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Developing Platform for Online Registration Using Digital Tomosynthesis

H Yan

H Yan*, F Yin, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

SU-E-J-91 Sunday 3:00PM - 6:00PM Room: Exhibit Hall

Purpose: To meet the needs of fast registration of on-board digital tomosynthesis (DTS), a platform was developed in assisting the task of intensive DTS reconstruction and analysis.

Methods:this platform consists of four parts: pre-processing, reconstruction, post-processing, and registration. These four software parts were integrated into one platform and developed using Java programming language. The pre-processing part handles the procedure of cone-beam extracting and projection image filtering. The reconstruction part provides the function of FDK-based cone-beam reconstruction. Three types of reconstruction algorithms (CPU-based, OpenGL-based, and CUDA-based) were provided to facilitate the processing of DTS in various application scenarios. The post-processing part handles the procedure of image realignment, DICOM reformatting, and XML file setup for image registration. The image registration part provides both manual and automatic methods, many tools are provided to assist this procedure.

Results:several clinical patient cases were tested on this platform. The need of current study which requires fast and intensive reconstruction of DTS from cone-beam projection is met.

Conclusion:this platform demonstrates a clinical available on-board DTS registration software in assisting current image guided radiotherapy. In the future, additional functions will be added to this platform in order to handle more complex clinical cases.

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