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IMAT Patient Specific Quality Assurance Using ArcCHECK Diode Array Detector

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R Thiyagarajan

Rajesh Thiyagarajan1*, S Sinha1, G Yadav1, S Ashokkumar1, Kothanda Raman1, M Mishra1, N Arunai Nambiraj2, (1) Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi, New Delhi, (2) VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu

SU-E-T-130 Sunday 3:00:00 PM - 6:00:00 PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To evaluate the IMAT patient specific quality assurance (QA) performed using ArcCHECK detector array in reference with standard ion chamber for routine clinical use.

Methods: Twelve patient plans having different tumor sites chosen for this study. On Eclipse planning system,IMAT patient plans were calculated on ArcCHECK phantom inserted with Ion chamber using superposition algorithm. ArcCHECK is a cylindrical phantom with a three-dimensional array of 1386 diode detectors, arranged in a spiral pattern, with 10 mm diode spacing. These plans delivered from Clinac-iX linac equipped with 120 MLC. Point dose and Dose/fluence map were measured simultaneously with ion chamber (IC-15) and ArcCHECK diode array detector respectively. Point doses, dose/fluences map and dose at central axis (CAX) on ArcCHECK phantom were compared with their respective TPS calculated values.

Results: The ion chamber measurements are in good agreement with TPS calculated doses. Mean difference between them is 0.50% with standard deviation is 0.51%. Concordance correlation coefficient (CCC) obtained for ion chamber base absolute dose measurements is 0.9996. These results demonstrate a strong correlation between the absolute dose predicted by our TPS and the measured dose. The precision of the TPS software was 0.9999, and its accuracy was 0.9997.

The agreement between ArcCHECK doses and TPS predictions on the CAX, shown CCC of 0.9978 (the mean difference in the central axis dose is 2.11%). The 95% Confidence Interval is from 0.9932 to 0.9995. In gamma analysis of dose/fluence map the mean passing rate was 98.53% for 3% dose difference and 3mm distance to agreement.

Conclusions: The IMAT patient specific QA with Ion chamber and ArcCHECK phantom are consistent with the TPS calculated dose. Statistically good agreement observed between ArcCHECK measured and TPS calculated. Hence it can be used for routine IMAT QA.

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