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A Patient Data Management System for Philips Pinnacle-3 TPS

B Zhang

B Zhang*, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

SU-E-T-248 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

This abstract presents a Pinnacle TPS data management system for patient data sharing and long-term archiving.

For institutions deploying Philips Pinnacle-3 as TPS, data management, such as, patient data sharing and long-term archiving, is always challenging. Most institutions have multiple cancer centers, each of which has its own separate Pinnacle database. With increasing cooperation and personnel mobility, there is a high demand for patient data sharing among these cancer centers. Meanwhile, for the sake of patient data safety and integrity, once a patient is done with treatments, patient data should be moved out of Pinnacle database instead of continuing to consume limited disk space. In addition, for re-treatment and research purposes, patient data should be retrievable and searchable. To address these needs, we implemented a solution, which uses a centralized database system with rich web interfaces. In this system, every operation is executed simply by mouse clicks through web and all data is transferred over secure network channels. Any Pinnacle database can join the system as a member. Within its user access control scheme, each user belongs to a user group associated with a specific Pinnacle database. That is, once a user logs on to the system, s/he can only access patient data from the Pinnacle database of which the user has privilege. Patient data in the database can be searched through a variety of criteria and also can be easily retrieved and restored to Pinnacle and other TPS. Furthermore, due to its rich web interfaces, this system can be accessed by mobile devices (e.g., iPad/Android).


Our system provides a comprehensive solution for Pinnacle patient data management, which greatly enhances patient data safety/integrity and facilitates cooperation. Its centralized infrastructure also opens up possibilities of advanced features, such as, online planning and patient data visual search.

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