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April 21, 2022

Items of Note

Important notices, upcoming deadlines, and events happening in the Medical Physics community.

  • Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center (MIDRC)
    The MIDRC data portal is LIVE - and features 30,000 COVID-19 imaging studies published with many more currently undergoing curation and harmonization! Learn how to navigate this portal, build cohorts, and download data at the next MIDRC Town Hall and live Q&A session Friday, May 6 at 1pm ET. Register NOW for FREE - all are welcome!
    Register for the MIDRC Town Hall
  • 2022 Board of Directors Election Information
    Members-At-Large Slate Announced & Additional Nominees Requested
    Learn More This is a members only link.
  • AAPM Publications
    • AAPM Medical Physics Practice Guideline (MPPG) 12.a
      Fluoroscopy Dose Management published in JACMP
      View AAPM MPPG 12.a
    • AAPM Task Group Report 302
      Surface-Guided Radiotherapy
      View AAPM Report 302
    • AAPM Task Group Report 290
      Respiratory Motion Management for Particle Therapy
      View AAPM Report 290
    • AAPM Task Group Report 272
      Comprehensive Acceptance Testing and Evaluation of Fluoroscopy Imaging Systems
      View AAPM Report 272 
  • Alliance for Quality CT (CT Protocols)
    New education material posted! Updates include new general and vendor-specific AEC education slides, updated CT Terminology Lexicon, and a guidance document for physicists to use for new CT installs.
    Learn More
  • AAPM Grand Challenges
  • AAPM Webinars
    • AAPM Webinar on Imaging Data Commons: A Platform for Data Sharing, Visualization, and AI Research in Imaging and Therapy
      The goal of this webinar is to introduce the AAPM community to the National Cancer Institute’s Imaging Data Commons (IDC) and Cancer Cloud Resources, components of the cloud-based Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC). The webinar will describe how to access imaging data, build cohorts, create virtual workspaces in the cloud to develop, or run, AI algorithms and pipelines, reproduce and share results of studies in diagnosis or treatment of cancer. The webinar will include systems demos.
      Speakers: Keyvan Farahani, Andrey Fedorov, William Longabaugh, Dennis Bontempi, Gian Marco Conte
      Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 12:00 PM ET
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    • Webinar #30 | AAPM Webinar Series on Advances in Medical Physics
      Predictive and Adaptive Radiotherapy (PreART), a Proposed Paradigm Based on Simulating and Imaging Individual Patient Response

      In this talk, we will discuss a powerful emerging paradigm in radiotherapy. A new, general tumor simulation response model, validated for early-stage lung tumors, encapsulates the microscopic competition for resources and the dynamic response to radiotherapy across all fractionation regimens. Multi-modality imaging (mass, blood flow, metabolism, hypoxia) provides initial conditions. This multi-scale modeling paradigm results in a longitudinal treatment response trajectory for each patient. The potential of matching imaging at baseline and at two or three weeks into a radiotherapy treatment with a predicted, imageable tumor response opens the door to a personalized adaptation approach. In this talk, we will discuss the computational, imaging, and biological approaches, as well as envisioned clinical use cases, including H&N and lung tumor radiotherapy.
      Speaker: Joseph O. Deasy
      Thursday, May 10, 2022 at 12:00 PM ET
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  • AAPM Funding Opportunities
  • AAPM Website
    Is something on the website not working as it should? Please send an email to - the AAPM IS Team

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Spring Clinical Meeting Poster

2022 Spring Clinical Meeting
March 26 - 29, 2022 | New Orleans, LA
Meeting Website
Online Evaluation & Meeting Platform Close: May 10

Annual Meeting Poster

Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence in Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging
April 28 - 29, 2022 | Virtual
Meeting Website

IMRT QA: Learning from our Past to Move Patient Safety Forward
January 24 - 25, 2022 | Virtual
Post-Meeting Accesss
Meeting Website

Summer School Meeting Poster

2022 Summer School
Small Field Dosimetry, Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: The Future is Here
June 7 - 12, 2022 | Dallas, TX
Meeting Website
Deadlines to Cancel Registration With no Penalty and Reserve or Cancel On-Campus Housing: May 17

Annual Meeting Poster

64th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
July 10 - 14, 2022 | Washington, DC

Meeting Website
Abstract Dispositions Available
Registration & Housing Open
Committee Schedule Available

RSNA Meeting Poster

RSNA 2022
November 27 - December 1, 2022 | Chicago, IL
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Corgi Phantom:
The Corgi Phantom is designed to evaluate cone beam CT systems. The modular phantom can be configured for different scan sizes, providing tests for multi-axis high resolution, sensitometry, cone beam artifacts, and uniformity. Additionally, the phantom includes holes for measuring dose.

Liver Phantom:
The Liver Phantom combines the advantages of objective test objects and anthropomorphic elements for evaluation of advanced iterative processing. The phantom includes low contrast test objects designed both for ROC tests along with conventional patterns, metal artifact inserts, and beads for MTF calculations.

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