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2020 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting (Vancouver, BCJuly 12 - 16) - Request for Proposals (RFP) for Symposia

Symposia and Educational Courses are an important part of the meeting. Scientific symposia, panel discussions, courses, and workshops on emerging and practical topics provide members with valuable opportunities to learn and interact with peers and luminaries. The Program Directors would like your input on possible Symposia and Educational Courses for our joint 2020 meeting (July 12 - 16) in Vancouver, BC. These can be scientific, educational, or professional in nature (or a combination):

All AAPM and COMP members are encouraged to submit proposals, including members early in their medical physics careers. The organizing committee may choose to designate any invited symposium to be a SAM session (click here to see SAM guidelines).

To submit an application for a Symposium or Educational Course click here. Please respond by September 27, 2019.

The online application will request the following information for proposals:

  1. Type of session (see list above)
  2. Title
  3. General Topic Area (short paragraph; 250 words maximum)
  4. Learning Objectives
  5. Suggested Speakers and/or Moderators. (No more than one non-AAPM or non-COMP member speaker, and preference is for symposia / courses with no more than one speaker from a given institution. Exceptions must be coordinated with the Program Director / Co-Director.)
  6. Vendor-marketed technology related to your session.
  7. Your Contact Information
  8. Have you ever organized a session at an AAPM or COMP meeting?
  9. Is this session proposed by a formal AAPM group (subcommittee, task group etc)?
  10. Is this session proposed by a professional society other than AAPM or COMP?

Please note that your proposal is meant to serve as a suggested topic of interest, along with a recommended list of speakers. All proposals will be reviewed by the Program Directors, who will make the final selection of topic, content, moderator, and speakers. Selection of proposals will also be based on criteria such as the theme for the 2020 meeting and topics presented in previous years. Not all proposals will be accepted, and some proposals may be combined or re-categorized as deemed necessary by the Annual Meeting Subcommittee. Organizers will be informed early December 2019, and organizers will need to submit an abstract for inclusion in the 2020 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting Program.


Robin L. Stern, PhD - Chair, Annual Meeting Subcommittee
Ingrid S. Reiser, PhD - Vice-Chair, Annual Meeting Subcommittee

2020 Annual Meeting Program Working Groups

Scientific Program:
Kristy Brock, PhD – Chair, Annual Meeting Scientific Program Working Group
Ke Sheng, PhD – Therapy Scientific Program Director
Lei Ren, PhD – Therapy Scientific Program Co-Director
Ioannis Sechopoulos, PhD – Imaging Scientific Program Director
Carrie Hruska, PhD – Imaging Scientific Program Co-Director
Maryellen Giger, PhD – Specialty Program Co-Director
Charles Mayo, PhD – Specialty Program Co-Director

Education Program:
Tyler Fisher, MS – Chair, Annual Meeting Education Program Working Group
Frank Dong, PhD – Imaging Education Program Director
Robert MacDougall, PhD – Imaging Education Program Co-Director
David Carlson, PhD – Therapy Education Program Director
Laura Cervino, PhD – Therapy Education Program Co-Director
Jennifer Smilowitz, PhD – Practical Program Director

Professional Program:
Eileen Cirino, MS – Chair, Annual Meeting Professional Program Working Group
Erin Angel, PhD – Professional Program Director
David Jordan, PhD – Professional Program Co-Director