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Program Information

  Informatics and Patient Specific QA Wednesday
Therapy Scientific Session 4:30PM - 6:00PM  Room: 108

Moderator 1: Jatinder Palta, Virginia Commonwealth University
Moderator 2: John Bayouth, University of Wisconsin

4:30 PM
A Computer Assisted Treatment Events Recognition System (CATERS) For Radiation Therapy
J. Xia*, C. Mart, J. Bayouth
4:40 PM
Oncospace: A Database Designed for Personalized Medicine in Radiation Oncology
T. McNutt*, K. Evans, J. Moore, W. Yang, J. Herman, H. Quon, A. Sharabi, J. Wong, T. DeWeese
4:50 PM
Development of a Computer Software Program to Perform Comprehensive Plan Quality Evaluation
D. Yang*, J. Tan, H. Li, L. Appenzoller, S. Mutic
5:00 PM
Establishing a Quantitative Relation Between the Spectrum-Sampling Rate On the Dose Distribution Accuracy Using a GPU Based Convolution/superposition Algorithm
J. Neylon*, A. Santhanam, K. Sheng, D. Low, P. Kupelian
5:10 PM
A Technique to Detect Dosimetric Errors as Low as 0.5% Arising From MLC Leaf Shifts in RapidArc
K. Wijesooriya*, J. Nawrocki, p. read, J. Larner
5:20 PM
Evaluating Pre-Treatment IMRT & VMAT QA Techniques Quantitatively Using Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Analysis
A. Mitchell*, J. Adamson
5:30 PM
EPID Dosimetry Comparisons and Corrections: Portal Image Prediction Vs. Portal Dose Conversion
D. Bailey*, L. Kumaraswamy, M. Bakhtiari, M. Podgorsak
5:40 PM
A Novel Technique for VMAT QA with EPID in Cine Mode On Varian TrueBeam
B. Liu*, J. Adamson, A. Rodrigues, F. Zhou, F. Yin, Q. Wu
5:50 PM
Modulation Severity as a Predictor for Patient-Specific IMRT QA Delivery Failure
R. Price*, I. Veltchev, C. Ma