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Program Information

  John R. Cameron Young Investigator Symposium Sunday
Young Investigator Symposium 4:00PM - 6:00PM  Room: 500 Ballroom

Moderator 1: Mary Martel, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Moderator 2: G. Donald Frey, Medical Univ of South Carolina

4:00 PM
Towards Personalized Dosimetry Using Diapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
A. Besemer*, J. Grudzinski, B. Titz, P. Wickre, L. Hall, J. Weichert, B. Bednarz
4:12 PM
Early Prediction of Brain Metastases Response to Radiation Therapy by Combination of Changes in Tumor Vascular and Cellularity Properties
R. Farjam *, C. Tsien, F. Feng, D. Gomez-Hassan, J. Hayman, T. Lawrence, Y. Cao
4:24 PM
Modeling Nonstationary Noise and Task-Based Detectability in CT Images Computed by Filtered Backprojection and Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction
G. Gang*, J. Stayman, W. Zbijewski, J. Siewerdsen
4:36 PM
Motion Mitigation in Active Scanning Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer: A 4D Monte Carlo Study
C. Grassberger*, S. Dowdell, G. Sharp, H. Paganetti
4:48 PM
MRI-Linac Systems: Can a Standard MLC Be Incorporated Into Such a Device?
S. Kolling*, b. oborn, P. Keall
5:00 PM
Demonstration of a Planning Scheme for Emission Guided Radiation Therapy (EGRT) in a Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient
Q. Fan*, A. Nanduri, J. Yang, T. Yamamoto, B. Loo, E. Graves, L. Zhu, S. Mazin
5:12 PM
A Single Device for Mechanical and Radiation Quality Assurance (QA) Measurements of Medical Accelerators
E. Velarde*, I. Iordachita, D. Mirota, J. Moore, J. Wong
5:24 PM
Correlation of Model and Human Observer Performance On a Lesion Shape Discrimination Task Using Realistic and Repeated CT Scans
Y. Zhang*, S. Leng, L. Yu, C. McCollough
5:36 PM
Molecular Breast Imaging Using Emission Tomosynthesis
O. Gopan*, D. Gilland, A. Weisenberger, B. Kross, B. Welch
5:48 PM
Targeted Delivery of Microbeam Irradiation and Initial Mouse Brain Tumor Model Studies Using a Table Top MRT System
L. Zhang*, H. Yuan, M. Hadsell, L. Burk, C. Inscoe, P. Chtcheprov, Y. Lee, J. Lu, S. Chang, O. Zhou