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Task Group No. 218 - Tolerance Levels and Methodologies for IMRT Verification QA
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To review literature and reports containing data on the achieved agreement between measurements and calculations for fixed-gantry IMRT, Tomotherapy, and VMAT techniques. To review measurement methods commonly employed, composite of all beams-actual parameters, composite perpendicular, and beam-by-beam perpendicular. Discuss pros and cons of each. To review single-point (small-averaged volume), 1D and 2D analysis methodologies for absolute dose verification with ion-chamber and the more complex 2D detector arrays, mainly performed with dose differences comparison, distance-to-agreement (DTA) comparison between measured and calculated dose distributions, and a combination of these two metrics (gamma method). To investigate the dose-difference/DTA and gamma verification metrics, their use and vendor-implementation variability, including the choice of various parameters (normalization method, choice of dose thresholding, points shift) used to perform the analysis.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 5/10/2011
End: 12/31/2014
Committee Keywords: TG218

Moyed Miften
Task Group Chair

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Hassaan Alkhatib, PhD

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Harold Li, PhD

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Daniel A. Low, PhD

8/30/2011  Member -
Moyed Miften, PhD

5/10/2011  Task Group Chair -
Dimitris N. Mihailidis, PhD

5/10/2011  Member -
Andrea . Molineu, MS

5/10/2011  Member -
Jean M. Moran, PhD

5/10/2011  Member -
Arthur J. Olch, PhD

5/10/2011  Member -
Nikos Papanikolaou, PhD

5/10/2011  Member -
Todd Pawlicki, PhD

5/10/2011  Member -
Jie . Shi, PhD

11/29/2011  Guest - (nonvoting)
Krishni Wijesooriya, PhD

11/29/2011  Member -
Ping Xia, PhD

5/10/2011  Member -

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