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Continuous Dose Delivery with Gamma Knife Perfexion

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K Ghobadi

Ghobadi1*, D Aleman2 , W Li1 , C Chung1 , D Jaffray1 , (1) Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario (2) University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario


MO-FG-CAMPUS-T-8 (Monday, July 13, 2015) 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

We propose continuous dose delivery techniques for stereotactic treatments delivered by Gamma Knife Perfexion using inverse treatment planning system that can be applied to various tumour sites in the brain. We test the accuracy of the plans on Perfexion's planning system (GammaPlan) to ensure the obtained plans are viable. This approach introduces continuous dose delivery for Perefxion, as opposed to the currently employed step-and-shoot approaches, for different tumour sites. Additionally, this is the first realization of automated inverse planning on GammaPlan.

The inverse planning approach is divided into two steps of identifying a quality path inside the target, and finding the best collimator composition for the path. To find a path, we select strategic regions inside the target volume and find a path that visits each region exactly once. This path is then passed to a mathematical model which finds the best combination of collimators and their durations. The mathematical model minimizes the dose spillage to the surrounding tissues while ensuring the prescribed dose is delivered to the target(s). Organs-at-risk and their corresponding allowable doses can also be added to the model to protect adjacent organs.

We test this approach on various tumour sizes and sites. The quality of the obtained treatment plans are comparable or better than forward plans and inverse plans that use step-and-shoot technique. The conformity indices in the obtained continuous dose delivery plans are similar to those of forward plans while the beam-on time is improved on average (see Table 1 in supporting document).

We employ inverse planning for continuous dose delivery in Perfexion for brain tumours. The quality of the obtained plans is similar to forward and inverse plans that use conventional step-and-shoot technique. We tested the inverse plans on GammaPlan to verify clinical relevance.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: This research was partially supported by Elekta, Sweden (vendor of Gamma Knife Perfexion).

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