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REMINDERS: 2003 Annual Meeting Home
  • No Icebreaker - Plan to join your colleagues during the 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM beer and refreshment break in the exhibit hall.
  • Residents now qualify for Student registration fees. See details under Student Registration.
  • Single LCD projection will be the ONLY presentation method available for oral presentations.
  • Remember.... sessions & exhibits all now begin on Sunday.

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Sabbas, A PO-T-155 , PO-T-181 , WE-D20D-6
Sadeghi, A PO-T-8
Sahiner, B TU-D24A-3 , TH-C24A-4
Sahoo, A PO-T-90 , SU-DD-PDS-3
Sahoo, N PO-T-90 , SU-DD-PDS-3
Saini, A PO-T-81
Salehpour, M SU-CC20A-5
Salinas, L PO-T-8
Salter, B PO-T-39 , SU-EE-PDS-17 , SU-FF-PDS-64 , MO-D20A-8 , WE-E20B-1
Samant, S PO-T-67 , SU-FF-PDS-22 , SU-FF-PDS-25 , SU-FF-PDS-26 , TU-D20D-5 , WE-C20A-4 , TH-C20B-5
Samei, E TU-C26A-1 , TU-D25A-2 , TH-A24A-1
Sampath, S PO-T-210
Samulski, T PO-T-290
Sandborg, M TH-C24A-7
Sandin, C TU-D20D-7
Sandison, G SU-EE-PDS-49
Sandstrom, K MO-D23A-1
Sankreacha, R PO-T-27 , PO-T-33 , TU-C20D-8
Santanam, L PO-T-284 , TU-D20B-4 , TH-C20A-12
Santiago, R PO-T-208 , WE-E20A-2
Sapareto, S PO-T-251
Sarfaraz, M PO-T-115 , SU-FF-PDS-62 , WE-C20B-6 , TH-C23A-2
Sarkar, A PO-T-139 , PO-T-208 , WE-E20A-2
Sastre Padro, M SU-GG-PDS-67
Sauer, F PO-T-42
Saw, C PO-T-121 , PO-T-134 , PO-T-148 , PO-T-152
Sawant, A WE-C20A-12
Saxena, A PO-T-232
Sayre, J PO-I-19
Scalzetti, E SU-GG-PDS-106 , SU-GG-PDS-108 , TU-E24A-5
Scarantino, C PO-T-72 , WE-E20A-8
Scarcella, M PO-T-85 , PO-T-254
Schaly, B WE-D20B-4
Schechter, N PO-T-146
Scheib, S PO-T-293 , PO-T-294 , PO-T-295
Schell, M PO-T-173 , PO-T-245 , SU-DD-PDS-4 , SU-GG-PDS-35 , TU-D20A-3
Schella, J SU-EE-PDS-91
Schellhammer, P SU-FF-PDS-99
Schenkel, Y PO-T-293
Schifter, D PO-T-79 , WE-C20D-7
Schmidt, R PO-T-209
Schmidt, R TU-E24A-6
Schmidt-Ullrich, R TU-D20A-1
Schmitt, M PO-T-289
Schneider, C PO-T-228
Schneider, R PO-T-116
Schroeder, C TU-C25A-3
Schueler, B TU-C23A-2 , TU-E24A-3 , TH-B24A-1
Schulte, R TU-D20D-7
Schwartz, D MO-D20D-5
Scrimger, R TU-D20A-2
Sehgal, V PO-T-231
Seibert, J WE-B24A-1 , WE-D25A-0
Seltzer, S MO-E20D-1 , WE-D20D-1
Selvaraj, R PO-T-2 , PO-T-187
Sethi, A SU-EE-PDS-48
Shafman, T PO-T-227 , PO-T-290
Shah, A TU-D23A-6
Shah, D PO-T-287
Shahine, B TH-C20A-8
Shahnazi, K PO-T-282 , PO-T-283
Shammo , G PO-T-83
Shang, C PO-T-179 , PO-T-220
Shao, H PO-T-94 , PO-T-241
Sharma, A WE-C20B-7
Sharp, G PO-T-44 , SU-FF-PDS-23 , TU-C20A-9 , TU-C20A-10 , WE-C20A-9
Sharpe, M PO-T-68 , MO-B20A-1 , MO-D20B-1 , TU-C20A-4
Shaves, M SU-FF-PDS-99
Shaw, C SU-GG-PDS-109 , TU-C25A-4 , TU-E24A-2 , TH-C24A-1
Shearer, D TU-D23A-2 , WE-E25A-5
Sheikh-Bagheri, D PO-T-270
Shen, S PO-T-63 , PO-T-88 , SU-EE-PDS-51 , MO-D20D-1 , TU-C20D-5 , TU-C20B-12 , WE-C20D-11
Shenderov, P SU-FF-PDS-94
Sheng, K WE-C20A-11
Shenouda, G WE-D20D-8
Shepard, D PO-T-118 , PO-T-122 , SU-DD-PDS-44 , WE-D20B-6 , WE-D20B-8
Shepard, S SU-FF-PDS-97
Shi, H MO-D23A-5
Shi, J PO-T-194
Shi, L SU-EE-PDS-55 , SU-FF-PDS-57
Shi, W WE-D20A-4
Shi, Z WE-C25A-6
Shih, R PO-T-253
Shikhaliev, P SU-CC20A-6 , TH-C24A-3
Shiraishi, J TH-C25A-3
Shirato, H SU-FF-PDS-23
Shiu, A TU-C20A-6 , WE-C20B-4
Shively, J TH-C25A-8
Shou, Z PO-T-124
Shrivastava, P PO-T-218
Shu, H PO-T-139
Shukla, S PO-I-21 , MO-D23A-3 , TU-C25A-8
Sibata, C PO-T-247 , PO-T-248 , SU-EE-PDS-84
Sidhu, N PO-T-149
Sidky, E TU-E25A-4
Siebers, J TU-C20B-3 , TU-C20A-8
Siewerdsen, J PO-T-68 , TU-C20A-4 , TU-E23A-1 , TU-E25A-2 , WE-E23A-1 , TH-C20B-7
SIlber, A WE-C20A-5
Siltanen, S TH-C24A-6
Singh, A PO-T-216 , WE-E20D-9
Singh, H TH-C20D-2
Siochi, R TU-D20D-5 , TU-E20B-1
Slater, J PO-T-283
Slayton, M PO-T-206
Sliski, A TU-C20D-3
Sloboda, R TH-C20B-4
Smith, B WE-C20D-1
Smith, J PO-T-271
Smith, M PO-I-18
Smith, R PO-T-208
Smitsmans, M SU-GG-PDS-74
Smye, S PO-T-236
So, J SU-GG-PDS-103
Soares, C TU-C20D-3 , WE-D20A-11
Sobczak, D SU-FF-PDS-26 , TH-C20B-5
Soete, G SU-EE-PDS-13
Solberg, T PO-T-138 , SU-CC20A-1 , SU-CC20A-4 , TU-C20B-10
Sone, S TH-C25A-2 , TH-C25A-3
Song, D MO-A20D-2
Song, H PO-T-13 , PO-T-70 , TU-C20D-2 , TU-C20D-4
Song, W PO-T-215
Song, Y PO-T-267 , PO-T-296 , SU-EE-PDS-52
Sonke, J SU-GG-PDS-74 , WE-C20A-7
Sontag, M TU-D20D-5
Sorensen, S SU-GG-PDS-70
Sorkness, R WE-D23A-5
Spelic, D TU-C25A-1
Spencer, D PO-T-123
Spencer, S TU-C20B-12
Spezi, E WE-E20D-7
Spielman, D TU-C20B-1 , TH-C23A-5
Spirydovich, S TH-C20D-8
Sprinkle, D SU-EE-PDS-89
St. Germain, J PO-T-201
St.John, T PO-T-126
Stafford, R PO-I-8
Stancanello, J MO-D20A-1
Stanescu, T TU-C25A-3
Stanton, M SU-CC20A-10
Starkey, A TH-C25A-1
Starkschall, G SU-EE-PDS-16 , MO-D20D-3 , TU-C20A-3 , TU-D20D-2 , WE-D20B-1
Stavrev, P SU-CC20A-7 , TU-D20A-2 , TU-D20A-6
Stavreva, N SU-CC20A-7 , TU-D20A-2 , TU-D20A-6
Stea, B SU-DD-PDS-2
Steciw, S SU-CC20A-9 , TU-C25A-3
Stefanik, D PO-T-89
Steger, T WE-D23A-1
Stell, A WE-C20B-1 , WE-C20B-10
Stevens, C SU-EE-PDS-16 , MO-D20D-3 , TU-D20D-2 , WE-D20B-1
Stevenson, R PO-T-233
Stewart, A SU-CC20A-10
Stewart, R SU-CC20A-8
Stieber, V SU-EE-PDS-89 , MO-D20A-3
Storme, G SU-EE-PDS-13
Stovall, M SU-CC20A-5
Straube, W PO-T-205 , PO-T-207 , WE-E20D-9
Strauss, K TU-B24A-1
Strohschein, R PO-T-105
Stump, K SU-GG-PDS-28
Su, M TU-D20A-9 , WE-D20B-10
Su, Z WE-C20A-12
Suleiman, O MO-E20A-1
Summers, R WE-D24A-1
Sun, X PO-T-136
Sung-Ja, A PO-T-227
Suryanarayanan, S SU-GG-PDS-107 , WE-A24A-1
Sutton Ferenci, M PO-T-194 , TU-D20D-6
Suzuki, K TH-C25A-3
Svatos, M PO-T-42 , PO-T-58 , SU-EE-PDS-11 , SU-FF-PDS-20 , WE-C20A-8
Swinford, A TU-E24A-1
Szeglin, S WE-E20A-1

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