2018 AAPM Annual Meeting
Session LabelSession Title
MO - GH-DBRA - GHClinical Implementation of Proton Beam Scanning
MO - G-209 - GEthics: Codes and Dilemmas
MO - GH-KDBRB1 - GHWMIS/AAPM Joint Symposium: Imaging Immunity: Why and How?
MO - GH-207 - GHIn Memoriam of Lynn Verhey: Clinical Physicists Must Know and Be Involved in Treatment Planning
MO - GH-KDBRA1 - GHOutcomes Modeling (Tumor Control, Response Modeling, Clinical Decision Making)
MO - GH-205 - GHDisplay QC
MO - GH-DBRB - GHThe Translation of Quantitative Imaging to Clinical Research and Precision Medicine: Goals and Challenges
MO - GH-202 - GHStructural and Functional Imaging Techniques Across Body Systems
MO - H-209 - HOnline Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) and the Evolution of the ABR Medical Physics Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
MO - K-209 - KPursuit of Safe and Effective Imaging and Radiation Therapy/Planning Products
MO - K-KDBRA1 - KProton Therapy and Verification
MO - K-KDBRB1 - KImage Guided Cancer Therapy
MO - K-202 - KReconstruction Across Imaging Modalities
MO - K-207 - KSession in Memory of Phil Heintz: Patient Dose Calculations in Imaging - Fluoro, CT, and Fetal
MO - K-205 - KMR Safety - Hybrid Environment
MO - K-KDBRA2 - KManaging IT in Radiation Oncology: The Role of the Medical Physicist
TU - AB-209 - ABMPPGs and Their Impact On Clinical Practice
TU - AB-KDBRA2 - ABStatistical Failings: The Shadow Still Hiding Clinical Truth
TU - A-KDBRB1 - AAdvanced MRI in the Clinic
TU - A-DBRA - AAutomation in Radiotherapy - Fasten Your Seatbelt!
TU - AB-KDBRA1 - ABQuality Assurance for Precision Radiation Therapy
TU - AB-207 - ABCT Intensive II: Dose Monitoring Hands-On Workshop
TU - AB-DBRB - ABQuantitative Imaging: Translation to Practice
TU - B-DBRA - BHalt and Catch Fire: Worst Software Programming Failures and Tips To Avoid Them
TU - B-KDBRB1 - BAdvanced MRI: Novel Applications for Radiation Oncology
TU - D-KDBRA2 - DThe Anne and Donald Herbert Distinguished Lectureship in Modern Statistical Modeling
TU - D-KDBRC - DMathematical Modeling in Cancer Therapy
TU - D-209 - DExploring Collaboration with Industry and the Physicist in the Clinic
TU - D-207 - DAIP Science Communication Award, "Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation"
TU - D-205 - DNew PET Instrumentation and Technology
TU - D-DBRA - DInternational Symposium: A Global Perspective: Radiation Effects in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
TU - GH-205 - GHBreast Imaging and Interventions
TU - G-209 - GRole of the Diagnostic Physicist
TU - G-DBRA - GOptimizing Efficiency and Safety of Radiation Therapy Process
TU - F-TOUR-T - FSurface Image Guided Radiotherapy Monitoring Systems (Limited Capacity: First come, First served)
TU - G-KDBRB1 - GPhysics of Diffusion Weighted Imaging
TU - GH-207 - GHAAPM-COG Joint Session
TU - GH-DBRB - GHQuantitative Imaging in Radiomics and Machine Learning
TU - F-TOUR-I - FCT Protocol Management and Distribution Tools (Limited Capacity: First come, First served)
TU - GH-202 - GHAdvances in Novel Prototype Imaging Systems
TU - GH-KDBRA2 - GHHiding the Complexity in Treatment Planning/Automation
TU - H-KDBRB1 - HAdvanced DWI: Applications for Radiation Oncology
TU - H-DBRA - HChanging Paradigms for Linac QA Using EPIDs and Beyond
TU - K-KDBRA2 - KImaging in Proton Therapy
TU - K-205 - KACR Updates - CT, MR, NM/PET & US
TU - K-KDBRA1 - KApplications in Deep Learning in Imaging and Therapy
TU - K-KDBRB1 - KMulti-Modality ART (Protons, MRI, PET)
WE - AB-205 - ABCT Intensive III: Protocol Development and Optimization
WE - AB-KDBRA1 - ABBrachy (IMBT, Robotic, MR Guidance)
WE - AB-209 - ABAn Orchestra: Project Management in Motion
WE - AB-KDBRA2 - ABQuality Improvement and Safety Applications of Surface Imaging
WE - AB-DBRB - ABIntroduction to Radiomics (Session 1 of the Certificate Series)
WE - D-TOUR-T - DSurface Image Guided Radiotherapy Monitoring Systems (Limited Capacity: First come, First served)
WE - F-209 - FWorkforce Supply/Demand Into The Future
WE - FG-KDBRA2 - FGJoint AAPM-ESTRO Symposium: Automated Treatment Planning in Clinical Practice
WE - FG-202 - FGIn Memoriam of James G. Kereiakes: Designing Pediatric Imaging to Achieve the Best Benefit/Risk for Our Patients
WE - FG-205 - FGCT Intensive IV: Regulatory Requirements
WE - FG-DBRB - FGMachine Learning for Radiomics (Session 2 of the Certificate Series)
WE - D-TOUR-I - DCT Protocol Management and Distribution Tools (Limited Capacity: First come, First served)
WE - G-209 - GBreaking Out of the Clinic: Nontraditional Medical Physics Careers
WE - HI-KDBRA1 - HIRoles of RT in Immunotherapy
WE - HI-202 - HIMulti-Energy and Multi-Contrast CT Imaging
WE - HI-KDBRA2 - HISession in Memory of Martin L. Rozenfeld, PhD: Personalized Electron Beam Therapy using Custom Treatment Devices
WE - HI-KDBRC - HINIH Grants in Imaging and Radiation Therapy: What's New, How to Get and Manage One
WE - HI-205 - HIMethods, Mishaps and Musings on Pediatric Theranostics
WE - H-209 - HProspective Risk Management in the Wild: Tales From the Clinic
WE - HI-207 - HIImaging Artifacts - CT, MRI, and Mammography
WE - HI-DBRB - HIConvolutional Neural Nets (Session 3 of the Certificate Series)
WE - I-209 - IDischarging the Bias: Recognizing and Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
WE - J-205 - JRadiation Dose and Image Quality in Fluoroscopy: Part 1
WE - J-KDBRA2 - JMonte Carlo Dose Calculation and Review of TG157
WE - J-202 - J3D Printing
WE - J-KDBRB1 - JNovel Molecular Imaging Techniques to Personalize Cancer Treatment
TH - A-KDBRA2 - AHands-On Solutions to Every Day Teaching Challenges in Medical Physics: Panel Discussion
TH - AB-KDBRB1 - ABPoint/Counterpoint Live Debate: Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Change the Landscape of Medical Physics Research and Practice
TH - AB-207 - ABHigh Dose, Small Field Radiation Therapy: Lessons from the HyTEC Project and the ICRU 91 Report
TH - AB-205 - ABRadiation Dose and Image Quality in Fluoroscopy: Part 2
TH - B-KDBRA2 - BAn Interactive Session to Share Education Ideas: How Do You Teach Quality and Safety to Residents?
TH - CD-DBRB - CDDeep Learning with Medical Images (Session 6 of the Certificate Series)
TH - CD-205 - CDPhysics Testing Gamma Cameras and PET Scanners: Reports from TG 117 and TG 126
TH - CD-KDBRB1 - CDBeyond Conventional CT Simulation: PET-CT, PET-MR, MR-Only, and Multi-Energy CT
TH - C-KDBRA2 - CMotion Management in SBRT: Principles, Advances and Clinical Implementations
TH - CD-KDBRA1 - CDErrors and Data Mining in EMR
TH - D-KDBRA2 - DManagement of Irregular Respiration in 4DCT
TH - E-KDBRA2 - ETechnical and Professional Preparations for Medical Physicists in the Upcoming MRgRT Era
TH - EF-209 - EFPlanning for Uncertainty: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
TH - F-KDBRA2 - FExperimental and Computational Dosimetry for MRgRT