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You can monitor this website and the Medical Physics Journal for new content by subscribing to our RSS feeds.

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New to RSS?

You can automatically monitor this (and other websites) for new content as it is published. We embed announcements as code in our website (RSS feeds) that an RSS reader can check periodically. You need an RSS reader and you must set it to subscribe to our RSS feeds. Once you subscribe you can quickly determine whether any of the websites you subscribe to have published new content without visiting any of them. If there is something new you can link directly to the full content. The following list of readers is intended to get you started but it is neither comprehensive nor an endorsement of any product.

Use a browser as your RSS reader.

Use an email program as an RSS reader.

Web-based readers. You can access RSS feeds with any web browser by using one of the free web-based services. This approach has the advantage that you can monitor your feeds from any workstation that has a browser and internet access.

Free and commercial readers. There are many free and commercial readers that could make your life easier by allowing you to organize feeds from multiple sites and do other convenient tricks like sending you an email when new content is published. There are reviews available on the web.

Already an RSS user?  We would like to get your feedback. Our initial RSS offering simply replicates news items under “What’s New” on our website. We may develop this further by allowing you to selectively subscribe to sub-categories of news and to cover more of the new information that appears on the website. We would like to know how useful this would be before we make the investment.

Tried RSS and don’t see the point?  We face a dilemma in the world of website publishing. When we post new content you don’t see it until you come to our website – and this takes time. You face a dilemma as well – you need to keep abreast of information appearing on multiple websites but you don’t have the time.  Some members want us to send out regular emails to let them know about new items but others complain about the ones we already send. RSS gives each of us the ability to address these dilemmas in a relatively efficient and unobtrusive way.

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How may I use the RSS feed from AAPM? We want people to see our content. Our feeds are available to be viewed in a newsreader or syndicated to another site, subject to copyright and fair use. Text should not be altered in any way, and attribution should be given to AAPM.