2019 AAPM Annual Meeting
Session LabelSession Title
MO - AB-225BCD - ABJoint AAPM-SNMMI Symposium: Nuclear Medicine Theranostics and Functional Image-Guided Radiation Therapy for Precision Oncology
MO - AB-221CD - ABISMRM - AAPM Joint Symposia: MR Safety Foundations
MO - AB-SAN2 - ABAI for Predicting Response
MO - A-SAN4 - AAre you Prepared for Cybersecurity? What Industry is Planning and How You Can Manage It.
MO - AB-304 - ABScripting Applications in Clinic, That is an Easy Button
MO - AB-303 - ABAdvances in Ultrasound Guidance and Planning for Brachytherapy
MO - AB-301 - ABInternational Symposium: Certification of Medical Physicists Worldwide
MO - B-302 - BMPPG Initiative: Implementation Experience and New Reports
MO - B-SAN4 - BLearning from the Experts: Lessons Medical Physicists Can Learn from Management Science
MO - GH-221CD - GHFrom Breast Cancer Screening to Stereotactic Biopsy: A Technological, Clinical, and Patient Perspective
MO - G-SAN4 - GStrategies and Technologies for Radiosurgery of Multiple Intracranial Metastases
MO - G-SAN1 - GContemporary Pediatric Radiation Therapy: Perspectives from Children's Oncology Group
MO - GH-302 - GHHow International Actions Interface and Support Med Phys 3.0
MO - GH-304 - GHAutomation and Scripting in the Clinic
MO - GH-221AB - GHComputed Tomography-guided Interventional Procedures
MO - H-SAN1 - HAcquiring Treatment Planning Skills is Important for Medical Physicists
MO - H-SAN4 - HCurrent Challenges and Prospects in Particle Therapy
MO - K-221CD - KNovel Approaches to Dose Optimization in Nuclear Medicine
MO - K-225BCD - KOptimization in Imaging and Therapy
MO - K-221AB - KImaging of Tumor Response to Radiotherapy: New Results and Radiobiological Principles
MO - K-SAN1 - KAdvances in Proton and Particle Therapy
MO - K-303 - KAdvances in Ultrasound Image Guided Radiotherapy
MO - K-SAN4 - KIntroduction to Scientific Computing for Medical Physics Research
MO - K-304 - KClinical Application of Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
TU - A-301 - A5D imaging and Treatment Planning for Radiation Therapy
TU - AB-303 - ABNovel Aspects and Clinical Implementation of Focused Ultrasound
TU - A-302 - AThe Understanding and Courage to Lead - Part1
TU - AB-221CD - ABISMRM-AAPM Joint Symposia: MR Safety Operations
TU - A-SAN4 - ASurface Image Guided Radiotherapy
TU - AB-304 - ABCommunicating Benefit to Risk Ratio from Radiology Exams to the Patient and Provider
TU - B-SAN4 - BQuality Improvement: from Incident Learning to Affecting Change
TU - B-302 - BThe Understanding and Courage to Lead - Part 2
TU - B-301 - BIn Memoriam of Jean St. Germain: The Intersection of Radiobiology, Radioepidemiology, and Safety
TU - E-221CD - ERadiation Protection for Fluoroscopically-guided Interventional Procedures: Patient Dose and Radiobiology
TU - E-302 - EAssessment of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Challenges and Strengths in the Medical Physics Field
TU - E-SAN4 - EThe integration of AI and Machine Learning in Medical Physics Applications
TU - E-303 - ECarson-Zagzebski Distinguished Lectureship on Medical Ultrasound
TU - HI-304 - HIACR Updates: Digital Mammography/CT/Fluoroscopy
TU - G-TOUR-T - GPatient Immobilization Equipment (Limited Capacity: First Come, First Served)
TU - HI-303 - HIAdvances in Image-Guided Focused Ultrasound Applications
TU - HI-301 - HIMR guided RT: Treating with On-board MRI
TU - H-302 - HThe Understanding and Courage to Lead - Part 3
TU - G-TOUR-I - GBrain CT Perfusion (Limited Capacity: First Come, First Served)
TU - HI-221CD - HIPatient Dose Monitoring in CT with Tube Current Modulation and Multiple Series
TU - I-302 - IThe Understanding and Courage to Lead - Part 4
TU - L-SAN4 - LOptimizing Safety and Efficiency in Brachytherapy
TU - L-221CD - LSession in Memory of Edward Nickoloff: Joint Commission Update: Satisfying the Joint Commission Fluoroscopy Requirements
TU - L-303 - LFocused Ultrasound in Radiation Oncology
TU - L-SAN1 - LThe Promise of FLASH
TU - L-SAN2 - LIntegrating Radiomics and Genomics for Personalized Cancer Therapy in the Era of AI and Big Data
WE - AB-221CD - ABISMRM-AAPM Joint Symposia: MR Safety for Experts
WE - AB-301 - ABCutting-edge Brachytherapy
WE - A-SAN4 - ASession in Memory of Karl Prado: Recent Advancements in Quality Assurance for Radiation Therapy
WE - A-302 - ABreaking Out of the Clinic: Non-Clinical Careers in Medical Physics
WE - AB-304 - ABDeformable Image Registration for Dose Mapping and Dose Accumulation: Techniques and Challenges
WE - B-302 - BHow will IEC Standards Updates Affect the Practice of Medical Physics?
WE - B-SAN4 - BRecent Advances in Imaging for Treatment Verification
WE - F-SAN4 - FEPID Machine QA Implementation and Automation, Are We There Yet?
WE - FG-303 - FGAdvances in Ultrasound Imaging Technology
WE - FG-221CD - FGCT Systems Course
WE - FG-221AB - FGContrast-enhanced and Functional Imaging of the Breast
WE - FG-225BCD - FGAdvances in Image-Guided Interventions
WE - FG-SAN1 - FGFunctional Treatment Planning
WE - D-TOUR-I - DBrain CT Perfusion (Limited Capacity: First Come, First Served)
WE - D-TOUR-T - DPatient Immobilization Equipment (Limited Capacity: First Come, First Served)
WE - F-302 - FManaging Conflicts of Interest: Building Trust and Improving Outcomes
WE - G-SAN4 - GAlternative Strategies for Linac Beam Verification or Beam Data Collection Without Using a 3D Water Tank
WE - HI-SAN1 - HIEfficiency/throughput RT for Low Resource Settings
WE - HI-221CD - HIIn Memoriam of Libby Brateman: Education, Licensure, Guidance and Mammography- Enhancing the Recognition of the Medical Physics Profession
WE - HI-303 - HIAdvanced Ultrasound Imaging in Clinical Applications
WE - H-SAN4 - HAssembling your Detector Toolkit - Which Types, How Many, and Why
WE - H-302 - HGetting Ready for the ABR's OLA (Online Longitudinal Assessment
WE - HI-304 - HIVendor Provided Data, Tools and Test Procedures
WE - J-303 - JAI and Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging
WE - J-302 - JNovel Agents for Imaging and Theranostics
WE - J-221CD - JTailoring CT Protocol to Patient Age and Size with a Focus On Pediatric Patient
WE - J-SAN4 - JAdaptive Radiotherapy
TH - A-221CD - AReducing Sedation and Anesthesia in Pediatric Radiology
TH - A-SAN1 - AAI and Machine Learning for RT
TH - A-SAN4 - AIntrafraction Motion Management in Radiotherapy - State of the Art and Future Roadmap
TH - A-304 - ADesign Elements and Performance Evaluation of MRI Radiofrequency Coils
TH - B-SAN4 - BImmunotherapy Killed the IGRT Star
TH - B-SAN2 - BThe Anne and Donald Herbert Distinguished Lectureship in Modern Statistical Modeling
TH - B-221CD - BReject Rate Analysis in the Digital Era
TH - BC-221AB - BCDeep Learning for Image Reconstruction and Processing
TH - BC-SAN1 - BCRationale and Evidence for SBRT
TH - C-SAN4 - CDosimetry in Radionuclide Therapy
TH - D-303 - DAdvances in Pencil Beam Scanning Delivery and Planning Techniques
TH - D-301 - DVendor Related Mammography Updates
TH - D-SAN1 - DAdaptive Radiation Therapy (Online, Offline, Real Time)