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Exhibit Rules & Regulations

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The AAPM (hereafter known as "Exhibit Management") reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the exposition.

The Exhibit is an integral part of the AAPM's Spring Clinical Meeting program. The technical program is designed to address the educational and professional needs of practicing, clinical medical physicists.

To assure that the exhibit will further the above purpose, admission to the Exhibit Hall and session rooms is limited to qualified persons with interest in medical physics or related equipment, products, and services. Companions ages 12 through 17 will be allowed in the Exhibit Hall but must be accompanied by a registered attendee at all times. Children 11 and under will not be allowed in the Exhibit Hall or Session Rooms.

Products may not be sold for delivery on the exhibit floor with the exception of publishing companies who have been approved by Exhibit Management. All other Exhibitors will be permitted to take orders for the sale of their products or services at the show provided their products or services are substantially related to the science of medical physics.

Exhibitors will not actively solicit visitors for sales or orders, but only furnish visitors with a price list for their products or services and indicate on the list that visitors may purchase Exhibitor's products or services.

Exhibit Management reserves the right to rearrange the floorplan at any time when such action is deemed to be in the best interest of the total exhibit effort. Exhibit Management reserves the right to relocate exhibitors should it become necessary for causes beyond the control of the AAPM, or advisable in the best judgment of the AAPM to transfer assignments.

Exhibit Management reserves the right to restrict exhibits which are objectionable because of noise, glaring or flashing lights, method of operation, or any other reason, and also to prohibit or evict any exhibit which in the opinion of Exhibit Management detracts from the general character of the exhibit. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter or anything Exhibit Management judges to be objectionable. In the event of such restriction or eviction, Exhibit Management is not liable for any refund of any amount paid there under.

Demonstrations must be located so that crowds collected will be within the Exhibitor's space, and not blocking aisles or neighboring exhibits. Contests of any kind must first be approved in writing by Exhibit Management.

Absolutely NO banners, hanging signs or graphics may be placed outside the area of the rented space. No signs or graphics may be placed on posts or columns, or adjacent to space occupied by other exhibitors, or on carpeted areas beyond the confinement of your rented space. No materials may be placed on any surface of the facility including columns. Any damage caused by violation of this rule will be charged to the exhibitor whose material is found in violation.

Picture taking is prohibited, with the exception of an Exhibitor photographing his or her own display area. Each Exhibitor has control over the space it has rented and may prevent those considered its competitors from gaining access to, photographing, videotaping or otherwise mechanically recording its exhibit or presentations. Exhibitors are encouraged to report any violations of this rule to Exhibit Management. No Exhibitor will deny any reasonable request from Exhibit Management to photograph the exhibit.

Distribution of printed materials by an Exhibitor is limited to their rented space in the exhibit hall and meeting areas. This restriction also applies to the placement of signs in the hotel used by the AAPM to house registrants of the meeting.

Distribution of small novelty items by an Exhibitor is limited to their rented space in the exhibit hall. AAPM reserves the right to remove all items deemed unacceptable from the show floor.

If an Exhibitor wishes to conduct a raffle or drawing for the give away of a novelty item, the event must be held within the confines of the rented space. The Exhibitor must contact Show Management for permission. If the concept is approved, Exhibitors are responsible for all logistics involved with organizing the raffle or drawing, including the distribution and follow up with winners.

No air filled balloons, helium balloons or remote-controlled blimps may be used in the exhibit hall.

Distribution of food to meeting attendees is not permitted unless it is a product that the company promotes. Cooking or food preparation is not permitted. Products such as individually wrapped candy or mints for consumption are acceptable.

Distribution of beverages to meeting attendees is not permitted unless it is a product that the company promotes.

The use of music (live or recorded), dancer, mimes or other entertainment similar to this is not permitted in the exhibit hall.

All Exhibitors utilizing sound amplification are required to amplify at a decibel level that will not interfere with the activities of neighbors. In the event of a dispute as to whether amplification is too loud, Exhibit Management reserves the right to make the final determination of acceptability. Failure by an Exhibitor to comply with a request to reduce or eliminate sound amplification will result in the refusal to allow sound amplification in the space for the duration of the meeting.

It is explicitly agreed by the Exhibitor that in the event he or she fails to install his or her products in his or her exhibit space at the time specified, Exhibit Management will have the right to take possession of said space and lease the same or any part thereof to such parties and upon such terms and conditions as it may deem proper. Exhibit Management is not responsible for any refund.

Installation of all exhibits must be completed by 6:00 p.m. Friday, March 6. The exhibits open on Saturday, March 7 at 9:00 a.m. Exhibitors will be allowed to complete final touch up work on their displays from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. No Exhibitor will have the right prior to closing of the exposition to pack or remove articles of exhibit without approval in writing from Exhibit Management.

Exhibits hours end Monday, March 9, at 4:00 p.m. Dismantling will begin at 4:00 PM until 5:00 p.m.

The Installations Hours are Friday March 6, from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. If any Exhibitor wishes to work on display setup past 6:00 p.m., approval must be given by Exhibit Management.

The list of AAPM 2015 Exhibitors will not be published, in whole or in part, other than in AAPM official publications. Said list will not be released for use by others for promotional purposes.

If the Exhibitor fails to comply in any respect with the terms of this agreement, Exhibit Management will have the right, without notice to the Exhibitor, to offer said space to another Exhibitor, or to use said space in any other manner, but this will not be construed as affecting the responsibility of the Exhibitor to pay the full amount specified by the contract.

Exhibitors are required to wear their badge and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while staffing the table/participating in the sessions.

The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all ordinances, regulations and codes of authorized Federal, State, and City governing bodies concerning fire, safety, and health, together with the rules and regulations of the operators/ owners of the property wherein the exhibit is held. Federal, State, and City laws must be observed. Wiring must comply with Fire Department and UL rules.

The AAPM and Hyatt Regency at the Arch, its agents or employees will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the property of the Exhibitor, their employees or representatives. Further, Exhibit Management will not be liable for damage or injury to persons or property during the term of this agreement from any cause whatsoever by reason of the use of occupancy of the exhibit space by the Exhibitor or their assigns, and the Exhibitor will indemnify and hold harmless Exhibit Management and Hyatt Regency at the Arch from all liability which might ensue from any cause whatsoever. If the Exhibitor's material fails to arrive, the Exhibitor is nevertheless responsible for all amounts due there under. Exhibitors are advised to carry special insurance to cover exhibit material against damage and loss, and public liability insurance against injury to the persons and property of others.

In the event that the premises where the exposition is to be held will, in the sole determination of Exhibit Management, become unfit or unavailable for occupancy, or will be substantially interfered with, by reason of picketing, strike, embargo, injunction, act of war, act of God, fire, or state of emergency declared by any government agency or by reason of any municipal, state, or federal law or regulation or by reason of any other occurrence beyond the control of Exhibit Management, Exhibit Management may cancel or terminate the exposition. In the event of such cancellation, the Exhibitor waives any and all claims the Exhibitor might have against Exhibit Management for damages or expenses and agrees to accept incomplete settlement and discharge of claims against Exhibit Management the Exhibitor's pro rata share of the total amount paid by all Exhibitors less all costs and expenses incurred by Exhibit Management in connection with the exposition including a reserve for future claims and expenses in connection therewith.

Exhibit Management reserves the right to interpret, amend, and enforce these regulations as it deems proper to assure the success of the exposition.