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Partners in Physics Subcommittee
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Provide Guidelines for PARTNERS IN PHYSICS PROGRAM, including application, monitoring, and renewing processes.

Streamline application process and enhance on-line applications to reduce the waiting period.

Establish on-line monitoring and renewing mechanisms to ensure the effectiveness of the sponsorship.

Promote wide range of Medical Physics activities in developing countries.

Work in conjunction with individual AAPM members, local chapters, regional subcommittees, and other affiliated organizations to maintain a healthy financial resource for the need of PIP sponsorship.

Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 8/23/2007
Committee Keywords: PIPSC

Cheng Saw
Subcommittee Chair

Members - 2014 Roster

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There are 10 members and guests.
Parham Alaei, PhD

1/1/2013  Chair , Middle East Affairs Subcommittee - (ex officio)
Paul N. Mobit, PhD

4/15/2014  Member -
Cheng B. Saw, PhD

1/1/2013  Subcommittee Chair -
Charles Y. Shang, MSc

1/1/2013  Chair , Asian Oceanic Affairs Subcommittee - (ex officio)
Anil Kumar . Sharma, PhD

5/7/2013  Member -
Phillip J. Taddei

5/7/2013  Member -
Ching-Chong Jack Yang, PhD

4/15/2014  Member -
Claus Chunli Yang, PhD

5/7/2013  Member -
Kamil M. Yenice, PhD

5/7/2013  Member -
Andy A. Zhu, PhD

5/7/2013  Member -

Staff Assigned to Committee - 2014 Roster

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There are 1 staff.
Hudson, Jennifer A 

8/31/2009  AAPM Staff - Membership Services Coordinator - (ex officio, nonvoting)