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Middle East Affairs Subcommittee

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Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: n/a
Committee Keywords: MEA , Middle East

Parham Alaei
Subcommittee Chair

2016 Roster

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There are 10 members and guests.
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VOTING Appointments
Ahmad K. Al-Basheer, PhD

8/8/2012  Member - Liaison to Jordan
no coi on file
Parham Alaei, PhD

1/1/2013  Subcommittee Chair - Liaison for Iran
Hassaan Alkhatib, PhD

1/1/2011  Member - Liaison for Syria
no coi on file
Entesar Z. Dalah, PhD

1/1/2014  Member
Anees H. Dhabaan, PhD

1/1/2014  Member - Liaison for Iraq
Issam M. El Naqa, PhD

8/30/2011  Member
Abrar M. Hussain, PhD

1/1/2014  Member - Liaison for Saudi Arabia
no coi on file
Osama R. Mawlawi, PhD

1/1/2013  Subcommittee Vice Chair - Liaison for Lebanon
Adel A. Mustafa, PhD

1/1/2011  Member
no coi on file
Kamil M. Yenice, PhD

1/1/2016  Member - Liaison to Turkey

STAFF Appointed to Committee

None Appointed