2022 AAPM 64th Annual Meeting
Session LabelSession Title
SU - J-BRA - JThe Need for Robust Dosimetry of Flash Beams
SU - K-BRA - KBiomathematical Modeling for Individualized and Targeted Cancer Treatment
MO - AB-202 - ABImaging for Radiation Therapy: Challenges and Solutions
MO - AB-BRA - ABCurrent Challenges and Prospects in Motion Management for Radiotherapy
MO - AB-207 - ABCardiac Imaging
MO - AB-BRB - ABJoint AAPM-ESTRO Symposium: FLASH-From Experimental Beam Lines to the Clinic
MO - A-206 - AExcelling as a Medical Physicist Outside the Clinic
MO - AB-201 - ABInterventional Imaging
MO - B-206 - BClinical-Industry Partnerships
MO - FG-206 - FGAdvancing EDI at Every Level of Med Phys Part 1: For Trainees, the Workplace and Beyond
MO - FG-207 - FGArtifacts and Image Quality Issues in MRI Advanced/Rapid Techniques
MO - PinS-INV1 - PinSRespiratory Motion Management Systems
MO - F-BRA - FRecent Task Groups on the Use of MR in External Beam Radiotherapy: TG 284 and 294
MO - PinS-INV2 - PinS3D Mammography
MO - G-BRA - GRecent Task Group Reports on Brachytherapy: TG-222 and TG-303
MO - J-BRA - JManaging Implanted Devices
MO - J-201 - JAttenuation Correction in PET and SPECT with and without Transmission Imaging
MO - J-202 - JMedical Physics Cross-Specialization in the Era of Radiotheranostics
MO - J-207 - JCT Protocol Optimization for the Real World
TU - AB-207 - ABAdvanced MR in the Clinic
TU - AB-BRB - ABAdvances in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: Mammography, Breast Biopsy, SBRT, APBI
TU - AB-206 - ABMentorship: Elevating Clinical and Research Careers
TU - AB-201 - ABVirtual Clinical Trials
TU - AB-BRC - ABBiomarkers of Response to Radiation and Immune Modulating Therapies for Advanced Cancer Management
TU - AB-BRA - ABEmerging and Re-Emerging Brachytherapy Treatments
TU - E-BRA - EIROC - Who is Who in Support of NCI Clinical Trials
TU - E-207 - EThe Use of Cumulative Effective Dose - An Educational Debate
TU - E-BRB - EAI Clinical Translation: Opportunities and Pitfalls
TU - E-202 - EICRU Report on Dosimetry-Guided Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
TU - G-202 - GNew IAEA Programs and Projects on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
TU - GH-206 - GHRecruitment and Applications from Grad School through Early Career: Both Points of View
TU - GH-201 - GHMagnetic Resonance Imaging: Emerging Technologies and Quantitative Applications
TU - G-207 - GRead With an Expert: Mammography
TU - GH-BRC - GHBrain Mets Management: Registries and Automation for Longitudinal Assessment
TU - TOUR-209A - TOURIndependent Dose Verification Solutions (Limited Capacity: First Come, First Served)
TU - H-207 - HUltrasound Elastography in the Clinic
TU - H-202 - HThe SNMMI Lu-177 Dosimetry Global Challenge: Results and Conclusions
TU - K-206 - KAdvancing EDI at Every Level of Med Phys Part 2: For Trainees, the Workplace and Beyond
TU - K-202 - KRadiobiology Issues Regarding Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals
TU - K-BRB - KMedical Physics in Clinical Trials: Design, Quality Assurance, and NIH Programs
TU - K-207 - KImaging Disparities
TU - K-BRC - KIntegrating Omics in the Era of AI for Better Patient Specific Outcomes
TU - K-BRA - KRadiotherapy and the Immune System
WE - A-BRA - AArtificial Intelligence for QA
WE - A-BRC - AFrom Pre-Clinical To Vet-Clinical Imaging and Therapy: Pathways to Clinical Translation
WE - AB-207 - ABACR Updates including the new Stereotactic Breast Biopsy QC Manual
WE - AB-206 - ABEffective Communication About Radiation Dose and Radiation-Induced Risks for Pediatric Patients
WE - B-BRA - BClinical Implementation of AI-based Auto-Segmentation
WE - DE-BRB - DEEliminating Health Disparities in Clinical Trials: How can Physicists Contribute?
WE - D-BRC - DMachine Intelligence in Imaging for Treatment Response Assessment and Prediction: Implications for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
WE - DE-207 - DEDual Energy CT - Clinical Implementations and Remaining Challenges
WE - TOUR-209A - TOURIndependent Dose Verification Solutions (Limited Capacity: First Come, First Served)
WE - DE-201 - DESIIM-AAPM Joint Symposium: Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging
WE - TOUR-209B - TOURImaging Workflow Solutions (Limited Capacity: First Come, First Served)
WE - E-BRC - EOutcome-driven and Risk-adapted Personalized Treatment Planning
WE - F-201 - FFundamentals of Photon-Counting CT
WE - FG-BRB - FGEthics and AI in Radiology and Radiation Oncology
WE - FG-207 - FGGonadal & Fetal Shielding Updates
WE - F-BRC - FAdvances in Image-Guided RT: Towards Real-Time and Biological Adaptation
WE - FG-202 - FGBiologically Weighted Robust Planning of Proton Therapy: Knowledge Gaps, Controversies and Solutions
WE - FG-BRA - FGEnhancing a Physicist's Role in Radiation Therapy Treatment Plan Assessment
WE - H-BRC - HBuilding a Better Safety Net
WE - H-202 - HCardiac Radioablation: Expanding Access Across Many Centers via Outreach and Collaboration
WE - H-BRA - HAI-Empowered Clinical Decision Support for Personalized Radiation Therapy
WE - H-201 - HUltrasound Performance Assessment and Quality Control
WE - H-207 - HThe Developing Role of Medical Physics and Imaging in Digital Pathology
WE - H-BRB - HPhoton-counting CT: Image Quality Optimization, Novel Algorithms, and Emerging Clinical Applications
TH - AB-201 - ABNew Technologies in Breast Imaging
TH - AB-BRB - ABContingency Planning: Can You Handle a Ransomware Attack?
TH - A-BRA - ADon't Miss a Beat: Addressing Cardiotoxicity in Cancer Therapies
TH - CD-BRB - CDBridging Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy: A Pediatric Focus
TH - C-207 - CAssessment of Deep-Learning Technologies in Medical Imaging: From Imaging Science to Clinical Practice
TH - C-BRC - CMulti-Scale Modeling in Imaging and Therapy
TH - CD-BRA - CDState of the Art of Adaptive Radiotherapy
TH - E-BRA - EModern Single Room Proton Therapy Installations: Challenges and Opportunities for the Medical Physicist
TH - E-202 - EClinical Implementation of Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy (SFRT)
TH - EF-207 - EFRadiography & Fluoroscopy Task Group Updates
TH - EF-206 - EFMultidisciplinary Teamwork: Skills Required Success
TH - E-BRB - ENovel Interventional Procedures Involving Microspheres
TH - F-BRB - FNovel Interventions and Focused Cancer Radiation Therapy
TH - F-BRA - FProton Therapy in Clinical Trials
TH - F-202 - FSafety and Quality Improvements in Brachytherapy