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Validation of a Secondary TPS for IROC-H Recalculation of Anthropomorphic Phantoms

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J Kerns

J Kerns*, R Howell , D Followill , A Melancon , F Stingo , S Kry , UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


SU-E-T-792 (Sunday, July 12, 2015) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To validate a secondary treatment planning system (sTPS) for use by the Imaging & Radiation Oncology Core-Houston (IROC-H). The TPS will recalculate phantom irradiations submitted by institutions to IROC-H and compare plan results of the institution to the sTPS.
Methods: In-field dosimetric data was collected by IROC-H for numerous linacs at 6, 10, 15, and 18 MV. The data was aggregated and used to define reference linac classes; each class was then modeled in the sTPS (Mobius3D) by matching the in-field characteristics. Fields used to collect IROC-H data were recreated and recalculated using Mobius3D. The same dosimetric points were measured in the recalculation and compared to the initial collection data. Additionally, a 6MV Monte Carlo beam configuration was used to compare penumbrae in the Mobius3D models. Finally, a handful of IROC-H head and neck phantoms were recalculated using Mobius3D.
Results: Recalculation and quantification of differences between reference data and Mobius3D values resulted in a relative matching score of 12.45 (0 is a perfect match) for the default 6MV Mobius3D beam configuration. By adjusting beam configuration options, iterations resulted in scores of 8.45, 6.32, and 3.52, showing that customization could have a dramatic effect on beam configuration. After in-field optimization, penumbra was compared between Monte Carlo and Mobius3D for the reference fields. For open jaw fields, FWHM field widths and penumbra widths were different by <0.6 and <1mm respectively; for MLC open fields the penumbra widths were up to 1.5mm different. Phantom recalculations showed good agreement, having an average of 0.6% error per beam.
Conclusion: A secondary TPS has been validated for simple irradiation geometries using reference data collected by IROC-H. The beam was customized to the reference data iteratively and resulted in a good match. This system can provide independent recalculation of phantom plans based on independent reference data.

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