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Comparison of Online Image Registrations of Varian TrueBeam Cone-Beam CT and BrainLab ExacTrac Imaging Systems

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J Li

J Li*, W Shi , D Andrews , M Werner-Wasik , Y Yu , H Liu , Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA


SU-E-J-47 (Sunday, July 12, 2015) 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To compare online image registrations of TrueBeam cone-beam CT (CBCT) and BrainLab ExacTrac imaging systems.

Methods: Tests were performed on a Varian TrueBeam STx linear accelerator (Version 2.0), which is integrated with a BrainLab ExacTrac imaging system (Version 6.0.5). The study was focused on comparing the online image registrations for translational shifts. A Rando head phantom was placed on treatment couch and immobilized with a BrainLab mask. The phantom was shifted by moving the couch translationally for 8 mm with a step size of 1 mm, in vertical, longitudinal, and lateral directions, respectively. At each location, the phantom was imaged with CBCT and ExacTrac x-ray. CBCT images were registered with TrueBeam and ExacTrac online registration algorithms, respectively. And ExacTrac x-ray image registrations were performed. Shifts calculated from different registrations were compared with nominal couch shifts.

Results: The averages and ranges of absolute differences between couch shifts and calculated phantom shifts obtained from ExacTrac x-ray registration, ExacTrac CBCT registration with default window, ExaxTrac CBCT registration with adjusted window (bone), Truebeam CBCT registration with bone window, and Truebeam CBCT registration with soft tissue window, were: 0.07 (0.02-0.14), 0.14 (0.01-0.35), 0.12 (0.02-0.28), 0.09 (0-0.20), and 0.06 (0-0.10) mm, in vertical direction; 0.06 (0.01-0.12), 0.27 (0.07-0.57), 0.23 (0.02-0.48), 0.04 (0-0.10), and 0.08 (0-0.20) mm, in longitudinal direction; 0.05 (0.01-0.21), 0.35 (0.14-0.80), 0.25 (0.01-0.56), 0.19 (0-0.40), and 0.20 (0-0.40) mm, in lateral direction.

Conclusion: The shifts calculated from ExacTrac x-ray and TrueBeam CBCT registrations were close to each other (the differences between were less than 0.40 mm in any direction), and had better agreements with couch shifts than those from ExacTrac CBCT registrations. There were no significant differences between TrueBeam CBCT registrations using different windows. In ExacTrac CBCT registrations, using bone window led to better agreements than using default window.

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