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Virtual Library Presentations - USB Flash Drive Sales

View selected presentations digitally captured at the 57th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

  • Via the AAPM Virtual Library

    AAPM will host AAPM educational courses online in the AAPM Virtual Library. Selected presentations given at the Annual Meetings and other AAPM Meetings are posted in the AAPM Virtual Library. 

    AAPM plans to digitally capture the following session types at the 57th Annual Meeting for posting in the AAPM Virtual Library.  The digital capture list will be available at the Member Services Counter:
    • Continuing Education Courses
    • Symposia
    • Proffered sessions are not included in the AAPM Virtual Library.
    Posted presentations include streaming audio of speakers and presentation slides.

  • Selected presentations given during the 57th AAPM Annual Meeting and Exhibition will be available on USB Flash Drive following the meeting.
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      For those times you can’t access the online AAPM Virtual Library, view the content on USB Sticks.
      • USB Flash Drives are:
        • PC & Mac compatible only.
        • Orders will be shipped 6 weeks following the meeting
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Selected Presentations

*PLEASE NOTE: Session changes may occur. Not all presentations may be available due to speaker releases, AV problems or program changes.

Presentations to be digitally captured at the 57th Annual Meeting & Exhibition:

  • TU-G-BRB - Clinical Trials in Proton and Particle Therapy
  • TU-C-201 - Clinical Implementation of HDR Brachytherapy
  • TU-E-201 - Eye Lens Dosimetry for Patients and Staff
  • TU-F-201 - Radiochromic Film Dosimetry Update
  • TU-A-304 - Imaging, Treatment Planning, and QA for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
  • TU-B-304 - The Aftermath of TG-142
  • TU-CD-BRD - Incident Learning / RO-ILS
  • TU-E-BRB - Deformable Image Registration: Is it Right for Your Clinic
  • TU-F-BRB - MRI-Based Motion Management for RT
  • TU-AB-207 - Digital Tomosynthesis
  • TU-CD-204 - CT Scanner Hardware and Image Quality Assessment
  • TU-EF-BRA - MR Basics I
  • TU-G-213 - The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC): What is it and why should medical physicists care?
  • TU-AB-BRD - Task Group 100
  • TU-CD-303 - In Memoriam of Warren Sinclair: Physics Applications for New Radiobiology
  • TU-EF-BRD - The Science of QA
  • TU-G-303 - Radiomics: Advances in the Use of Quantitative Imaging Used for Predictive Modeling
  • TU-AB-204 - Advances in Cone-Beam CT and Emerging Applications
  • TU-G-207 - Emerging Applications of X-Ray Imaging
  • TU-A-210 - HIFU Therapies - A Primer
  • TU-B-210 - MR-guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy in Oncology
  • TU-CD-210 - Advanced Novel Technologies & Delivery Strategies
  • TU-G-210 - Treatment Planning Strategies, Modeling, Control
  • TU-EF-207 - Advances in Breast Imaging
  • TU-PIS-Exhibit Hall - Tools for Collecting and Analyzing Patient Dose Index Information from Imaging Equipment
  • WE-A-207 - In Memoriam of Jacques Ovadia - Reinvigorating Scientific Excellence: Electron Beam Therapy - Past, Present and Future
  • WE-B-304 - Point/Counterpoint: Biological Dose Optimization
  • WE-D-201 - Software Libraries for your Research Projects - Don't Start From Scratch!
  • WE-F-213 - Building, Maintaining and Improving Physics Residency Programs
  • WE-G-304 - It Can't Happen to Me! - My Position has been Terminated, Now What?
  • WE-AB-213 - Developments in International Medical Physics Collaborations in Africa and Latin America
  • WE-E-213 - So You Want to Fund a Medical Physics Residency Program
  • WE-D-304 - Supervision: Who, How, and Why
  • WE-D-BRD - New Developments in Hybrid MR-treatment: Technology (Session 3 of the MRgRT Certificate Course series)
  • WE-D-207 - CT Lung Cancer Screening and the Medical Physicist: Moving Forward
  • WE-AB-201 - Treatment Planning System Commissioning and QA
  • WE-E-201 - Practical Statistics for Medical Physicists
  • WE-F-201 - Practical Guidelines for Commissioning Advanced Brachytherapy Dose Calculation Algorithms
  • WE-A-304 - Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • WE-B-BRD - MRI for Radiation Oncology (Session 2 of the MRgRT Certificate Course series)
  • WE-E-304 - Implementing SBRT Protocols
  • WE-E-BRB - Knowledge-Based Treatment Planning Automation
  • WE-F-304 - Outcomes of Hypofractionated Treatments - Results of the WGSBRT
  • WE-A-BRD - MR Basics II (Session 1 of the MRgRT Certificate Course series)
  • WE-B-207 - CT Lung Cancer Screening Part 1
  • WE-G-201 - Mobile Viewing Devices
  • WE-F-BRB - New Developments in Knowledge-Based Treatment Planning and Automation
  • WE-G-BRB - NIH-Funded Research, Clinical Trials and Program Projects
  • WE-G-303 - Nanotechnology for Imaging and Therapy
  • WE-D-303 - Computational Phantoms
  • WE-EF-204 - The Joint AAPM-WMIS Symposium: Linking Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials: Co-Clinical Trials
  • WE-B-210 - Carson/Zagzebski Distinguished Lectureship
  • WE-D-210 - Advances in Ultrasound Contrast Agents for Diagnosis & Therapy
  • WE-EF-210 - Advances in Ultrasound Imaging Technology
  • WE-G-213 - History Symposium: Radiological Physics Pioneers: Roentgen and the AAPM Award Eponyms - William Coolidge, Edith Quimby, and Marvin Williams - Who were they and what did they do?
  • WE-EF-BRD - New Developments in Hybrid MR-treatment: Applications (Session 4 of the MRgRT Certificate Course series)
  • WE-G-BRD - MRgRT (Session 5 of the MRgRT Certificate Course series)
  • TH-D-BRD - Real Time Imaging Verification and Tracking for Moving Targets
  • TH-F-304 - Task Group 158: Measurement and Calculation of Doses Outside the Treatment Volume from External-Beam Radiation Therapy Treatment
  • TH-CD-201 - Clinical Networks: IT for Radiation Oncology
  • TH-C-213 - Session in Memory of Penny S. Slattery: Medical Physics Workshop - Update: Journal improvement activities and guidance on writing and reviewing papers
  • TH-CD-BRB - Current Topics in SRS/SBRT
  • TH-A-213 - Small Field Dosimetry: Overview of AAPM TG-155 and the IAEA-AAPM Code of Practice
  • TH-AB-BRD - Proton Therapy
  • TH-B-213 - Spine SBRT
  • TH-C-BRD - Optimization of CT Planning Imaging and Techniques to Reduce Radiation Dose Resulting from Daily Imaging Guidance Procedures
  • TH-E-304 - Reference Dosimetry for Beam Modalities Other Than MV Photons
  • TH-AB-207 - MR Safety
  • TH-AB-210 - Nuclear Medicine 101
  • TH-CD-210 - Nuclear Medicine 102