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An Electronic Whiteboard Platform to Manage Treatment Planning Process

D DiCostanzo

D DiCostanzo1*, S Thompson2 , J Woollard1 , N Gupta1 , A Ayan1 , (1) Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, (2) Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology, Santa Cruz, CA


MO-FG-CAMPUS-T-2 (Monday, July 13, 2015) 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:In an effort to improve patient safety and streamline the radiotherapy treatment planning (TP) process, a software based whiteboard had been developed and put in use in our facility

Methods:The electronic whiteboard developed using SQL database (DB) and PHP/JavaScript based web interface, is published via department intranet and login credentials. The DB stores data for each TP process such as patient information, plan type, simulation/start dates, physician, dosimetrist, QA and the current status in planning process. Users interact with the DB per plan and perform status updates in real time as the planning process progresses. All user interactions with the DB are recorded with timestamps so as to calculate statistical information for TP process management such as contouring times, planning and review times, dosimetry, physics and therapist QA times.
External beam and brachytherapy plans are categorized according to complexity (ex: IMRT, 3D, HDR, LDR etc) and treatment types and applicators. Each plan category is assigned specific timelines for each planning process. When a plan approaches or passes the predetermined timeline, users are alerted via color coded graphical cues. When certain process items are not completed in time, pre-determined actions are triggered such as a delay in treatment start date.

Results: Our institution has been using the electronic whiteboard for two years. Implementation of pre-determined actions based on the statistical information collected by the whiteboard improved our TP process. For example, the average time for normal tissue contouring decreased from 0.73±1.37 to 0.24±0.33 days. The average time for target volume contouring decreased from 3.2±2.84 to 2.37±2.54 days. This increase in efficiency allows more time for quality assurance processes, improving patient safety.

Conclusion:The electronic whiteboard has been an invaluable tool for streamlining our TP processes. It facilitates timely and accurate communication between all parties involved in the TP process increasing patient safety.

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