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Message from the Chair

Charles BlochIt’s July, which means the AAPM Annual Meeting is almost upon us.

In the latest AAPM Newsletter, George Starkschall points out numerous education related sessions at the upcoming meeting. I would like to highlight two which are specific to the online learning center.

First, the Education Council Symposium is Sunday morning from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. It features several speakers describing a broad range of topics in medical physics education. I plan to be there and hope you will too.

Second, Monday afternoon there is a Professional Session (2:45 – 3:45 p.m.) where I have an Oral presentation. During my 7 minutes I will try to address how MOC participants can meet their current continuing education requirements through the online learning center.

In addition, for those in Austin early, Saturday afternoon (3:00 - 5:00 p.m.) the Online Learning Services Subcommittee will be meeting. The meeting is open to anyone and we always welcome comments and suggestions.

I still get e-mail requests for more quizzes as well as questions about why quizzes expire. As for the latter, part of the goal of continuing education is to help people keep up with what is new. In addition, our quizzes are accredited by CAMPEP who mandates that we retire them after 3 years. For those reasons, we must continually generate new quizzes.

If you would like to see more quizzes in a specific category, please send me a link to the reference material you would like to see a quiz based on. It could be an article in MedPhys or JACMP, or something in the AAPM Virtual Library. If you are willing to write the quiz let me know. If not, I can try to find another volunteer. But without volunteers from AAPM members, none of this happens.

The Webcast of the Month highlights FMEA and QM for External Beam Radiotherapy from the 2013 AAPM Summer School.

Finally, I want to mention George Kagadis’ Website Editor Report in the latest AAPM Newsletter on our new Virtual Library, now hosted on Vimeo.

Charles D. Bloch
Chair Online Learning Services Subcommittee

  • Continuing Education Credit (MPCEC)
  • Self Assessment Modules (SAMs)
  • Virtual Library

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Medical Physics Continuing Education Credit (MPCEC)

Members have the opportunity to earn CAMPEP approved Medical Physics Continuing Education Credit (MPCEC) or ABR MOC SA-CE credits for successfully passing quizzes associated with informational sources such as journal articles, AAPM Virtual Library presentations, task group reports, and other publications.

This is a CAMPEP approved program. For each quiz successfully taken, a member can earn 1 MPCEC. Each MPCEC is equivalent to a Category 1 credit. If you elect to receive a SA-CE credit the ABR will count the quizzes as(SA-CE) activities. To view your credits, sign onto CAMPEP for viewing of MPCEC credits or sign onto the CME Gateway for viewing the SA-CA credits.. ABR requirements can be found at What is MOC.

To successfully earn the credit, a participant:

  • Must correctly answer 8 out of the 10 questions.
  • Cannot attempt the same quiz in the same 24-hour block; you must wait a day before attempting the same quiz.

To obtain Credits: (REQUIRED)

  • Each participant must sign onto the CME Gateway. Select Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs (CAMPEP) via the organizations tab. Enter your CAMPEP user ID and password and click register.
  • Click on the Reports Tab to view the MPCEC credits that will transfer to the ABR.

Upon completion:

  • AAPM transfers MPCEC credits earned by you to your CAMPEP transcript on a daily basis.
  • AAPM transfers SA-CE credits to your CME Gateway transcript on a daily basis.

Unlimited access to the Virtual Library is included as a benefit of AAPM membership at no extra charge. Join the hundreds of other AAPM members who are using the AAPM Online Learning Center for continuing education, and MOC. The Online Learning Center runs on a calendar year. The annual fee is $75


Maintenance of Certification - Self Assessment Modules (SAMs)

Many AAPM members now require Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as defined by the American Board of Radiology (ABR). At least 75 continuing education (CE) credits are required every 3 years. CE credits may be met by a combination of Category 1 credits (CAMPEP or ACCME)and self-directed educational projects (SDEPs). At least 25 of the 75 CE credits must be self-assessment CE (SA-CE). Other than ABR prequalified SAMs and SDEPs, the ABR will count all AMA Category 1 CME activities in “enduring materials” (including webbased and print) and “journal-based CME” formats toward the MOC self-assessment requirement. SAMS are not required, but can be used to meet the (SA-CE) requirements. Information regarding the MOC requirments can be found at What is MOC.

ABR approved SAMs are now available and accessible to individuals registered in the AAPM Online Learning Center: The Online Learning Center runs on a calendar year. The annual fee is $75.

(REQUIRED) Steps To successfully earn online SAMs credit:

  1. Pay for OLCE (if applicable)

  1. Click on the Red Login Button below (you will be directed to the Virtual Library). Upon entering the Virtual Library, view the list of available " SAMs" presentations:
    • Select a SAMs Module.
    • View all presentations associated with each SAMs Module and respond to all questions. No pass or fail.
    • Upon completion of the presentations return to the SAMs Offerings, via the virtual library link on the online learning center page. select the recently view SAMs module. The link to the quiz is at the bottom of the page. The quiz must be taken to receive credit. You must pass the 6 question quiz with a score of 100%. You must wait 24 hours for multiple attempts.

SAMs offerings:

Members please log in to access SAMs Offerings.


  1. To obtain SAMs/SA-CME Credits:
    • Each participant must sign onto the CME Gateway.
    • Click on the Organizations Tab.
    • Select The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (SAMs / SA- CME)
    • Enter your AAPM user ID and password and click register.
    • Click on the Reports Tab to view the SAMs credit that will transfer to the ABR.
    • Your online SAMs will transfer to the ABR website daily.


We are currently working to produce and post additional SAMs from a wide variety of sources. Additional SAMs offerings will be uploaded as they become available.

Constructive comments are always appreciated.

Charles D. Bloch
Chair, Online Learning Service Subcommittee, 2012-

*If you have any questions or suggestions on how the Online Learning Center can be improved, please send them to Charles D. Bloch. Every attempt will be made to incorporate improvements as quickly as possible. Problems encountered with the website should be directed to webmaster@aapm.org for quicker response.

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