2016 AAPM Annual Meeting
Session LabelSession Title
MO - DE-202 - DEImage-Guided Interventions: Advances in Intraoperative Imaging, Guidance, and an Emerging Role for Medical Physics in Surgery
MO - D-BRB - DSBRT Workflow Overview
MO - DE-209 - DEDBT Physics Basic to Advanced
MO - DE-201 - DEMedical Physics Leadership Academy
MO - D-BRC - DIn Memoriam of Jan van de Geijn: Knowledge-based Planning
MO - E-BRC - EOnline Adaptive Radiotherapy - Considerations for Practical Clinical Implementation
MO - FG-207A - FGRadiation and Cancer: Reality, Extrapolations, Myths & Practice
MO - FG-209 - FGRecent Advances in Virtual Tools for Validation of 3D/4D Breast Imaging Systems (TG234)
MO - FG-BRC - FGJoint AAPM-ESTRO Symposium: Advances in Experimental Medical Physics
MO - FG-206 - FGPractical Statistics for Medical Physicists
TU - A-206 - AProfessional Liability Insurance - what you need to know
TU - AB-207A - ABCT Systems Course
TU - A-201 - AImage Guidance Technologies and Management Strategies
TU - A-BRB - APANEL DISCUSSION: SBRT/SRS Case Studies - Brain and Spine
TU - B-201 - BTG180: Imaging Dose During RT
TU - B-207B - BChallenges in Radiomics and Big Data
TU - B-206 - BDo the Right Thing
TU - D-BRA - DTreatment Planning System Commissioning and QA
TU - D-BRB - DDual Energy CT in Radiation Therapy
TU - D-202 - DRest In Peace - ITV
TU - D-BRC - DThe EPID Strikes Back
TU - FG-206 - FGImaging Informatics
TU - FG-202 - FGAdvances and Innovations in Image Guided Brachytherapy
TU - FG-204 - FGCompliance with the AAPM CT Clinical Practice and Joint Commission Guidelines
TU - FG-BRA - FGOptimizing the Treatment Planning Process
TU - FG-BRC - FGRadiation and Immunotherapy: How to Ignite Long Term Anti-Cancer Response
TU - E-TOUR-T - EMicrodosimeters for Therapy
TU - E-TOUR-I - EDosimeters for QC in Diagnostic Imaging
TU - H-209 - HPlanning and Delivering HDR APBI Treatments
TU - H-204 - HWork of ICRP, NCRP and Others and How They Impact on Medical Physicists
TU - H-BRB - HRadiation Countermeasures Research and Development
TU - H-202 - HCT Ventilation Imaging: The New Clinical Reality of Functional Avoidance and Response Assessment in Lung Cancer Radiation Therapy
WE - A-BRC - AThe Quality Gap (Session 1 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
WE - AB-BRB - ABSession in Memory of Robert J. Shalek: High Resolution Dosimetry from 2D to 3D to Real-time 3D
WE - AB-204 - ABDiversity and Inclusion in Medical Physics
WE - A-201 - ASession in Memory of Donald Herbert: Anne and Donald Herbert Distinguished Lectureship on Modern Statistical Modeling
WE - B-201 - BStatistical Failings That Keep Us All In The Dark
WE - B-BRC - BConcepts in Risk-based Assessment (Session 2 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
WE - DE-206 - DEMRI Physics
WE - DE-202 - DEConnecting Radiation Physics with Computational Biology
WE - DE-BRC - DELearning the New Approaches of TG-100 and Beyond (Session 3 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
WE - DE-209 - DEPractical Implementation of Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Techniques for Breast Radiation Therapy
WE - D-BRB - DBasics of Proton Therapy
WE - C-TOUR-T - CMicrodosimeters for Therapy
WE - C-TOUR-I - CDosimeters for QC in Diagnostic Imaging
WE - E-BRB - EMotion Management for Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
WE - FG-201 - FGHigh impact Technologies for Low Resource Environments
WE - FG-207A - FGAdvances in Dedicated Breast CT
WE - F-209 - FA Practical Guide to Radiation Safety Surveys
WE - FG-BRB - FGThe Challenges of Predicting RBE Effects in Particle Therapy and Opportunities for Improving Cancer Therapy
WE - G-209 - GIdentifying Image Artifacts, Their Causes, and How to Fix Them
WE - G-BRC - GExperiences with TG100 in Clinical Use (Session 5 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
WE - H-207B - HMRgRT
WE - H-BRB - HBig Data in Radiation Oncology
WE - H-202 - HSession in Memory of Jean Pouliot: Next-Generation Deformable Image Registration
TH - A-BRC - ANew Task Groups for External Beam QA: An Overview
TH - AB-206 - ABChallenges and Opportunities for Nuclear Medicine Theranostics
TH - A-207B - AShear-wave Imaging and a QIBA US Biomarker Update
TH - AB-BRB - ABResearch Opportunities with Digital Linear Accelerators
TH - A-204 - AKey Dosimetry Data - Impact of New ICRU Recommendations
TH - B-207B - BPediatric Image Quality Optimization
TH - B-BRC - BHow to Identify and Resolve Potential Clinical Errors Before They Impact Patients Treatment: Lessons Learned
TH - B-204 - BImplanted Markers for Radiation Therapy and TG 199 Update
TH - C-BRB - COpen Source Hardware in Medical Physics and its Potential to Accelerate Innovation
TH - C-BRC - CEmerging Technologies in SRS/SBRT Delivery
TH - D-BRB - DAn Introduction to Research and Clinical Development Using Treatment Planning System APIs
TH - D-204 - DThe Pursuit of Radiation Oncology Performance Excellence
TH - D-BRC - DEducational Point Counter/Point: Has Photon RT Hit the Limits?
TH - EF-BRC - EFTG100 Workshop (Session 7 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
TH - E-209 - ERadiation Dose Monitoring and Protocol Management
TH - E-202 - EPET for Radiation Therapy
TH - EF-204 - EFAAPM-AMPR (Russia)-SEFM (Spain) Joint Course on Challenges and Advantages of Small Field Radiation Treatment Techniques
TH - E-201 - ETeaching Radiology Residents: What, How, and Expectation