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REMINDERS: 2003 Annual Meeting Home
  • No Icebreaker - Plan to join your colleagues during the 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM beer and refreshment break in the exhibit hall.
  • Residents now qualify for Student registration fees. See details under Student Registration.
  • Single LCD projection will be the ONLY presentation method available for oral presentations.
  • Remember.... sessions & exhibits all now begin on Sunday.

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Wadi Ramahi, S WE-C20D-2
Waggener, R PO-I-11 , PO-I-13 , PO-T-84 , PO-T-244
Wagman, R TU-D20D-1
Wagner, T PO-T-126 , SU-EE-PDS-90
Wahab, S PO-T-216 , MO-D20D-2
Walker, L MO-D20A-7
Wallace, K MO-D23A-4
Wallner, K PO-T-15
Wang, C TU-E20B-2
Wang, D PO-T-117 , TU-C20B-8
Wang, H WE-D23A-6
Wang, J TU-C20A-7
Wang, J PO-T-155 , PO-T-181
Wang, J PO-T-237 , SU-CC20A-8
Wang, J SU-FF-PDS-96 , WE-E25A-4
Wang, J PO-T-15
Wang, J PO-T-129
Wang, L PO-T-183 , PO-T-221 , PO-T-262 , SU-DD-PDS-43 , TU-E20B-5
Wang, N PO-T-281 , PO-T-282
Wang, P TU-D20A-3 , TH-C25A-5
Wang, X PO-T-17 , PO-T-156 , PO-T-192
Wang, X PO-T-110 , PO-T-112 , MO-E20B-9 , TU-C20B-5
Wang, Y WE-C20A-12
Wang, Z PO-T-235 , PO-T-290
Wang, Z PO-I-17 , WE-C25A-1 , WE-C25A-3
Ward, M WE-C23A-4
Warkentin, B SU-CC20A-7 , SU-CC20A-9 , TU-D20A-6
Warner, C SU-FF-PDS-58 , TU-C20A-2 , WE-C20B-12
Watanabe, Y SU-GG-PDS-33
Watkins, R WE-D20B-2
Watt, L PO-T-41
Wdowczyk, D PO-T-158
Weaver, J MO-D23A-2 , WE-D23A-6
Webb, S TU-C20A-12
Weil, M TU-C23A-5
Weinberg, R PO-T-276
Weinhous, M MO-C20A- , MO-C20A-1
Weisenberger, A WE-E24A-1 , WE-E24A-2
Welch, B WE-E24A-1 , WE-E24A-2
Welleweerd, H SU-GG-PDS-67
Wells, N SU-GG-PDS-34
Welsh, J PO-T-64 , PO-T-225 , WE-C20B-11
Weltz, D PO-T-295
Wen, B PO-T-241
Wendt, D WE-C20B-3
Werner, B PO-T-49
Wessels, B MO-D20A-5
Westerlund, K TU-D20D-7
Weston, S PO-T-236 , PO-T-271
Wharam, M SU-EE-PDS-88 , TU-D20D-10
Whiddon, C PO-T-290 , SU-DD-PDS-42
Whitaker, M SU-GG-PDS-68
White, A SU-GG-PDS-27
White, C SU-AA20A-3
White, R PO-T-40
Whiting, B SU-GG-PDS-101
Whiting, J PO-I-19
Whitman, G SU-GG-PDS-109 , TU-E24A-2 , TH-C24A-1
Widener, S PO-T-72 , WE-E20A-8
Wieckowska, B PO-I-11 , PO-I-13
Wieczorek, D TU-C20D-11
Wiesmeyer, M SU-DD-PDS-41
Wilkens, J TH-C20A-7
Wilkie, J TU-C25A-7
Willett, C SU-EE-PDS-50 , MO-D20D-10
Williams, L TU-D23A-7 , TU-E26A-1 , WE-E24A-5 , TH-C25A-8
Williams, M SU-CC20A-10
Williams, T PO-T-220
Williamson, J PO-T-3 , MO-B20D-1 , TU-C20B-3 , TU-C20D-7 , WE-D20A-1 , WE-D20A-2 , WE-D20D-9
Willis, C MO-A25A-1
Willoughby, T SU-FF-PDS-58 , TU-C20A-2 , WE-C20B-12
Wilson, C TU-C23A-1
Wilson, G TU-C20A-4
Wilson, R MO-C20A-1
Windedahl, L PO-I-20 , TU-D23A-4
Winslow, M SU-GG-PDS-106
Winsor, R WE-D25A-1
Wisner, E MO-E23A-2
Witten, M PO-I-7 , PO-T-180
Wlodarczyk, R PO-T-192
Wobschall, D WE-C25A-8
Wojcik, R WE-E24A-1 , WE-E24A-2
Wolfgang, J SU-DD-PDS-81 , TH-C20A-10
Wong, E PO-T-60 , PO-T-119 , PO-T-217 , TU-C20B-11
Wong, J PO-T-38 , PO-T-51 , PO-T-219
Wong, J TH-C25A-8
Wong, J PO-T-41 , SU-EE-PDS-15 , TU-D20B-7 , TU-E20A-1 , WE-C20A-5
Wong, P PO-T-12 , SU-DD-PDS-6
Wong, T SU-DD-PDS-42
Woodward, M SU-BB20B-3
Woollard, J PO-T-87
Worman, M WE-D20D-4
Wright, J PO-T-49
Wright, N TU-C20A-3 , WE-C20A-5
Wu, A PO-T-2 , PO-T-89 , PO-T-280 , PO-T-291 , SU-DD-PDS-7 , SU-EE-PDS-12 , SU-GG-PDS-71
Wu, A TH-C25A-8
Wu, C PO-T-137 , PO-T-164 , PO-T-197 , PO-T-257
Wu, G PO-T-238
Wu, J SU-EE-PDS-84
Wu, J PO-T-167
Wu, J WE-C20A-4
Wu, Q MO-D20A-5
Wu, Q PO-T-110 , PO-T-112 , MO-E20B-7 , MO-E20B-9 , TU-C20B-3 , TU-C20B-5 , TU-C20B-9 , TU-D20A-1
Wu, T SU-CC20A-10
Wu, X PO-T-94 , PO-T-241
Wu, X TH-C23A-2
Wu, Y MO-E20B-7 , TU-C20B-9 , TU-D20A-1
Wu, Y PO-I-17 , WE-C25A-3 , WE-C25A-4
Wuu, C PO-I-7 , PO-T-76 , PO-T-169 , PO-T-180 , PO-T-229 , SU-GG-PDS-30 , WE-D20A-7
Wymer, D WE-E24A-1 , WE-E24A-2

2003 Annual Meeting Home

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