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Dosimetric Characterization of Small Field in Small Animal Irradiator with Radiochromic Films

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S Han

S Han1,2*, K Kim1,2 , S Choi2 , H Jung1,2 , Y Ji1,2 , S Park2 , (1) University of Science and Technology, Daejeon,(2) Korea institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences, Seoul


SU-E-T-299 (Sunday, July 12, 2015) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose:The small animal irradiator has been used with small animals to optimize new radiation therapy as preclinical studies. The small animal was irradiated by whole- or partial- body exposure. In this study, the dosimetric characterizations of small animal irradiator were carried out in small field using Radiochromic films

Material & Methods :The study was performed in commercial animal irradiator (XRAD- 320, Precision x-ray Inc, North Brantford) with Radiochromic films (EBT2, Ashland Inc, Covington). The calibration curve was generated between delivery dose and optical density (red channel) and the films were scanned by and Epson 1000XL scanner (Epson America Inc., Long Beach, CA).We evaluated dosimetric characterization of irradiator using various filter supported by manufacturer in 260 kV. The various filters were F1 (2.0mm Aluminum (HVL = about 1.0mm Cu) and F2 (0.75mm Tin + 0.25mm Copper + 1.5mm Aluminum (HVL = about 3.7mm Cu). According to collimator size (3, 5, 7, 10 mm, we calculated percentage depth dose (PDD) and the surface –source distance(SSD) was 17.3 cm considering dose rate.

Results:The films were irradiated in 260 kV, 10mA and we increased exposure time 5sec. intervals from 5sec. to 120sec. The calibration curve of films was fitted with cubic function. The correlation between optical density and dose was Y=0.1405 X³-2.916 X²+25.566 x+2.238 (R²=0.994). Based on the calibration curve, we calculated PDD in various filters depending on collimator size. When compared PDD of specific depth (3mm) considering animal size, the difference by collimator size was 4.50% in free filter and F1 was 1.53% and F2 was within 2.17%.

Conclusion:We calculated PDD curve in small animal irradiator depending on the collimator size and the kind of filter using the radiochromic films. The various PDD curve was acquired and it was possible to irradiate various dose using these curve.

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