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Task Group No. 248 Interoperability Evaluation for Imaging Modality Acceptance Testing

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To develop a task group report which provides the following resources to the AAPM, applicable to all imaging modality areas: 1) Recommendation that the acceptance testing of imaging modalities includes end-to-end evaluation of image quality and image information from ordering system to long-term archive and all relevant systems where the images are viewed, processed or modified. 2) Background and motivation for interoperability assessment with examples identifying risks to patient care from incomplete acceptance testing. 3) Suggestions for tools for assessing interoperability. Further details will be developed by the TG in creating the report, with a better examination of what would be a useful role for the modality physicists and what resources are available to them.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 9/9/2013
End: 12/31/2015
Committee Keywords: TG248
Most recent status update:TG meets on biweekly tcons to complete a draft TG report. Draft anticipated to be ready for review by AAPM Annual Meeting 2015. - [4/17/2015 by Alisa Walz-Flannigan] Click to update.
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