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Program Information

  Session in Memory of Moses Greenfield: CT Dosimetry 1 Monday
Imaging Scientific Session 2:00PM - 3:50PM  Room: 134

Moderator 1: Michael McNitt-Gray, UCLA School of Medicine
Moderator 2: Donovan M. Bakalyar, Henry Ford Health System

2:00 PM
K-Factors for Overweight and Obese Patients in CT Examinations as a Function of Body Mass Index
Y. Gao*, A. Ding, P. Caracappa, X. Xu
2:10 PM
Estimating Organ Dose From CT Scans Performed with Tube Current Modulated Scans
M. Khatonabadi*, G. Chu, D. Oria, C. Cagnon, J. DeMarco, M. McNitt-Gray
2:20 PM
Quantification of Breast Dose From Thoracic Computed Tomography Examinations with Dose Reduction Methods
A. Mench*, L. Sinclair, T. Griglock, B. Cormack, S. Bidari, M. Arreola
2:30 PM
Calculating Size Specific Dose Estimates (SSDE): The Effect of Using Water Equivalent Diameter (WED) Vs. Effective Diameter (ED) On Organ Dose Estimates When Applying the Conversion Coefficients of TG 204
M. Khatonabadi*, D. Oria, K. Mok, C. Cagnon, J. DeMarco, M. McNitt-Gray
2:40 PM
Size Specific Dose Estimation in Abdominal CT: Impact of Longitudinal Variations in Patient Size
S. Leng*, M. Shiung, X. Duan, L. Yu, Y. Zhang, C. McCollough
2:50 PM
A Preliminary Method Correlating Patient-Specific Parameters with Direct Measurements to Estimate Organ Doses in CT
L. Sinclair*, A. Mench, T. Griglock, B. Cormack, S. Bidari, M. Arreola
3:00 PM
Impact of Patient Anatomy On Patient-Specific CT Dose: Initial Clinical Study
Q. Liang*, L. DeWerd
3:10 PM
Validation of Size-Specific Dose Estimates (SSDE) in Body CT Studies with Directly Measured Organ Doses in Adult Female Cadaveric Subjects
L. Sinclair*, A. Mench, T. Griglock, S. Bidari, B. Cormack, M. Arreola
3:20 PM
Assessing DNA Damage Repair From CT Studies in Whole Blood
S. Elgart*, A. Adibi, M. Khatonabadi, S. Ruehm, D. Enzmann, M. McNitt-Gray, K. Iwamoto
3:30 PM
Using HVL and KVp to Portray An X-Ray Source for Dose Calculations in CT
M. Sommerville*, Y. Poirier, A. Kouznetsov, M. Tambasco
3:40 PM
Anomalous Scanner-Reported Values of CTDIvol
R. Dixon*, J. Boone