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Task Group No. 113 Physics Practice Standards for Clinical Trials
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  • To identify physics practice standards that impact the quality of data and treatment of patients in the imaging, planning, and delivery chain for patient participation in clinical trials
  • To propose achievable standards of accuracy for each part of the chain based on published reports
  • To provide guidance to QA organizations on the expected achievable accuracy of current dosimetric benchmarks for participation in clinical trials and design suggestions for benchmarks to be used for participation in trials which address additional issues such as motion combined with beam delivery.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 1/20/2005
End: 12/31/2015
Committee Keywords: TG113
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TG113 Physics Practice Standards for Clinical Trials Physics Practice Standards for Clinical Trials [Status]
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Jean Moran
Task Group Chair

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There are 11 members and guests.
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Robert E. Drzymala, PhD

8/24/2005  Member -
James M. Galvin, DSc

8/24/2005  Liaison - RTOG
Robert . Jeraj, PhD

8/27/2007  Member -
Jon J. Kruse, PhD

1/1/2006  Member -
Andrea . Molineu, MS

8/24/2005  Liaison - RPC
Jean M. Moran, PhD

8/24/2005  Task Group Chair -
Arthur J. Olch, PhD

8/24/2005  Member - 1/1/2015  Member - Vice Chair
Mark Oldham, PhD

8/24/2005  Member -
Jatinder R. Palta, PhD

8/24/2005  Liaison - RCET 8/24/2005  Member Task Group No. 100 -
James A. Purdy, PhD

8/24/2005  Liaison - ITC
Marcia M. Urie, PhD

8/24/2005  Liaison - QARC

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