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Task Group No. 145 Quantitative Imaging Initiative: Quantitative PET/CT Imaging
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The charge of this task group is to establish phantoms and test procedures for assuring consistent and quantitatively accurate metrics from PET / CT scanners. This includes both the PET image components as well as the CT issues. Quantitative in this sense refers to both spatial coherency as well as the quantitative value of the gray scale values from both modalities.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 11/28/2006
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG145
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TG145 Quantitative Imaging Initiative: Quantitative PET/CT Imaging Quantitative Imaging Initiative: Quantitative PET/CT Imaging [Status]
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Paul Kinahan
Task Group Chair

Members - 2014 Roster

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There are 16 members and guests.
Ramsey D. Badawi, PhD

11/28/2006  Member -
Ronald Boellaard

11/3/2008  Member - (nonvoting)
John M. Boone, PhD

11/28/2006  Member -
Paul E. Christian, BSc

6/15/2009  Member - (nonvoting)
Magnus Dahlbom, PhD

11/28/2006  Member -
Peter D. Esser, PhD

6/15/2009  Member -
Robert . Jeraj, PhD

9/30/2009  Member -
Paul E. Kinahan, PhD

11/28/2006  Task Group Chair -
Assen S. Kirov, PhD

8/10/2009  Member -
Paul Marsden

6/15/2009  Member - (nonvoting)
Osama R. Mawlawi, PhD

4/19/2007  Member -
Michael F. McNitt-Gray, PhD

11/28/2006  Member -
John Jay Williams, PhD

9/16/2009  Member -
John G. Wolodzko, PhD

8/10/2009  Member -
Robert E. Zimmerman, MSEE

4/16/2007  Member -
Brian E. Zimmerman

9/4/2007  Member - (nonvoting)

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