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IHE-RO is an AAPM-sponsored initiative for improving the functionality of the radiation oncology clinic.

With technology at the core of delivering care in radiation oncology, it is imperative that patient safety is a core principle of technology based care. Integrating Healthcare Enterprise - Radiation Oncology (IHE-RO) is an initiative that helps to ensure a safe, efficient radiation oncology practice by improving system to system connections.

Created in 2004, IHE-RO  is composed of members of the radiation oncology clinical team, administrators, and industry representatives that work together to ensure a safe and efficient radiation oncology clinic. The IHE-RO task force develops IHE Integration Profiles, which specify how industry standards are to be used to address specific clinical problems and ambiguities. These integration profiles are then integrated into radiation oncology products and tested at an annual Connectathon, where vendors meet to test the ability to pass information across vendor products.

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What is IHE?

IHE, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, is an initiative of health care professionals and industry representatives working together to improve the sharing of information between computer systems in health care. Radiation oncology is one domain of many under the greater umbrella of IHE. More information about IHE.

How can I help IHE-RO?

IHE-RO is composed of organizations that seek to solve interoperability issues in radiation oncology. Success depends on participation from all members of the radiation oncology field! To help, you can.

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