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Application of PIPSpro and EPID for Quality Assurance of Medical Accelerators

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Z Lin

Z Lin*, X Peng , J Lu , Cancer Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, Shantou, Guangdong


SU-E-T-126 (Sunday, July 12, 2015) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

The purpose is to study applying PIPSpro and EPID for routine quality assurance of medical accelerators.

(1) The coincidence of Light field and radiation field: Placed the FC-2 phantom on the treatment couch at the 100cm SSD. Using jaw set 10x10 cm² or 15x15 cm² field. Verified that the light field aligns with the engraved squares on the phantom. Placed the Crosshair Marker phantom on the top of the FC-2 phantom with the cross-hair and spherical marker aligned to the center of the light field. Acquired images with EPID and the images should be exported preferably in DICOM format. Analyzed Follow the recommended procedures in the radiation light field module of PIPSpro software.(2)MLC QA:Set up the MLC phantom on the treatment couch at isocenter. Positioned the EPID imager at the highest possible position without colliding with either the couch or the phantom. Created and delivered four different patterns for testing the MLC leaf position, leaf width, multi-port and leaf transmission. (3)Radiation isocenter test: Included the isocenter of collimator rotation, gantry rotation and couch rotation . Set the jaws of the collimator to create a thin field as 0.4cm x 20cm.Irradiated film or EPID using an equidistant 15° spacing angles with rotating collimator, gantry and couch respectively.

We analyzed imagers from EPID and film with PIPSPro software. As a result, we acquired the specifications of medical accelerators quickly. In the meantime, the results were saved to database for trending and future analysis.

Quality assurance of medical accelerator is very important. We used PIPSpro and EPID for routine detection, not only improved our efficiency, but also saved the cost. It is an good method.

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