Registration Methods
B. Guo*, X. Xu, S. De, C. Shi
SU-E-J-72 Shift Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) Based Image Stitching for Panoramic Cone Beam CT (CBCT)
X. Wang*, K. Chao, L. Zhou, S. Wang, R. Bassalow, J. Chang
SU-E-J-73 Effect of 4D-CT Image Artifacts On the 3D Lung Registration Accuracy: A Parametric Study Using a GPU-Accelerated Multi-Resolution Multi-Level Optical Flow
A. Santhanam*, T. Dou, Y. Min, P. Kupelian
SU-E-J-74 Assessing Accuracy of Tumor Localization with Aperiodic Respiratory Breathing Using 4D-CT and 4D-CBCT Imaging
S. Lee*, B. Lu, C. Liu, S. Samant
SU-E-J-75 The Clinical Evaluation of a Minimum Point Distance Histogram for Image Registration in the 4DCT Based Gastric Cancer Radiotherapy
W. Hu*, J. Ye, G. Li, Z. Zhang
SU-E-J-76 3D Soft Tissue Boundary Detection for Automatic Verification of Deformable Image Registration
D. Yang*, X. Wang, Y. Duan, J. Tan, S. Mutic
SU-E-J-77 A Comparison of Deformable Image Registration Algorithms as They Apply to 4DCT Lung Images
B. Loughery*, W. Song
SU-E-J-78 Deformable Registration Method by Joint Using TPS and B-Spline for Lung Cancer in Radiotherapy
N. Han*, Y. Xie, K. Fang
SU-E-J-79 Characterizing Accuracy in 4DCT Deformable Registration Using the POPI Model
J. Piper*, M. Duchateau, A. Nelson, D. Verellen, M. Mark De Ridder
SU-E-J-80 Analysis of Morphology of Normal Liver and Tumor by Breathing Motion Using Deformable Registration Method
G. Gong*, H. wang, Y. Yin
SU-E-J-81 A Contour-Guided Deformable Image Registration Scheme for Organ Surface Deformation
X. Gu*, A. Pompos, Z. Zhong, J. Wang, X. Guo, X. Jia, B. Dong, S. Jiang, T. Solberg
SU-E-J-82 Ground-Truth Tests of Deformable Image Registration Using Matched PET-CT Image Pairs
J. Lamb*, S. Jani, B. White, D. Thomas, S. Gaudio, C. Robinson, D. Low
SU-E-J-83 Evaluation of Landmark-Assisted Deformable Image Registration Technique On Inter- and Intra-Patient Head and Neck CT Imaging
Y. Wang*, M. Folkert, Z. Saleh, A. Apte, G. Sharp, N. Lee, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-84 Use of Deformation Error Histogram as An Accuracy Indicator for Deformable Image Registration
H. Kim*, J. Monroe, M. Yao, S. Lo, R. Ellis, M. Machtay, J. Sohn
SU-E-J-85 Landmark-Driven Interactive Deformable Image Registration
N. Shusharina*, S. Pieper, G. Sharp
SU-E-J-86 A Deformable Image Registration Method for Dose Accumulation Between IMRT and HDR CT Images
x. zhen*, H. Yan, J. Hu, L. Zhou, X. Jia, S. Jiang, L. Cervino
SU-E-J-87 Improvements to the Computational Environment for Radiotherapy Research
A. Apte*, Y. Wang, J. Deasy
SU-E-J-88 Dose Summation Between Multimodality Treatments for Cervical Cancer
L. Ding*, J. Chino, J. Cai, B. Steffey, S. Meltsner, Y. Yang, O. Craciunescu
SU-E-J-89 GammaPlan MR to CT Image Registration Errors: Implications for Extend and Preplanned Treatments
A. Sudhyadhom*, A. Perez-Andujar, L. Ma, I. Barani
SU-E-J-90 MRI-Guided Targeted Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy: Imaging, Diagnosis, and Image Co-Registration
A. Bao*, Y. Zheng, S. Ware, V. Colussi, R. Ellis, B. Wessels
SU-E-J-91 Developing Platform for Online Registration Using Digital Tomosynthesis
H. Yan*, F. Yin
SU-E-J-92 Multi-Atlas Based Prostate Segmentation Guided by Partial Active Shape Model for CT Image with Gold Markers
X. Chai*, L. Xing
SU-E-J-93 Assessment of Contour Fusion Method for Auto-Contouring of Head and Neck CT Images
A. Larrue*, T. Kadir, M. Gooding
SU-E-J-94 Assessment of Dose Accumulation with Different Deformable Image Registration Algorithms for Image-Guided Radiotherapy of Head and Neck Cancer
N. Dogan*, W. Sleeman, D. Asher, M. Fatyga, M. Schutzer, S. Song
SU-E-J-95 Increasing Soft Tissue Contrast by Combining New CT Technologies and Imaging Dose for Radiation Treatment Planning and Delivery Guidance
G. Chen*, A. Tai, F. Liu, H. Shukla, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-E-J-96 Does Combining Lung Ventilation Information to Perfusion Provide Any Additional Value for Treatment Planning?
X. Shi*, T. Diwanji, S. Chen, W. D'Souza, N. Mistry
SU-E-J-97 Recursive Contour Propagation Using Feature-Based Deformable Registration for Lung Cancer
Y. Yang*, Y. Xie, R. Li, S. Yu, M. An, S. Wu
SU-E-J-98 Evaluating Commercial Orthopedic Metal Artifact Reduction Tool (O-MAR) for CT Simulation in Radiotherapy for Head-And-Neck Cases
H. Kwon*, J. Kim, K. Kim, Y. Chun, J. Park, S. Ye
SU-E-J-99 Utilizing CT Dual DFOV in Treatment Planning System
H. Lee*, J. Kim, W. Sung, J. Park, S. Ye
SU-E-J-100 Automatic CT-To-CT Contour Segmentation Using Deformable Image Registration Software for Head and Neck (H&N) Cancer Adaptive Radiotherapy
A. Kumarasiri*, J. Kim, C. Liu, F. Siddiqui, I. Chetty
SU-E-J-101 Application of a Combination Method of Atlas-Based and Model-Based Auto-Segmentation in Thorax-And-Abdomen Cancer
X. Jiang*, Q. Jiang, T. Li, J. Xiao, R. Zhong, G. Li, S. Bai
SU-E-J-102 Evaluation of a Free-Form Intensity Based Deformable Contouring Method for Prostate Image-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy (IGART): Multiple Observer Comparison
R. Ellis*, B. Traughber, D. Kaminsky, C. Kan, Z. Shen, S. Pirozzi, J. Piper, D. Nelson, A. Nelson
SU-E-J-103 Preliminary Evaluation of the Dosimetric Accuracy of the Cone-Beam CT for the Cases with the Respiratory Motion
D. Kim*, W. Chung, Y. Lee
SU-E-J-104 Developing a New Automatic Fast Algorithm for Recognizing the Seed Positions in Permanent Brachytherapy of Prostate
M. Gholamian*, m. Yazdi, R. Faghihi, M. Mohammadi
SU-E-J-105 Applying Fuzzy Similarity Index and Ground Truth Fuzzy Contour to Evaluate the Segmentation Accuracy
H. Kim*, J. Monroe, M. Machtay, R. Ellis, S. Lo, M. Yao, J. Sohn
SU-E-J-106 The Correct Formula to Calculate Volume Overlap
W. Lu*, S. Tan
SU-E-J-107 SEMAC MRI Metal Artifact Reduction Technique for Radiotherapy Planning Using CT/MRI Fusion
R. Panek*, E. Scurr, J. Bernard, P. Revell, D. Koh, V. Hansen, F. Saran, M. Leach, M. Schmidt
SU-E-J-108 Texture Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Images Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Combined with Gabor Wavelets
Z. Huang*, S. Lo, N. Mayr, W. Yuh
SU-E-J-109 Registration/Segmentation for Adaptive Radiotherapy Using the Jensen Renyi Divergence
D. Markel*, H. Zaidi, I. El Naqa
SU-E-J-110 A Novel Metric to Evaluate Dose Deformation Error for Deformable Image Registration Algorithms
M. Surucu*, J. Roeske
SU-E-J-111 Automatic Delineation of Gross Tumor Volume (GTV) for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) On PET/CT Images Using Fuzzy Markov Random Field (MRF) Model
Y. Guo*, J. Sun, W. Lin, P. Wang, Y. Feng
SU-E-J-112 Improving Target Delineation by Using Deformably Registered Multi-Modality Images for Radiation Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer
C. Yang*, I. Moraru, E. Dalah, V. Hart, E. Paulson, B. Erickson, X. Li
SU-E-J-113 Interactive Contour Delineation and Refinement in Treatment Planning of Image Guided Radiation Therapy
w. zhou*, Y. Xie
SU-E-J-114 Automated Processing of Sensitometry Data for Radiation Therapy Treatment Planner and Quality Assurance
A. Healy*, J. Levy, J. Fredriksson, H. Olafsdottir, S. Kristinsson, G. Dalbow, T. Pawlicki, D. Goodenough
SU-E-J-115 A Comparison of Methods for Functional Volume Delineation in PET: Simple Vs. Advanced Ones
J. Wang, L. Li, W. Lu, S. Tan*
SU-E-J-116 Quantitative Study of 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose and 18F-Fluorothymidine PET Characteristics in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Staging
C. Ma*
SU-E-J-117 Assessing Response to Radiochemotherapy Treatment On 18F-FDG PET in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Approaches of Histogram and Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix
C. Ma*
SU-E-J-118 Quantifying Intrafractional Prostate Rotation From Cone-Beam Computed Tomography with Radiopaque Markers
C. Huang*, J. Tehrani, J. Ng, P. Keall
SU-E-J-119 Geometric Accuracy Verification for Gated RapidArc Using Gated CBCT Reconstructed From Continuously Triggered KV Images
M. Cheung*, K. Lee, M. Kam, B. Yu, A. Chan
SU-E-J-120 A Phantom-Based Comparison of Lung Tumor Planning Target Volumes and Organs a Risk Dose Reduction Between 4D-CT and 3D-CT
m. zehtabian*, R. Faghihi, M. Mosleh-Shirazi, J. Shepherd, M. Mohammadi, S. Sarasanandarajah, B. Higgs
SU-E-J-121 Assess Interfractional Tumor Motion in SBRT Lung Treatment Using 4D Cone-Beam CT
J. Li*, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao
SU-E-J-122 Time-Ordered Four Dimensional Cone-Beam CT
M. Nakano*, S. Kida, Y. Masutani, T. Shiraki, K. Shiraishi, K. Yamamoto, K. Nakagawa, A. Haga
SU-E-J-123 Inter-Fraction Rectum Motion for Patients with Rectal Cancer Detected by Daily Cone Beam CT
R. Lotey*, N. Yu, M. Abdel-Wahab, P. Xia
SU-E-J-124 Prediction of the Characteristics of Moving Lung Tumor in CBCT Imaging Using Virtual CBCT Image Simulated From 4-D CT Dataset
X. Li*, T. Li, Y. Yang, Y. Zhang, D. Heron, M. Huq
SU-E-J-125 Influence of Contouring Style On Accuracy of Atlas-Based Auto-Contouring
G. Stevenson, L. Durrant, C. Eccles, K. Chu, T. Kadir*, M. Gooding
SU-E-J-126 Development of a Prospective Gating Algorithm for a Novel 4DCT Technique: Retrospective Data Analysis
D. Low*, D. Thomas, B. White, S. Gaudio, S. Jani, P. Lee, J. Lamb
SU-E-J-127 Diaphragm Motion Heterogeneity as a Result of Gravity-Induced Pleural Pressure Variation During Free Breathing
G. Li*, M. Rosu, J. Wei, R. Kincard, A. Rimner, E. Weiss, J. Deasy, J. Mechalakos
SU-E-J-128 Setup Variation in Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold for Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer Tumor Bed Assessed with RPM-Guided CBCT
S. Shen*, J. Duan, K. Keene, Y. Yuan, L. Klepczyk, R. Meredith
SU-E-J-129 Dosimetric Impact of Interfractional Anatomy Changes On Breast Radiotherapy Based On Accumulative Dose: IMRT Versus 3DCRT
N. Morrow*, E. Ahunbay, A. Currey, X. Li
SU-E-J-130 Impact of Audiovisual Biofeedback Respiratory Training On 4D-CT Image Quality
T. Yamamoto*, S. Gopalan, J. Berger, E. Johnston, M. Chung, N. Eclov, M. Diehn, B. Loo, P. Keall
SU-E-J-131 Investigation of Inter-Fraction Organ Motions for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer
A. Amoush*, P. Xia, M. Abdel-Wahab
SU-E-J-132 Lung Dose Reduction From Patient Specific 4D Motion Based Non-Uniform Dose Prescription in Lung IMRT Treatment
W. Zou*, M. Zhang, X. Xu, T. Chen, B. Haffty, S. Jabbour, N. Yue
SU-E-J-133 The Comparison of Modified Demons Algorithm and FFD Algorithm Based On B-Spline and Analysis of Morphology of Normal Liver and Tumor by Breathing Motion
G. Gong*, H. wang, Y. Yin
SU-E-J-134 Development of the 4D Cone-Beam CT Modelling Software to Investigate Effects of Imaging Parameters
D. Kim*, T. Kim, S. Kang, T. Suh
SU-E-J-135 Measurements of Non-Linearity Features of Breathing Patterns Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) and Dynamic Complexity (DC)
H. Kuo*, W. Tome, L. Hong, R. Yaparpalvi, M. Garg, C. Guha, S. Kalnicki
SU-E-J-136 Analysis of Residual Motion Artifact in 4DCT Using Simple 1D Theoretical Model
T. Kim*, S. Kang, D. Kim, T. Suh
SU-E-J-137 Hybrid EOE and EOI Dynamic Gating for Effective Image Guided Radiation Treatment
R. Yan*, H. Wu
SU-E-J-138 Breathing Motion Model Comparison Inside and Outside the Lung
S. Gaudio*, D. Thomas, B. White, S. Jani, P. Lee, J. Lamb, D. Low
SU-E-J-139 Real-Time Motion Management Will Increase the Patient Population Eligible for Lung SBRT
R. Berbeco*, A. Chen, P. Keall, D. Kozono, R. Mak, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-140 Dual-Gated Radiotherapy with PTV Partition Technique: A Feasibility Study
H. Kim*, K. Choi, S. Ye
SU-E-J-141 A Patient Specific Anthropomorphic Breathing Phantom for Clinically Realistic Imaging and Dosimetry Studies
M. Wagar*, E. Mannarino, C. Williams, F. Hacker, R. Berbeco, J. Lewis
SU-E-J-142 Respiratory Guidance for Lung Cancer Patients: An Investigation of Audiovisual Biofeedback Training and Effectiveness
S. Pollock*, D. Lee, T. Kim, T. Yamamoto, B. Loo, J. Yang, P. Keall
SU-E-J-143 Improvement in Accuracy of Respiratory Gated Radiation Therapy Using Respiratory Training System
S. Kang*, T. Kim, D. Kim, T. Suh
SU-E-J-144 Control of Respiratory Motion by Hypnosis Intervention During Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer
R. Li*, Y. Xie, S. Yu, Y. Yang, S. Wu, M. An
SU-E-J-145 Dosimetric Impact of Patients Set-Up Effect in Radiation Therapy Planning System for Breast Cancer Patients with Conventional Wedge and Field-In-Field Techniques
S. Lee*, T. Suh, J. Kim, J. Park, D. Kim
SU-E-J-146 Effectiveness of Daily Endorectal Balloon for Post-Prostatectomy Patients Undergoing Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
L. Yin*, N. Vapiwala, D. Sutton, X. Ding, S. Swisher-McClure, V. Bui, C. Deville, Z. Tochner, S. Both
SU-E-J-147 Internal Brain Motion Between CT and MR Scanning
Q. Xu*, Y. Chen, Y. Zhai, J. Fan, E. Wang, R. Croce, S. Asbell, T. LaCouture, G. Kubicek
SU-E-J-148 Dosimetric Changes During the Course of Image-Guided Radiation Therapy of Prostate Cancer
L. Chen*, G. Shan, Q. Xu, J. Fan, X. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-J-149 Heart Protection in Proton Therapy Using 4D Motion Analysis Based On Registration Between SENSE MRI and 4DCT
T. Chen*, W. Zou, M. Zhang, N. Yue, B. Haffty, A. Khan, S. Goyal
SU-E-J-150 Investigation of Feasibility of Concurrent Orthogonal KV and MV X-Ray Imaging for Tagrget Tracking During Dose Delivery for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): A Pilot Phantom Study
Z. Chang*, H. Yan, F. Yin
SU-E-J-151 An Off-Line QA Tool for Evaluating Reproducibility of Deep Inhalation Breath-Hold Treatment for Breast Radiotherapy
W. Yang*, Y. Yue, A. Mirhadi, B. Hakimian, M. Burnison, R. Tuli, H. Sandler, B. Fraass
SU-E-J-152 Fluoroscopic Treatment Verification for Gated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of a Tumor Located Near the Dome of the Liver: A Case Study
O. Gayou*, J. Christensen, A. Kirichenko
SU-E-J-153 Correlation and Variation of a Multi-Modal Sensor Setup for Respiratory Motion Prediction and Correlation
R. Duerichen, R. Bruder*, L. Davenport, T. Wissel, F. Ernst, A. Schweikard
SU-E-J-154 Effect of Metal Hip Prostheses On the Accuracy of Electromagnetic Localization and Tracking
B. Kurko*, W. Butler, G. Merrick
SU-E-J-155 Cardiac Dose Reduction in Left Sided Breast Using Breath Hold Tecnique
S. Lozares*, N. Fuentemilla, S. Pellejero, A. Manterola, S. Miquelez, A. Otal, J. Olasolo, F. Mañeru, M. Martïn-Albina, P. Soto, A. Rubio
SU-E-J-156 A 3D Camera Test-Bed for Real-Time Monitoring and Quantitative Tracking of Radiotherapy Treatment
Y. Min*, A. Santhanam, D. Low, P. Kupelian
SU-E-J-157 Evaluation of Surface-Tracking and Respiratory Gating Capacities of a Novel Surface-Mapping System Using Deformable Image Registration
X. Xie*, D. Cao, V. Mehta, D. Shepard
SU-E-J-158 A Phantom Study Based Simulation to Quantify the Motion and Tumor Volume Affected 18F-FDG PET Uptake Distribution Within the Tumor
K. Wijesooriya*, C. Griffin, T. Pan, p. read, S. Benedict, J. Larner
SU-E-J-159 The Investigation of OAR Dose Associated by KV-CBCT Imaging in IGRT: A Dosimetric Study
I. Catan*, A. Canbolat
SU-E-J-160 A Simple Technique for Quick In-Vivo Dose Measurements for KV CBCT and Diagnostic X-Ray Planar Imaging Using MicroMOSFET Dosimeters
P. Charpentier*, P. Chan, T. Neicu, S. Kaplan, S. Li
SU-E-J-161 In Vivo Dose Measurement During IGRT with KV Cone Beam CT
P. Ravindran*, S. Kumar, S. Sharma, S. John
SU-E-J-162 Evaluation of the Geometric Accuracy and Image Quality of KV CBCT Based IGRT System
P. Ravindran*, S. Kumar, T. Peace
SU-E-J-163 The Imaging Dose to Patients Resulting From the ExacTrac X-Ray System
G. Ding*, G. Luo
SU-E-J-164 Photodynamic Activity of Alternative Photosensitizers with Mamma Carcinoma Cell Lines (MCF-7)
K. Dheva Shantha*
SU-E-J-165 Shielding Design for An MR Guided Radiotherapy (MRgRT) Suite
H. Alasti, M. Islam, A. Rink, M. Carlone*, S. Breen, D. Jaffray
SU-E-J-166 Combining Dynamic Wave Arc and Tangential Arc for Breast Boost Irradiation with the Vero System
M. BULETEANU*, T. Reynders, D. Verellen, T. Depuydt, T. Gevaert, K. Poels, M. Duchateau, H. Van Parijs, V. Simon, M. Mark De Ridder
SU-E-J-167 Iterative Reconstruction Techniques for Radiation Therapy CT Simulations: A Phantom Study
H. Li*, D. Lee, D. Low, H. Gay, J. Michalski, S. Mutic
SU-E-J-168 Investigating the Feasibility of Vertical CBCT Imaging Using the Varian TrueBeam LINAC
X. Fave*, P. Balter, R. Martin, M. Ahmad, T. Pan, L. Court
SU-E-J-169 CT Simulation Optimization for Prostate Cancer Patients in Radiation Therapy: A General Strategy
H. Li*, L. Yu, D. Low, H. Gay, J. Michalski, S. Mutic
SU-E-J-170 The Effect of Modified Metal Artifact Suppression Method for Proton Planning
C. Lin*, T. Lee
SU-E-J-171 Variation of the Hounsfield Unit On CT Scanning Parameters and Reconstruction and Its Effect On Dose Calculations
J. Lee*, R. Chan
SU-E-J-172 Dose Estimation in Lung Brachytherapy Using Voxelized Phantom 4DCT and MCNP
k. Hadad*, N. Zaker
SU-E-J-173 Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer Under Computed Tomography Control: Reduction of CT Dose
D. Sanin*, S. Vinogradov, V. Biryukov, S. Rusetskiy
SU-E-J-174 Performance and Operation of a New Magnetic Resonance Simulator for Radiation Therapy
C. Hua*, J. Uh, S. Brady, M. Krasin, T. Merchant
SU-E-J-175 Comparison of Prone and Supine MRI Sequences for the Purpose of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning for Breast Cancer
L. Holloway*, V. Batumalai, C. Moran, G. Liney, E. Koh, E. Lazarus, M. Dimigen, G. Papadatos, M. Boxer, C. Chan, G. Delaney
SU-E-J-176 A Simple 4D MRI Technique for Radiation Therapy Planning
S. Yee*, D. Ionascu, D. Yan
SU-E-J-177 Comparison Between VMAT CT Planning and Segmented MRI Images with Assigned Bulk Density: A Dosimetric Study for Intact Prostate Patients
A. Sharif*, S. Paloor, S. Sheim, M. McGarry, S. Pienaar, G. Perkins, R. Hammoud, N. Al Hammadi
SU-E-J-178 Patient-Specific Bulk Electron Density Overridden Planning for Prostate and Brain Cancer
D. Du*, H. Wooten, Y. Feng, J. Olsen, S. Mutic, Y. Hu
SU-E-J-179 The Accurate Electron Density Image Containing Metal Prosthesises Through the Hybrid Sinogram for Tomotherapy: A Phantom Study
H. Jeon*, H. Youn, D. Park, Y. Kim, H. Kim, H. Park, J. Nam, W. Kim, Y. Ki, J. Lee
SU-E-J-180 A CT-Based On-Line Radiotherapy Treatment for Urgent Treatment Delivery
M. Held*, O. Morin, J. Pouliot
SU-E-J-181 Imaging and Radiation Therapy: GATE Monte Carlo Simulation of a MV-CBCT Flat Panel with Specific Application in Head and Neck Cancer
S. Benhalouche*, J. Bert, D. Visvikis, O. Pradier, N. Boussion
SU-E-J-182 Validation of Two Mathematical Formalisms for Tissue Characterization in Dual Energy Computed Tomography
A. Bourque*, J. Carrier, H. Bouchard
SU-E-J-183 Modeling of a Single Blood Vessel Embolized with Yttrium-90 Or Praseodymium-142 Glass Microspheres Using Monte Carlo Simulation
M. Ferreira*, T. Podder, J. Jung
SU-E-J-184 A Dose-Independent Relative Biological Effect Quantity for Targeted Alpha-Particle Therapy in the EQD2 Formalism
R. Hobbs*, G. Sgouros, R. Howell
SU-E-J-185 Comparison of Iodine-Labeled Sc-Fv-Fc Protein Biodistributions to Indium-Labeled Biodistributions in Nude Mice
V. Kenanova, T. Olafsen, A. Wu, P. Yazaki, L. Williams*
SU-E-J-186 Automated SPECT-Based Segmentation for Quality Assurance of CT-Delineated Tumor Volumes for 131I Tositumomab Therapy of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
R. Thorwarth*, Y. Dewaraja, S. Wilderman, M. Kaminski, A. Avram, P. Roberson
SU-E-J-187 Single-Cell Dosimetric Simulation and Evaluation of Sb-119 for Use as Auger Emitting Nuclide in Targeted Radiotherapy
S. Graves*, B. Cox, N. Weisse, S. Hoffman, R. Nickles
SU-E-J-188 Deconvolution of Free-Breathing Y90 PET Images for the Calculation of Y90 Dose Distribution for Radioembolization of Liver Cancer
N. Yu*, H. Qu, P. Xia
SU-E-J-189 Validation of An Iterative Deconvolution Algorithm for the Post Treatment Y90 PET Image of Liver Cancer
H. Qu*, N. Yu, P. Xia
SU-E-J-190 4DCBCT Detection of Lung Compliance Change in Irradiated Rats: A Validation Study
K. Ding*, J. Deng, Q. Chen, J. Larner, J. Wong, P. Kazanzides
SU-E-J-191 Detectability of Dose Delivery Changes in Cancer Patients Based On Portal Dosimetry
L. Persoon*, E. Troost, M. Podesta, S. Nijsten, F. Verhaegen
SU-E-J-192 A Method For Estimating Delivered Dose To Head-And-Neck Cancer Patients Treated With IMRT
E. Wolf*, N. Kumar, B. Huth, M. Lamba, H. Elson
SU-E-J-193 Evaluation of Variations in Gross Tumor Volume and Tumor Control Probability During Treatment Using KV Cone-Beam CT in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
I. Ali*, O. Algan, T. Gunter, T. Herman, S. Ahmad
SU-E-J-194 Radiation-Induced CT Number Changes Observed During Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer
I. Moraru*, C. Yang, X. Li
SU-E-J-195 Comparison of Dose Difference of Heart Based On KV-CBCT and Planning CT in the Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) of Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
Y. Yin*, J. Chen
SU-E-J-196 Evaluation of the Relationship Between Tumor Thickness and Relative Pixel Value in Dual Energy (DE) Imaging
F. Jung*, J. Luce, J. Roeske
SU-E-J-197 Tracking Tumor Response Over Treatment Course in IMRT and Proton Patients
R. Williamson*, L. Court, L. Zhang, Z. Liao, R. Mohan, Y. Chen, P. Balter
SU-E-J-198 Preliminary Study On Liver Radiation Response to Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Based On MRI
Y. Liang*, A. Kirichenko, P. Klepchick, O. Gayou
SU-E-J-199 An Image-Based Model of Glioblastoma Growth for Treatment Response Assessment
E. Schreibmann*, I. Crocker, H. Shu, T. Fox
SU-E-J-200 Impact of FDG-PET/CT Reconstruction Parameters On PET Variability and Treatment Response Assessment
L. Rankine*, J. Wilson, J. Bowsher, D. Brizel, F. Yin, T. Turkington, S. Das
SU-E-J-201 Correlations Between Mechanical and Structural Anisotropy: A Foundation for Non-Invasively Assessing Radiation Injury
Y. Feng*, R. Okamoto, D. Du, S. Mutic, G. Genin, P. Bayly, Y. Hu
SU-E-J-202 Design and Study of In-House Gantry Couch Anti-Collision Device for External Bam Radiotherapy Machines
S. Senthilkumar*, K. Karthik
SU-E-J-203 Texture Analysis of 3D and 4D PET/CT Images of Lung Cancer
J. Oliver, M. Budzevich, G. Zhang, K. Latifi, C. Kuykendall, S. Hoffe, J. Montilla-Soler, E. Eikman, E. Moros*
SU-E-J-204 Experimental Validation of Dose Warping Accuracy From Deformable Image Registration
. Varadhan*, S. Hui
SU-E-J-205 Fast Computation of Actual Dose Delivered to the Patient for IMRT Treatment Quality Assessment and Adaptive Radiotherapy
J. Lee*, R. Jacques, W. Li, W. Plishker, J. Moore, R. Shekhar, T. McNutt, J. Wong
SU-E-J-206 Delivered Dose to Organs From CBCT-Based IGRT of the Prostate
C. Liu*, A. Kumarasiri, I. Chetty, J. Kim
SU-E-J-207 Dosimetric Effects of Diaphragm Motion On Spine SBRT Treatments
B. Winey*, H. Chen, J. Daartz, D. Gierga, J. Shin, J. Schwab, K. Oh, B. Winey
SU-E-J-208 Synthetic Datasets for Adaptive Radiotherapy Simulations in Lung Cancer Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
C. Dial*, G. Hugo, J. Siebers
SU-E-J-209 Dosimetric Benefits of Replanning for IMRT Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer
E. Poon*, G. Shenouda, W. Parker
SU-E-J-210 Setup Error Effects of Different Cycles During Treatment Process of Esophageal Cancer Radiotherapy
K. Shang, Z. Chi*, J. Wang
SU-E-J-211 Hierarchical Clustering and Classification Improve the Prediction of GTV Response Throughout the Course of Head and Neck IMRT
A. Yock*, A. Rao, L. Dong, B. Beadle, L. Zhang, J. Yang, R. Kudchadker, L. Court
SU-E-J-212 Tracking Dosimetric Changes Due to Lung Patient Physical Changes During Proton Therapy Treatment
M. Bennett*, B. Hoppe, Z. Li, S. Flampouri
SU-E-J-213 An Evaluation of the Reproducibility of Radiotherapy Contouring Utilizing Multiple Institutions and Treatment Planning Systems
E. Pogson*, J. McNamara, M. Jameson, R. McDowall, A. Lim, C. Dempsey, P. Metcalfe, L. Holloway
SU-E-J-214 Assessment of Rotational Lung Tumor Motion and Its Influence On Treatment Margins for Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery (SBRT)
Q. Xu*, J. Fan, T. LaCouture, Y. Chen
SU-E-J-215 A Two-Dimensional Deformable Head and Neck Phantom With In-Vivo Dosimetry for Adaptive Radiotherapy Verification
Y. Graves*, D. Mcilvena, A. Smith, Z. Manilay, Y. Lai, R. Rice, L. Mell, X. Jia, S. Jiang, L. Cervino
SU-E-J-216 The Effect of Using Visicoil Fiducial Marker
A. Alkhatib*
SU-E-J-217 To Determine the Gross Tumor Volume with CT Scan in End Expiration, Inspiration and All Phases of Respiration in Carcinoma Lung Patients
R. Srivastava*, P. Sharma, P. Sharma, A. Munshi, M. Chomal, S. Laishram, G. Saini
SU-E-J-218 Dosimetric Uncertainty Induced by CT-MRI Fusion in Prostate Treatment Planning
X. Chen*, J. Xue, J. Fan, L. Chen, C. Ma
SU-E-J-219 The Performance Test of EPID for In-Vivo Dosimetry
N. Saotome*, T. Imae, S. Kida, K. Sasaki, A. Sakumi, Y. Masutani, A. Haga, K. Nakagawa
SU-E-J-220 Respiration Simulating Phantom for Verifying Four-Dimensional Radiation Therapy
S. Lim*
SU-E-J-221 MVCT-Detector Data Sinograms for In Vivo Quality Assurance of Helical TomoTherapy Treatments of Left Sided Breast Cancer Patients: Effect of Soft-Tissue Deformations
V. Rodriguez, A. Garsa, I. Zoberi, E. Klein, S. Goddu*
SU-E-J-222 An Analysis of the Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) Treatment Delivery Uncertainties
X. Tang*, T. Cullip, J. Dooley, X. Zhu, J. Lian, M. Lawrence, T. Zagar, E. Jones, L. Marks, S. Chang