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REMINDERS: 2003 Annual Meeting Home
  • No Icebreaker - Plan to join your colleagues during the 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM beer and refreshment break in the exhibit hall.
  • Residents now qualify for Student registration fees. See details under Student Registration.
  • Single LCD projection will be the ONLY presentation method available for oral presentations.
  • Remember.... sessions & exhibits all now begin on Sunday.

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Paganetti, H TU-D20A-10 , TH-C20D-2
Paliwal, B PO-T-218 , SU-BB20D-1 , SU-FF-PDS-24 , TU-D20A-8 , WE-C20A-11 , WE-E24A-4
Palm, TU-D20B-10
Palta, J PO-T-65 , PO-T-111 , PO-T-200 , SU-FF-PDS-59 , MO-A20B-1 , MO-D20B-1 , TU-D20B-1 , TU-D20B-6 , WE-C20B-2
Pamilo, M TH-C24A-6
Pan, C PO-T-292
Pan, T PO-T-52 , MO-D20D-10
Pan, X TU-E25A-1 , TU-E25A-3 , TU-E25A-4
Papaioannou, J MO-D24A-2
Papanikolaou, N PO-T-137 , PO-T-164 , PO-T-197 , PO-T-257 , WE-A20B-1
Papiez, L PO-T-203 , MO-D20A-6 , TU-E20B-7 , TH-C20D-8
Paquerault, S MO-D24A-2
Parachikov, I TH-C23A-8
Paradis, E PO-T-60
Parakkal, R MO-D24A-4
Paramagul, C TH-C24A-4
Pareek, P SU-EE-PDS-51 , MO-D20D-1 , WE-C20D-11
Parikh, P PO-T-214 , PO-T-216 , MO-D20D-2
Park, C PO-T-265
Park, J SU-GG-PDS-108
Park, K TU-C20D-5
Parker, B WE-C20B-4
Parker, W WE-D20D-8
Parliament, M TU-D20A-2 , TU-D20A-6
Parra, N SU-FF-PDS-25
Parrish, T WE-B25A-1
Parsai, E PO-T-79 , PO-T-259 , WE-C20D-7 , WE-C20D-11
Parsai, H PO-T-132
Paskalev, K PO-T-74 , PO-T-83 , PO-T-183 , PO-T-250 , PO-T-263 , SU-EE-PDS-10 , TH-C20A-6
Patton, P TU-D23A-6
Paulino, A TU-D20D-6
Paulsen, K WE-D23A-6
Pavord, D TH-A20B-1
Pawlicki, T PO-T-114 , PO-T-267 , PO-T-268 , PO-T-296 , SU-EE-PDS-52 , SU-GG-PDS-68
Peck, D TU-E24A-1
Pelizzari, C TU-E25A-1 , TU-E25A-3 , WE-C23A-4
Penagaricano, J PO-T-164
Peng, Q WE-E25A-4
Peng, W PO-T-279 , TU-D20B-4
Peng, Y MO-D24A-7
Perelman-Hall, D PO-I-14
Peters, T WE-E23A-1
Peterson, R WE-C25A-8
Petrick, N TU-D24A-3 , TH-C24A-4
Petrovich, Z SU-EE-PDS-85 , SU-EE-PDS-86
Phaisangittisakul, N TH-C20A-3
Phelps, M SU-GG-PDS-109 , TU-E24A-2
Phillips, M PO-T-132 , MO-D20D-5 , TU-C20B-6
Phillips, W SU-CC20A-10
Pignol, J PO-T-27 , PO-T-33
Pillai, S PO-T-121 , PO-T-148 , PO-T-152
Pino-y-Torres, J SU-FF-PDS-58
Pino-yTorres, J WE-C20B-12
Pipman, Y PO-T-166
Pisters, L PO-I-8
Pitchford, W PO-T-271
Pizzutiello, R MO-A24A-2 , TU-A24A-2
Ploeger, L SU-GG-PDS-74
Plunkett, R PO-T-287
Podgorsak, E WE-D20D-8
Podgorsak, M PO-T-287 , PO-T-288 , SU-EE-PDS-83
Polf, J WE-D20A-9
Poli, J PO-T-210
Pollack, A SU-DD-PDS-43 , TU-E20B-5
Pollard, R MO-E23A-2
Poole, D SU-FF-PDS-58 , TU-C20A-2 , WE-C20B-12
Pooter, J PO-T-292
Pope, C WE-C20B-8
Popple, R PO-T-63 , PO-T-88 , SU-EE-PDS-51 , MO-D20D-1 , WE-C20D-11
Posdamer, S MO-D23A-4
Poston, J MO-E20A-1
Potter, L SU-FF-PDS-56 , SU-FF-PDS-61
Potters, L PO-T-16
Pouliot, J PO-T-42 , PO-T-48 , PO-T-49 , PO-T-61 , SU-EE-PDS-11 , SU-FF-PDS-20 , TU-C20A-5 , TU-C20D-9 , TU-C20D-10 , TU-C20D-11 , WE-C20A-5
Prado, K PO-T-267
Preciado-Walters, F MO-E20B-4
Prestidge, B PO-T-8
Price, M TH-C20A-1
Price, R PO-T-56 , PO-T-150 , PO-T-151 , PO-T-165 , PO-T-183 , PO-T-202 , PO-T-221 , PO-T-262 , SU-DD-PDS-43 , SU-EE-PDS-10 , SU-GG-PDS-68 , TH-C20A-6
Price, R PO-I-1 , PO-I-8 , TU-E25A-6
Prisciandaro, J WE-C20A-2
Priyadershi, A PO-T-79 , WE-C20D-7
Promberger, C TU-C20B-10
Protesto, J PO-T-179
Puce, A PO-I-9
Purcell, S PO-T-243
Purdy, J PO-T-135
Pyzalski, R PO-T-218

2003 Annual Meeting Home

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