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Workshops will provide practical hands-on opportunities for attendees to gain

experience on nine key aspects of clinical brachytherapy physics.

1 HDR Unit Commissioning Richardson, Rivard, Scanderbeg, Chen TBD
2 TRUS QA Siebert, Thomadsen, Butler, Sloboda TBD
3 Applicator QA and Source Assay Cunha, Fulkerson, Pai, Scanderbeg TBD
4 Mold Construction Damato, Ouhib, Fulkerson, Thomadsen TBD
5 Commissioning MDCB Beaulieu, Mourtada, Rivard, Sloboda TBD
6 APBI Treatment Planning (HDR Breast) Libby, Todor, Pai, Richardson TBD
7 LDR Prostate BT Butler, Batchelar, Beaulieu, Todor TBD
8 HDR Prostate BT Batchelar, Libby, Siebert, Cunha TBD
9 MRI-based Cervix Planning Kirisits, Mourtada, Rownd, Damato TBD