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Program Information

  CT Image Quality Tuesday
Imaging Scientific Session 10:30AM - 12:30PM  Room: 103

Moderator 1: Jeffrey Siewerdsen, Johns Hopkins University
Moderator 2: Kirsten Lee Boedeker, Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA, Inc

10:30 AM
A Framework for 3D Modeling of Anthropomorphic Lesions in CT
J. Solomon*, R. Nelson, E. Samei
10:40 AM
Use of New Phantom and Chanelized Hotelling Obeserver (CHO) Based Detectability Algorithm for Demonstrating Variability in Dose Reduction Over CT Scanner Operating Range
T. Toth*, D. Rohler, S. Izen, A. Maniyedath, M. Kalra,, S. Singh, A. Padole
10:50 AM
On the Relationship of Minimum Detectable Contrast to Dose and Lesion Size in Abdominal CT
Y. Zhou*, A. Scott, J. Allahverdian
11:00 AM
Comprehensive Characterization of Iterative Reconstruction in a Radiation Oncology Setting
R. Price*, I. Chetty, C. Glide-Hurst
11:10 AM
Image Quality and Dose Reduction Evaluation of a New CT Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm Using Model Observers
M. Kupinski*, H. Tseng, J. Fan, P. Sainath, J. Hsieh
11:20 AM
A Simple Method for Simulating Reduced-Dose Images for Evaluation of Clinical CT Protocols
N. Bevins*, T. Szczykutowicz, M. Supanich
11:30 AM
Prospective Estimation of Diagnostic Performance and Radiation Dose for Individual CT Scans
x. tian*, C. Smitherman, O. Christianson, D. Frush, E. Samei
11:40 AM
Determination of CT Texture Variability Among Several CT Scanners
E. Christensen*, L. Hunter, F. Stingo, S. Klawikowski, L. Court
11:50 AM
CT Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction: How Much Dose Can We Save?
C. Dodge*, J. Rong
12:00 PM
An Automated Technique to Measure CT Noise in Patient Images
O. Christianson*, J. Winslow, E. Samei
12:10 PM
Noise Reduction of 4D CT Data by a Modified Non-Local Means Filter
Z. Li*, S. Leng, L. Yu, A. Manduca, C. McCollough
12:20 PM
An Experimental Study of the Effects of Different Beam-Hardening Filters On CTDIvol and Low-Contrast Image Detectability in a CT Scanner
A. Maghsoodpour*, S. Aldoohan